Great Moments in Comics History: Captain America #315


When you sign up for AIM, rarely do you consider that you’ll be placed on duty at reception. Besides, how many calls are they getting? Is the number listed? What sort of magazines are in the AIM waiting room?

(Thanks to Brian Hancock for sending it in!)


  1. Radical Science, Advanced Mechanics

  2. Is that the Serpant Society?

  3. Call me crazy, but that AIM receptionist is hot.

  4. Is that the dad from Power Pack on the couch?  

    Man, some sentences age you.  Other’s nerd you.

  5. Is that picture on the left the ‘AIM Employee of the Month’?

  6. When I ask myself a mental question I always start with "Hey".  I have to make sure I’m paying attention.  For example, "Hey, do I unzip my pants before I pee or after?"

  7. I need to learn The Cobra’s patented ‘Reception Area Stance’.

    Go back 5 issues to #310 and see the Serpent Society take on some buffet action.  I love this era Cap.

  8. Is that an AIM portrait on the wall of a great AIM member long gone? LOL

  9. Why are there briefcases just laying around on the sofa?  Would they be considered suspicious packages?  And who would you call if you found suspicious packages inside the multi-national headquarters of a terrorist organization?

  10. @Wolfdog – I think that’s Copperhead, not Cobra. The others are The Asp, Black Mamba, and Anaconda?

  11. @ActualButt – could be.  lots of green, lots of purple.  lots of snakes.  Yeah, Cobra had the big snake cowl thing working for him.

  12. Why is Zach Galifianakis hanging out in the AIM reception area?

  13. I thought wearing an apron for Acme was B.S.

    But to wear a complete AIM uniform just as a receptionist? Jeez…..strict company.

  14. zenman – lol!

  15. @zenman – He took some floories last night and that’s where he woke up.

  16. This is before they changed their named to Veridian Dynamics

  17. It looks like their is a portrait of an AIM member on the upper left corner…..Why are they in the outfit?

  18.  I hate whenever I show up at the AIM offices, there’s always a line.

     @stuchlach – I always say "Hey" when I think, because I might not be paying attention to myself.

  19. Fantastic. Also, those two briefcases are huge when you factor in the rules of perspective!

  20. Hey, who’s this?  Not a rival vacuum cleaner salesman superteam!  Nooo!  They told me this was one of the good leads!  I’m going to be lucky to end up with the steak knives….



  21. The receptionist plus the employee of the month make this one memorable panel. 

  22. In this recession, HR people just seem happy to let people wait and the people that do their jobs grumble and complain.

  23. Do you think that the members of the team make fun of the one melodramatic-pose-guy on the team?

  24. Do I smell an office style AIM ongoing? Sad thing is I would buy that