Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #400

“Master Wayne, I daresay that this was not part of the job description.”


  1. Sometimes I’m amazed these things are real.

  2. “Master Wayne, I do wish you would stop feeling your way through the darkness.”

  3. i get the feeling Bruce Wayne doesn’t have one of those governmental “employees rights” posters hanging in the kitchen. The most awkward employer ever.

  4. lol what’s in Bruce’s hand?

  5. That’s not so bad – you should see the OTHER outfits Alfred had to put on…

  6. F’ing Bruce is so controlling it’s not enough that the butler play “hide and seek” with him, but he’s gotta wear a special outfit too?? Surprised he did’nt pick out a lil robin outfit for him to wear

  7. “okay alfred, now put on the pixie boots and green undies and let’s try it”

  8. Sometimes I think Dr. Wertham may have been onto something.

  9. “Now that our rousing game of hide-and-seek has reached its end, old chum, put on this plastic rain coat and fetch the baby oil, for now, we play–TWISTER!”

  10. “Now Alfred, we will practice a secret art of blind location that I mastered during my years abroad in the Orient. MARCO!”

  11. Too busy laughing to write anything witty. Beautiful.

  12. “Alfred, we must work to improve our hand-to-hand coordination. Ducard taught me the secret technique that only few could master. Prepare yourself…FOR PATTY-CAKE!!!”

  13. “That’s not my utility belt.”

  14. Ok we all have some issues …

  15. Why are the Batman GMIC’s always the best/worst?! Things like this make me question my undying love and loyalty for Bruce Wayne.

    Here Alfred is trying to please him by picking the best outfit for some kinda twisted hide-and-seek, and all Bruce can say is that the outfit is “fine”. Not “perfect”, not even “good”. It’s “fine”. As if he expected Alfred to come up with something better. Jesus, Bruce. Give a butler a break.

  16. So this proves that Neal Adams has been certified insane since 1970?

    Cause with this and reading Batman: Odyssey today, I don’t think you can make the case that it’s an older writer in an different time writing comics. Neal Adams is fucking crazy.