Great Moments in Comics History: The X-Men #94

(Normally we here at Great Moments in Comics History spotlight one panel, but this sequence really required all three.)

The X-Men #47


So… apparently Scott’s insane and no one told me.


  1. "Damn your eyes!"

    "Too late."


    Even as a little kid reading and re-reading the "All-New, All-Different X-Men" Graphic Novel I thought this was part was ridiculous.  Poor crazy, Cyclops.

  2. I would not want to be his Optometrist.

  3. @Darth: This was in "All-New, All-Different"? It says it’s from issue 47, long before Claremont.

    Either way, just think about how this is how Scott’s psyche was BEFORE the stuff with Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, and Maddie Pryor. Yikes.

  4. Apparently Scott has momentarily forgotten about Beast and his all-encompassing blue fur. Or if this predates that, his gorilla anatomy. 

  5. @Paul: I was thinking the same thing. He definitely forgot about Beast and Nightcrawler.

    I guess "It’s coll to wear sunglasses at night" went out of style starting here.

  6. Ah, Scott Summers: A big ball of rage and self-loathing. Why did they make him leader again?

  7. This is X-Men #47? But Scott is wearing his "new" Cockrum designed visor which wouldn’t come along for 50 more issues.


    Aside from that, it must suck to wear glassses all the time, but really it doesn’t keep you from living a more or less ordinary life if you choose. Stop whining Cyclops! Try cramming a giant pair of wings into a painful harness under your shirt.

  8. Wohoo love Cyke

  9. After reading the first panel, I immediately thought “Cyclops sleeps in full x-men uniform?”

  10. I wish my life had a narrator with this level of gravitas. It would make everything so much more dramatic.

  11. " My cursed Mutant Energy Blasting Eyes, that destroy with just one look and knock enemies unconscious, and …..wait they’re ……aaaaaawwwweesome!"

  12. Now I see why Ron loves the X-Men so much!

  13. Yeah…..why is Scott considered the leader? He is most likely more unstable then anyone else in that building. Even Logan is more sane then him!

    The next panel is Kitty going: "Scott, we’re trying to sleep!"

  14. Wait is this not a normal thing to do????

  15. I love how it’s vital for them to monologue OUT LOUD.  I think there’s actually a point where Polaris is captured by a villain who only knows she’s a mutant because she is monologuing out loud about how hard it is to be a mutant.  The villain actually says something, "It’s a good thing she was musing out loud about being a mutant or I never would have known!" 

  16. I’ve had this exact same conversation with myself. Except for the part about having mutant eyes, of course.

  17. I’ve often cursed my eyes for requiring glasses in order to focus. What the fuck, eyes?!?!

  18. I honestly thought he was going to go for the leadership responsibility.  Another reason I love comics.

  19. @ohcaroline <You mean they can be defeated just by paying attention?My teacher was right! Also, Love the jagged world baloon with CAPITAL BOLDED letters and tons of Exclamations!!

  20. Where it says, "… and curses." I wanted Cyke’s balloon to just be a smattering of curse words.

  21. I really like that art.  This makes me really I’ve never read any of the original-team X-men

  22. next panel Jean telekinetically shuts his stupid yap.

  23. @MikeFarley – That costume debuted in issue 39.

  24. @MikeFarley – Along with the kick-ass green mini-skirted Marvel Girl costume, the confusingly garish Angel costume with suspenders, the "WTF! All you did was change my colors around!" Beast costume, and of course the "Thanks god I’m not just a snowman in boots anymore" Iceman costume.

  25. Killed by your eyes, yes, but also mesmerized by your strangely round man boobs. So you have that going for you. 

  26. If he feels this way about his powers, then I don’t know how he didn’t jump off of a building when Jean died…twice…

  27. That comes from X-Men #94

  28. @k5blazer: You’re totally right. That issue started on page 47 of the Omnibus and I must have transposed the numbers in my head. Fixed.

  29. Cyclops should get a red ring for this rage he’s emitting.


    Btw Conor is that really the color condition on the omnibus? Man it’s really good! I think I might get it now.

  30. @Mangaman: Yep.

  31. I can understand not being able to sleep. Been there. But dressing up in his costume in the middle of the night? Why would he even do that?

  32. Corny? Yes.  Idiotic? Yes.  But without it we wouldn’t have had that sweet Whedon Hellfire Club story in Astonishing.  One of my all-time favorites.

  33. hey it’s like that johnny cash song. My name it is Sam Hall an’ I hate you, one and all.
    An’ I hate you, one and all:Damn your eyes.

  34. First Charlton Heston, then Daredevil, now Cyclops.

  35. This says more about Dave Cockrum and Claremont than anything else.

  36. Silly as so much of the early Claremont run is, the man is still a god.


  37. @ Marshak….wow Chuck Heston was born to play Cyclops!!!!  Never thought of that.  Was Nightcrawler around at this point? Cuz that guy is cursed and screwed.

  38.  Reminds me of Nixon talking to the portrait of Abraham Lincoln – Cyclops is Nixonian – wonder if he has an Enemies List? 

  39. Okay, Cyclops beats his opponent with his cursed, mutant, energy-blasting eyes.

    Oh wait…isn’t this another Tuesday Showdown?! I mean, there was just all the drama and everything, and it just felt like it was fight time.

    My bad!

  40. @MikefromGotham, yes, Nightcrawler’s part of the team at this point in X-Men history.

    And yes, you’d think Nightcrawler would have it a little worse off than Scott; Scott who can walk around in the daylight without people running for their pitchforks. (The very first Nightcrawler panels ever have him running away from German villagers wielding pitchforks.)

  41. "It’s a long night for the mutant x-man, scott summers. He cannot sleep and, apparently, he’s not going to let anyone else in the mansion sleep that night"

  42. I don’t think you guys understand the pressure the guy’s under – give a man a break, why don’t you?


  43. Seriously, guys, who would you feel if you had constant, umm, involuntary emissions?

  44. I think that my favorite part of this is that he starts off talking TO himself, and then he switches to first person… to answer himself, I guess.

    Dude’s insane.

  45. This is the type of self-argument that you’d expect Gollum from LOTR to have.

  46. Give Claremont a break, I think this is his first issue isn’t it?  He gets a lot worse after that…(kidding, kind of).  My favourite bit is "And if anyone hears it, they give no sign".  I just love the idea of all the new X-Men lying in their beds listening to this thinking "Oh my God, is it too late to back out of this deal..?"

  47. I have strong vivid memories of this issue when it first came out (1975, I was 8). The cover with all the new characters on it said: "You must buy this, you know you do." In fact, I have vivid memories of this particular sequence, and my reaction to it at the time: "Wow, poor Cyclops… but that mutant eyes thing is kind of dumb …. but still, poor Cyclops…." Kind of dumb with hindsight, but in 1975 Cyclops, er, Claremont, was really ahead of the pack and knew what he was doing.

     PS&BTW, props to Dave Cockrum on art there. I find it somewhat spooky that even after 30 years I can remember both his name and how to spell it…. Too bad that shade of yellow and that blue don’t really go together, but the 60s X-Men had a real problem with the color choices. Must be a mutant thing.

  48. the eyes have it. Scott is cursed, maybe his older self in Uncanny will tell his younger self in All-New to stop with the drama. Come on, you live in West Chester New York rent free with all the technology you could need. Glasses are least of your concern. No wonder he couldn’t handle the phoenix force, he can hardly handle his emotion.