Great Moments in Comics History: Captain America #395


For someone who rails against the decadent society, Red Skull sure does love to have super decadent staff meetings.


(Thanks to g0ofgnewt for sending it in!)


  1. Red Skull and Viper sitting in a tree (or hot tub soaking) K I S S I N G

  2. *bow chicka wow-wow*

  3. All paid for with company money, of course.

  4. “Ya know what’d be real evil right now Viper? If you came an sat on my lap…oh yeah, we’re soo naughty”

  5. I remember this issue cap was a good book in the 90s ron,lim didnt draw this issue I think it was blevins but ron lim is my cap artist. Streats of posion needs a trade and the gruenwald lim run should have a omnibus.

  6. he has his fingers in a dozen different pies…..


    we don’t actually see his right hand, but that could only be five pies, where are the other seven?

  7. “Let us brainstorm new evils together…” is totally going to be the line I use on my wife when we start on kid #2.

  8. I’m glad he mentioned the pies, because I was wondering what his fingers were doing, off-panel.

  9. Guts and imagination….way to innuendo skull.

  10. When the Red Skull was growing up , if he wanted a jacuzzi, he had to fart in the tub.

  11. Anyone else notice the stray eye ball in Viper’s hair? It’s so odd…yet so intoxicating.

  12. wow after a few dud GMCH (in my opinion, at least) this one was really great.

    Red Skull is a limousine socialist, who knew???

  13. That look in Viper’s eye is the realization of how much her sexual harassment law suit is going to be worth.

  14. It’s funny, because this is what he used to be like, when he was a go-getter, all piss and vinegar. Then the pressures of family and the middle class ended up pressing him into the middle management sphere, and he’s just lost all his vigor and energy, spending his whole day concerned with petty complaints and redundant reports, eating the same cheese sandwich day after day, and wondering how he’ll get out from under all of it. He’s still paying off the hot tub, for example.

  15. I can’t help but read his dialog in Betty’s(from Kung-Pow) voice.

  16. I love how the way they alway signal that a villain is sophisticated by having them say “my dear” or “my boy”. He used a cigarette holder too. Classy!

  17. Maybe he’s trying to get the rest of his body to match his skull.

  18. His “cauldron”? Call it what you want, dude, that’s a hot tub. “I need to think this over in my iron maiden!” “You mean that tanning bed?” “IT’S AN IRON MAIDEN!”

  19. If Joe Johnston puts this in the next Captain America movie, I’ll be happy.

  20. The Red Skull could be taken down faster by 10th grade debate team than Captain America