Great Pages: Fantastic Four #51

You’ve seen this classic image many times, and it’s one we love. The story goes like this. Ben Grimm is wandering the streets, feeling bad about himself, because that’s what he does. He’s offered a place to stay, and while sleeping his powers are stolen by a man who infiltrates the Baxter Building. His goal is to kill off Reed Richards, who he thinks is just a little too full of himself. Due to the Negative Zone, and a sudden change of heart, the impostor sacrifices himself. Meanwhile, Ben Grimm, thrilled to be human again, goes to propose to Alicia Masters and turns back just as the her door opens.

It should be noted that Fantastic Four #51 takes place directly after the third issue of the Galactus saga, still one of the most famous stories in Marvel Comics history.

The image itself, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott, as good a team as there has ever been, says everything that’s ever been said about the character of Ben Grimm, and has never been surpassed.


  1. hickman seems to be telling a similar ben grimm story. there really are only 3 stories…

  2. is “Great Pages:..” going to be a regular post? Because I like this idea and LOVE this iconic image and story. if so, let’s get Superman holding dead Supergirl, Bullseye stabbing Elektra and Phoenix rising out of the ocean out of the way because there are so many others that noone ever thinks of first.

  3. You can almost hear Stan Lee’s voice.

  4. My favorite page is from Uncanny X-Men #132. Wolverine in the muck after being slammed through 5 stories of Hellfire Club. It’s just perfect.

  5. Damn…. Jack Kirby, man…. SOOOO good

  6. please make this a weekly thing!

  7. Love it.

  8. one year at NYCC either a dealer or a fan had the page and had joe sinnott sign it. the actual page is amazing, comics were drawn larger than their current 11 x 17. Sinnott talked about it during his panel, commenting on jacks notes and stans notes. its breathtaking.

    let me also ask for this as a regular feature and throw in the end of amazing spider-man 121 with spidey holding gwens dead body as a possibility

  9. Is this going to be a thing now? (pun intended) If so, I like it. As a graphic designer / 3D Artist I love the panel / cover/ page breakdowns.

  10. What was so great about FF #51 was that this one issue story was BETTER than the historic storylines that fell on either side of it, i.e. the introduction of the Silver Surfer and Galactus and the first appearnce of the Black Panther. One of my personal Top 10 comics ever, and I have about 200 longboxes.

  11. I met Joe Sinnott at a con a few weeks ago. He couldn’t have been nicer and it was such a thrill to meet a genuine living legend (and get sketch as well!).

  12. The whole page is awesome. Down to the coloring, captions, and the title. Just classic Silver Age stuff magic.

  13. I have a 4 feet high canvas print of the cover to that ish (basically the Thing — OR IS IT? — in the same pose, but not in the rain) on my wall. Amazing issue, amazing story, amazing art.

  14. So, so good – I still have the original comic, & a few others from that run. And may I add my voice to the chorus asking for this to be a regular feature?

  15. Also, if you haven’t checked out the Jack Kirby book by Mark Evanier, you should.