Great Moments in Comics History: Man of Steel #3

Man of Steel #3


The rest of the Justice League always called him Lectureman behind his back.


  1. Yes….I feel sorry for her….but I feel MORE sorry…..for people who…..purchased…..this…..ISSUE.

  2. Ah, my young Superman, you have much to learn.

  3. Batman’s early career as a therapist ended quickly:

    Patient: "I just feel so down and disillusioned."

    Dr. Batman: "You think I don’t? You’re just a frail human psyche, a bruised ego, a narcissist…" 

  4. Whoa! I got dizzy reading Bat’s dissertation there! No wonder they stopped having those year end parties, Bats always ended bumming everyone out. DC should have made some great parties while he was away. Missed oportunities!

  5. Come on, we all knew Batman was a goddamn know-it-all already.This just solidifies it.

  6. Exposition Man doesn’t have the same ring as Batman, does it? This was actually a really good story, if I remember correctly. That original man of Steel mini is my favorite Superman story ever. 

  7. "Let me tell you a story…" "Ah here we go."

  8. The Cliff Clavin of the JLA.

  9. This exposition reminds me of Ed O’Neill in Wayne’s World.  Great Cameo.

  10. @ato220  Best part of that movie.

  11. I’d pay to hear Christian Bale grind thru that monologue in his guttural, gravelly Dark Knight voice.

  12. Ha, yeah I remember rolling my eyes a bit at that monologue.

    But Man of Steel is still the best damn Superman story post-Crisis.

  13. A least he didn’t make Superman sit on his knee for this story.

  14. In the next panel Superman backhands Batman and breaks his jaw for being a condescending prick.

  15. Wait…you mean Batman gave a longwinded speech and didn’t mention his dead parents? I didn’t think it could happen!

  16. @ato220: Yes! The next panel shows Batman on the floor and Superman says, "I had to beat him to death with his own shoes".

    Who do they analyze next the Joker.  Superman say, "I feel so sorry for him. His jokes just aren’t funny." Batman responds, "He’s not a real criminal. He is just a frail human psyche. An unblanced Id that got pushed too far. For christ sakes, his father forced him to watch nothing but Rodney Dangerfield movies growing up. Yes, I feel sorry for him Superman, but I feel more sorry for his victims. He forced them to have intercourse with the Black Lantern Rodney Dangerfield. No respect I tell you Supes, no respect."

  17. *Superman is looking at his watch*

    Superman: Hm hm….Yes fascinating Bruce….uh huh….

  18. Who did the art on this?

  19. "Gutterslime I’ve dedicated my life to destroying" doesn’t equal "a frail human psyche. An unbalanced Id"? Hello, pot, meet kettle.

  20. Holy Debbie Downer, Batman!

  21. @Spoons: John Byrne.

  22. You notiice how Bats threw in the snide remark about how Superman "saw the psychological profile in her record."? He knows Superman didn’t read her record. Superman never reads the pages and pages of material that Batman painstakingly generates. You going to waste my time, Clark? Well, how about I waste some of yours with this pointless long-winded speech.

    You don’t want to be anywhere near Bruce if you forget that it was your night to do dishes. That speech runs three pages.


  23. Yeah, you know, an unbalanced ID. It’s in her psychological profile…

  24. I tell ya.. you do NOT want an unbalanced ID. My Aunty had one once… she’s STILL recovering from the surgery.

  25. Wow, I really like this art.

  26. Hay Batman, shut the hell up!

  27. @Viewt: Yeah, John Byrne killed it on MAN OF STEEL. You can see more of it on this show we did.

  28. Batman channeled Joe Friday from Dragnet there…

    This is back when John Byrne was firing on ALL cylinders.  ‘Man of Steel’ is still one of my fave comic stories…

  29. I’ll take this run-on any day from Batman over Snapper Carr.  Could you imagine that?  It would be like The Fonz talking about anything and snapping his fingers together the entire time!

    Of course other great John Byrne Superman/Batman moments are in the Generations books.  Gold Mine. 

  30. Is Hugh Laurie under the cowl??

  31. Batman is a Chatty Kathy after a couple glasses of red.

  32. @marshak:

    Hugh Laurie in a pastiche of the Adam Wet series.

    Somebody make that happen!

  33. "She liked pretty things too much…."- says the guy with the snazzy yellow belt full of gadgets

  34. You SO should have had THIS Batman deliver the Ifanboy Terms Of Service!

  35. The best part of this: This was the first Post-Crisis meeting between Superman and Batman. GREAT first impression, Bats!

  36. Makes it really easy to picture our Superman going all "Irredeemable", doesn’t?

  37. Has anyone heard of this "32 rule"? I read somewhere that the max allowable words per panel was 32. Obviously one look at an Alan Moore book or Batman’s word balloon throws that right out the window. I use it myself as a good guide. But how much is too much? Maybe there is a percentage rule? Like if the balloon takes up more than a third of the panel?  
  38. I’ve never heard of the "32 Rule." It does make sense that their should be room for the art, but i think it depends on the quality of the writing. There are sections of things like Powers that have huge amounts of text, but it’s enjoyable, so it’s OK. Same thing with Preacher. There are some huge monologues in that one, but they are great, so it doesn’t bother me. other books, I just wish the character would shut up. Does anyone remember some of the long diatribes Sue Richards would go on during Claremont’s FF run?