Grant Morrison’s BATMAN INC. Lives On in 2012. And the Writer May Surprise You…

I'm just kidding. It's still Grant Morrison. Yes, regardless of what Morrison is doing in September for the reboot, his Batman Inc. series will continue in 2012 with a new #1, all leading up the epic conclusion of his tenure on Batman. The regular series artist will be Chris Burnham (yay!)

Here's what Morrison had to say on DC's Source Blog

“Batman, Incorporated will continue through to Issue #10 and August’s shocking season finale that changes the Batman status quo yet again. The series will take a brief hiatus while I work on a major new project to be announced shortly. Batman, Incorporated returns next year with me, Chris Burnham and Batman: Leviathan, the epic 12 part conclusion to my 6 year Batman saga. Don’t miss it!”

So, some good news for Morrison fans. That said, we seem to have completed the list of Bat family books. Characters Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, and Ace the Bat Hound are notably MIA. 

Make sure to check out our Definitive Guide to the DC Reboot to keep track of all the new titles.


  1. This should calm the internet somewhat 🙂

  2. So this is a seperate reality?

  3. When he takes over Superman, who will be his artist? Frank Quietly?

  4. So where does this leave Cass Cain as a character.

  5. Thank the gods. After that Tim scare a few announcements ago I can’t take anymore bad news.

    Ya had me with that tease, Paul. That’s damn good journalism.

  6. @AmirKat is morrison definitely tqking over superman? i thought it was george perez?

  7. i may have ballsed up a few things there…

    @AmirCat is morrison definitely taking over superman? i thought it was george perez?

  8. @wheelhands: what do you mean TIM scare? He still hasn’t been listed to be in the new DCU yet.

  9. *sniff* Poor Ace.

    Seriously though, where the hell is Tim?

  10. You got me good Paul, but 2012?  That’s when we’ll see a new #1?  DC’s really trying to push trying all 52 new #1’s.

  11. I can’t wait to see how he wraps up his run.

  12. Hurray!! The only book I was worried about in this whole reboot is coming out unscathed! Mike wins!!!

  13. Thank you DC! That’s all I needed to hear to be on board with this crazyness.

  14. @SuperPhil  – It’s not definite, but there is a rumor. Also, Morrison did mention he has a HUGE announcement. I am not sure what could be better. I know he is doing a project and one of the issues Quietly is doing. It’s New Gods related. Superman is just a rumor, but …

  15. fuck no! no ending please

  16. Thank you comic gods.

  17. Hopefully we still get Tim with The Outsiders.

  18. Yeah I think Soiler/ Batlassie whatever they call her will be with tim on a mini Batman Inc hacker / intrigue book.

  19. Lack of Tim Drake is killing me.

  20. Where is JH Williams and Batwoman?

  21. We want Tim! We want Tim!

  22. @Crippler  Right here.

  23. I’m confident we’ll see Tim pop up somewhere. So far, Dc doesn’t seem to be ignoring any of its long running characters. and Tim has carried his own book for close to twenty years. So while Teen Titans seems a like a safe bet I think we’ll see him somewhere else too. I like the idea of some kind of Red Robin/Spoiler globetrotting/Thin Man-esque/espionage/action/mystery book that others have mentioned.

  24. I wouldn’t mind seeing Burnham do all 12 issues. I hope this is the case.

  25. So if the Batman of the Batman book is “Bruce” and there are 2 Batmen here,(and Dick Grayson is Nightwing) who is the other Batman with Robin on the cover?  

  26. Also, do my eyes decieve or is that Stephanie Brown Batgirl & Tim Drake Robin on the cover of this?  

    Is this book just in its own Grant Morrison Batman continuity?   

  27. @jonnyflash  The cover is from the current run of Batman Incorporated. There is no new art to go along with this annoucenment as the book isn’t coming out until 2012.

  28. Ignore my posts, I just noticed the graphic is an old one.  But the question stands, how can Grant Morrison wrap up his 6 year run if the first 5 years “never happened?”

  29. @Jonnyflash

    That’s the cover to last months Batman Inc. issue

  30. @johnnyflash

    Nothing so far says this is a hard reboot of anything.

    Dick returning to the Nightwing identity could get set up in Snyders last few issues of Detective and Barbara’s return to bipedal mobility could be accomplished in a lot of ways (this is a fantasy world after all).

    Even though they’ve said Superman will be younger, the Bat corner does not seem to changing very drastically.

  31. @jonnyflash  As with other reboots, the new stories often involve a mix of new and old histories.

  32. @conor I wonder if Morrison will keep his idea of “all Batman stories ever are canon” through this.

  33. @KenOchalek  Tim with the Teen Titans would be cool, but if he had another title he was in too, that would be amazing. 

    Is there some kind of schedule for these announcments, or are they just slowly trickling out? 

  34. @jonnyflash Have we gotten confermation that this is a continuity reboot as well as a numbering reboot? Cause from where I’m sitting it looks like just numbering and a creative reshuffling of all the books and characters.

  35. Nice.

  36. Interested to see how this fits in with everything in the Bat world. With Bruce going back to the main Batman, and Dick as Nightwing, seems kinda odd that they’d continue all the other weird Batman-eseque international friends. I could see them allowing Morrison to continue doing his thing even though the whole INC concept isn’t the main crux of the Bat-verse any longer.

  37. What the current Batman Beyond book?

  38. Alrighty, then. Maybe I’ll care about Superman by that time.

  39. @supertrackmonkey: THAT’S the scary part!

  40. do we actually know that nightwing is dick greyson? i thought it might be tim since he has a red logo thingie???

  41. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @jackarandos  It’s confirmed as Dick Grayson. 

  42. Does anyone remember Morrison announcing a mini Event book called Multiversity? The first thing I thought of for the “major new project” was that this was finally being published. 

    Did the Multiversity project die without me noticing? Does anyone actually remember this? Am I going crazy?  

  43. Why wouldn’t Tim get his own book though. He has had his own successful book for almost 20 years.

  44. I want to see Multiversity as well, but this would seem like the worst possible time to drop it in terms of DC’s ‘new reader friendly’ approach. Quitely is supposedly working on his issue of it but who knows. He is also supposedly working on that 12 issue creator-owned thing with Mark Millar. 

    It will be interesting to see if Leviathan actually dictates the status quo of the other Bat-books when it hits, or whether he’ll be following everyone else’s lead for once.  

  45. “some good news for Morrison fans”

    Sorry, I’m gonna need help with this one.

    As a hardcore Morrison fan, particularly a Batmorrison fan, which, in the HELL, part of this should I be all giddy about?  

    The part where it’s been confirmed that he’s going from exactly ONE bat title currently, to exactly ZERO for at least six months?

    The part where his glorious run now has a definite endpoint?

    Or is it the fact that we might finally get some official word on Multiversity “soon” (not “this week” not “this month” and not “by the end of the summer”, but “soon”).

    If the new Wonder Woman or Superman writer is anybody but Morrison, DC is dead for six months, reboot or not.   

    He’s writing little-to-nothing!  Morrison fans rejoice! 

  46. @BrainsGambino  The good news is that he’s still writing Batman. Not a foregone conclusion 24 hours ago.

  47. So, Batman Inc’s okay then?  Well, then…


  48. @BrainsGambino  He has an actual no-pictures book coming out next month! Try that.

  49. Thanks Conor, missed that post with the JH Williams announcement. 

    I’m really excited by this.  I can’t wait to start reading these. 

  50. Whew!

    For a second there I thought we weren’t going to see this anymore. I’m fine with a hiatus, especially if they want to keep one consistant artist for the rest of the run. So pumped that Chris Burnham is going to be drawing this full time in the future. 

  51. According to Burnham on twitter, Vol. 2 is ‘early’ 2012. Good news. I mean, the current vol. runs 4 more issues, which is about what you’d expect for the rest of this year anyway, given the flakiness of the schedule to date. It probably won’t be a huge 6 month-plus wait between vols then.

  52. This is good news indeed, sir! I re-read all issues of BATMAN, INCORPORATED this past weekend, starting with THE RETURN and I couldn’t remember a time I had more fun in the past several months.


  53. Did not pack this up because I am not a fan of Yanick Paquette but now with Burnham on art I will def be getting this title.

  54. @amircat = Frank Quitely won’t be on Superman since he’s going creator-owned now.  Early buzz is that it will be excellent.

  55. Sweet.

    What I want next is All-Star Superman 2!!

  56. @megaphilip indeed i would i love a All star superman 2, and its sad that it turns out he isn’t on the superman ongoing

  57. ok so… i’m confused guys. Batman inc will continue until Morrison can wrap it up? and then it gets brushed under the reboot rug? orrr? will there start a new batman inc book ALONG with the reboot?

    anyone care to shed some light? I’m a long time marvel reader, just now contemplating picking up his first DC books EVER. I’d appreciate any insight as to what’s going on and what bat book would be the flagship one. kinda like “uncanny is to x-men as _____ is to batman.”

    Thanks in advance!!