Go Back to the Future with BATMAN BEYOND

This June marks the hotly anticipated return of Terry McGinnis, the Batman of tomorrow. He made his animated debut in 1999, the focus of 52 episodes, some crossovers with JLU and Static Shock, and a pretty badass feature film. Voiced by the older brother from Boy Meets World, Terry was something of an apprentice to an elderly Bruce Wayne, defending the Blade Runnery skyline of Neo-Gotham from Joker gangs and rogues old and new.

After years of convention-goers stepping up to the mic at DC Nation panels and pleading for a Batman Beyond comic, DC has announced two new projects for the character. First, Paul Levitz will spotlight Terry and the future Superman in the Batman/Superman Annual. Then, writer Adam Beechen and artist Ryan Benjamin take the reigns with a 6-issue mini-series starting that very same month. 

Here's the Dustin Nguyen cover for the first issue. Hoping that's Yummy Mummy in the background and not Hush, but either way, I'm ready to head back to the future for this limited series and, hopefully, long beyond.  


Good to have you back, Terry. (You too, Ace.)


  1. Awesome! I am so there!

  2. wow. so cool.

  3. By doing a limited they’ve quelled us for now.  It won’t be long before people are asking, "Where is my monthly ongoing Batman Beyond series?"  Batman Beyond is awesome and I wants as much as I can get.

    That being said I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! 

  4. Adam Beechen? ADAM BEECHEN?

    With him at the helm, is there any way this won’t be horrible?

  5. Has Adam Beechen written anything of interest? Cause I’ve never heard of him.

  6. I know nothing about this creative team, but that image has me extremely excited.  Dustin Nguyen is amazing.

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Bryce31 – Beechen co-wrote Countdown. He also wrote Countdown to Adventure, Teen Titans and a few of the comic versions of animated properties like The Batman and Teen Titans Go!. I particularly loved his run on Robin. 

  8. @Bryce31: Same here, never heard of him.

    Super psyched for this and I can’t wait.

  9. Adam Beechen is the man who ruined Cassandra Cain across THREE different titles in an incredible tour de force of clumsy ignorance. And of course, he helped write one of the decade’s worst comics, Countdown.


  11. hmmmm. maybe

  12. I had no idea Batman Beyond was so popular

  13. To be fair, Countdown was a book of such terrible and low quality that the blame for it is hard to lay at the feet of any one person. A lot of people and a lot circumstances contributed to that horror show of a comic. I suppose if you want to blame anyone, blame Didio the man who called Countdown: "52 done right."

    Also while as a massive Cassandra Cain fan (I have every issue of her series and her action figure), that was an editorially mandated screw job. Put that aside, and Beechen’s run on Robin for example was one of the better ones in the last few years. Overall he is good writer especially when not getting mucked about with by editors who think they are writers. So if allowed, he certainly can write a hell of BB series. I just hope they keep the plot twist from the JLU episode Epilogue, because that was pure awesome.

  14. @ StorytellerSJK

    You’re right, moronic editorial mandates were involved. But while I can’t blame Beechen for Cassie’s inexplicable turn to villainy, I can certainly blame him for not bothering to read her series or find out the bare basics of her character and therefore completely half-assing the story. That’s on him.

    And you’re also right that Countdown was a melting pot of horror. Even obviously good writers were involved in it. I see no reason to ignore the resulting black marks though.

  15. @Simmons: I think I speak for alot of people when I say Batman Beyond is proboblly one of the best DC cartoon’s. Right up there with Batman the animated series and Justice League/Justice League: Unlimited.

  16. Woo!!

  17. Beechen is not my favourite writer but he does animated fair very well.  I’m hoping he knocks this one out of the park.

  18. This is pertty cool. It will be nice to see how they treat this continuity. 

  19. Interesting. I probably wouldn’t have cared much about this without Beechen’s name attached, now I’ll definitely be picking it up.

  20. I don’t mind Beechen (really enjoyed his Robin run), but Ryan Benjamin being the artist on this project worries me. I’ll still at least give the first issue a shot.

  21. Beechen has a history of poor writing to his name. He killed off an interest I had in Titans single-handedly. Not very hopeful here…

  22. I remember seeing a piece Dustin Nguyen Batman Beyond piece on his blog awhile back, so glad to get more!

    Check out the original and drool… http://www.multiversodc.com/v2/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Batman-Beyond-Return-of-the-Joker-Dustin-Nguyen.jpg 

  23. bruce timm should draw it

  24. YES!

  25. YES! YES! YES! We talked about it on Saturday and I begged for more of that work. I’m so glad I can talk about it on ifanboy. I thought it would NEVER get announced. If he’s doing all of the artwork I’ll keep paying the cover price.

  26. I have no feeling for Beechen, I’ve seen stuff that I’ve liked and disliked. I wouldn’t discredit him before at least trying it. Batman Beyond is outside of continuity and will allow a lot of flexibility for a writer and probably won’t come with any strong outside mandates.

    This could be his magnum opus. I wish him and his team all the best. 

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    So, Hush in the background, yeah? 

  28. @paul- I’m not sure. There was a clayface type monster in one of the episodes. Could be him. 

  29. My love of Batman Beyond makes me think FUCK YES! but then I realize I’ve never read seen this world in comic and don’t know if i’ll care as much.

    I’d love to see more of that show and I am definitely going to read the hell out of this tho.


    When will they bring "The Gargoyles" comic books back? 

  30. I love this story and I can’t stop thinking of how happy the last episode of season 4 (2) of JLU made me.

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The Batman Beyond universe was one of the pitstops during Countdown, wasn’t it? Was that a Beechen script? I’ll have to do some digging. 

  32. I love that cover.  Also, one of my favorite Justice League cartoon episodes is the one with Terry and Waller talking about Bruce Wayne.  If the comic can capture that sort of magic, I’m in.

  33. did terry gain weight?

  34. Cool!  This is a surprise… 

  35. Pardon my french but FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Batmans DNA wasn’t hard to find, he left it all over town…

    Not remotely what I meant!

  37. You know… I kind of thought this day would never come… but it has. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.

    Of course, I’m a comic book fan, so I have to bog down this happiness with Unpleasable Fanboyism and say: "They better not fuck this up"

  38. This sounds so cool. I loved the TV series when I was a kid. I am really looking forward to this.  

  39. Also really looking forward to this. Loved the cartoon. I personally think Beechen will be a great voice for this character. His run on Robin was great, and I liked some of his Teen Titans stuff quite a bit too. 

  40. Fantastic news! Like everyone else I grew up watching Batman Beyond. Although I wasn’t clamoring for a new comic series for the character. Sounds more like a trade wait though if I’m being honest. Beautiful cover though by Nguyen.

  41. I love old man Bruce Wayne.

  42. I’M SO PUMPED MAN! There are very few key phrases you can use in a sentence to hype up a DC comic to me, Batman Beyond just happens to be one of them.

    Hell I’ll buy an issue of all of Terry’s Rogue’s gallery sitting around a table just talkin with snappy dialogue… sound familiar?

  43. Hmm.. gotta be honest… I hope they aren’t going to draw the entirety of Neo-Gotham in "Tron"-format.

  44. @Paul: Batman Beyond was one of the only good things to come out of Countdown. I can’t remember who wrote the script.

  45. That thing behind him looks like a massive blanket with Jason Voorhees trapped in it. Man if that blanket can take down Jason then Terry hasn’t got a prayer.

    That blanket is going to kill us all!!!

  46. Man there’s so much messed up shit about Neo-Gotham. Remember splicing? I LOVED that concept and hope to see many spliced juveniles just walking the slums of Gotham.