Great Moments in Comics History: Spider-Man #6



(Thanks to Michael Hoffert Jr. and Matt Adler.)


  1. …what?

  2. Yeahhhhh….that’s the Spider-Man I want!

    I do like how the meta commentary is on how artists back then put so much useless webbing on a page. Whoever the writer was for this issue must have been annoyed about it and wrote it in.

    • Todd McFarlane was both the writer and artist for this book…though he may have been making fun of himself a bit.

    • He was definitely doing that.

    • McFarlane was the target of a lot of good-natured jokes concerning his drawing of Spider-Man. If you can, check out the new printing of the “Torment” hardcover (SM #1-5). In the back is a Fred Hembeck cartoon from Marvel Age concerning the various ways Todd has Spidey contorting his body, balanced out by the way he draws MJ. It was hilarious.

    • Nowadays Spiderman is constantly joking about being in a gazillion superhero teams.

  3. I feel like the letter found this page ridiculous, and snuck something in on editorial.

  4. So Spider-Man had a case of energy drink before he went out ?

  5. I think Spidey’s left leg is definitely going to get caught in all that webbing.

  6. Why do they shoot so much of it anyway? Is it something they’re doing the night before? I just don’t get it.

  7. I suppose it wasn’t enough to divorce her and marry her all over again, so he had to magically erase the marriage from history but leave his and Mary Jane’s memory of the marriage so he could marry her all over again?

    • To be clear, I’m not jumping on the “Marvel! Why’d you magic away Spidey’s marriage! Brand New Day is a betrayal!” bandwagon. I’m merely pointing out that it apparently uses previous continuity. Like Green Lantern’s rainbow of magic rings being based on an earlier established throw away bit from an Alan Moore story.

  8. Spidey’s gonna break his wrist, trying to swing like that.

  9. Wow. I love everything about this panel.

  10. I miss the Spidey / MJ marriage – the books now just seem lacking without it 🙁

    On the plus side, good to see McFarlane’s Spider-Man again – whatever you think about the guy he did draw some exciting dynamic Spidey.

  11. mcfarlane draws the best spidey ever. hands down. being the voice of spidey is another matter altogether. i did love his dark run on the character, though. he had as many webs as spawn did cape and chains. classic 90’s

    • It was all in the eyes, long limbs, exagerated poses. I absolutely loved his run on Amazing and the subsequent “Torment” story line.

  12. Wow. Spidey is being awfully meta here.

  13. Nice find!

  14. Considering it all. I’m surprised a page like that doesn’t have Todd’s signature.

  15. got to say that the McFarlane spider man was great. great read and art (of coarse)