Great Moments in Comics History: Super DC Giant Presents Aquaman


“You’ll tell me someday? Someday?! Our son is riding a goddamn shark! You’ll tell me now!”


“I want a divorce.”


  1. Years later…

    "Honey, do you remember that thing with Artie and the sea creatures?  What was that all about?" 

    "Oh, yeah, sure, turns out Artie is King of Atlantis, and now he fights giant monsters in a green scale shirt."


    "Yeah, weird right?  More coffee?"

    "Thanks, sweetheart.  You’re a doll."

  2. That’s Gold Jerry!  Gold!

  3. Dude, your son rides sharks and your wife is named Atlanna.  Get a clue.  There’s a reason why she smells like the cutting board at a Red Lobster.

  4. literally laughed my ass off. pure classic.

  5. I particularly like that Arthur seems to be posing ontop of the shark.

  6. Everyone needs these Golden Age books, you won’t get gems of material like this ever again

  7. haha, I didn’t start laughing until I read your caption, Conor.  Well done.

  8. I wonder if when she said "Someday…" she then looked nonchalantly into the sky. I always wanted to do that randomly while talking to somebody.

  9. I hope they put sunscreen lotion on the poor kid…


  11. That is great, Conor.  Well found and well captioned.

  12. And in this deleted scene from Jaws, young Sean Brody…

  13. Did anyone else notice that Arthur’s shorts are in his armpits.  Now, those have to be constricting…and emotionally damaging.

  14. I think this needs to be the next iFanboy t-shirt. That caption is perfect!

  15. Is it just me or does no one call Aquaman Orin anymore?


  16. Her name is Atlanna? Who the hell names their daughter either the city of Atlanta or the lost city in the ocean?

  17. …liking this feature Conor! 

  18. @Conor – How do you find these things?  Do you reread a lot of the golden age stuff?  (I know some of them are suggested by members of the iFanbase.)

  19. @TNC Dude… It was the 60s. People named their children crazy things all the time. Rainbow Sun Franks, Sole Moon Frye. It’s not that insane. 😉

    I really need to search through my books. There are a couple doozy panels like this that are rife for Conor’s rapier wit.

  20. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – She was born in Atlantis, so…

  21. Hilarious, and yet strangely familiar. Wasn’t this in Tom Vs. The Flash not too long ago?

  22. Well you need to understand Conor in the 50’s and 50’s shark riding was a very common practice, as was sleeping on badger nests and brushing ones teeth with live cobras.

  23. Leo Dicaprio would be proud.  If he were starring in this movie adaptation, it would have to take a big twist like Mom cheating on dad with the shark or something.

  24. every parent has to have that talk with their kid at some point

  25. Little did Baby Orin know that in 40 years he’d be an undead solider of darkness and that very Shark would be his  deadliest acolyte. 

  26. wish i knew why too

  27. @Prax: Not to get off topic; but yes that was a badass moment.

  28. I plan to let my kids ride sharks

  29. This was TOO funny!