Great Moments in Comics History: Dazzler #2

This explains so much.

So much.


  1. Carter is probably just tired of all the lies.  So many lies.

  2. In retrospect it was cruel and kind of weird for Professor X to have everyone call him "Daddy". 

  3. It all makes sense now. 

  4. the best part of all these really is Conor’s comment on the homepage.  I know my universe features plenty of women with daddy issues.

  5. This would be even more hilarious… and disturbing… from Ultimate Dazzler.

  6. Oh……honey….

  7. That explains so much.

    No wait, it doesnt.

  8. Daddy issues eh? I guess that explains the costume….. OH SNAP!

  9. Shouldn’t it be Black Widow in that panel?

  10. Oh Dazzler. You’ll never get Daddy’s approval dressed like that. All kidding aside, that’s pretty sad.

  11. Girls with daddy issues are the easiest to score with.

  12. I love Dazzler.

  13. Who’s her daddy?

  14. I don’t think many parents were big fans of their kids sporting KISS makeup. 

  15. Daddy hates Disco

  16. Nixon was president, Ford was in office, and JFK was running this country straight into the ground.  Yeah, it was the 70’s….

  17. Poor deluded girl. Spider-Man always hated her.

  18. Gotta love a girl with daddy issues. 

  19. I actually own this issue. Thanks for reminding me.

  20. Hot!

  21. @zombox: DUDE! coming from 1610 Dazzler it makes SOOOO much more sense.

    @TNC: It would for the 1610 Dazzler ;D

    @drakedangerz: 😯 => 8D

    @ghettojourno: aaaaaaaaaand now there’s an image in my brain that I can’t unsee… thank you.

  22. Is she talking to a therapist or herself?