Molly’s Geeky Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again: the time of year where we consume a lot of things – both food-wise and inanimate objects wise. It’s that time of year where we gorge ourselves until our stomachs are as full as our wallet was BEFORE the holidays came upon us. The time for merriment, family stress, and sweeping up pine needles. The time of year for freezing of cold, stressing about what to get friends, and waiting eagerly for Santa to bring you that comic you’ve ALWAYS WANTED.

Ahem. I’m here to play personal geeky Santa, to command – er, suggest – what you should gift upon your friends and family for the holiday season. I’m here to make your life less stressful so you can eat more cookies, worry free! Have geeks you need to shop for? Or perhaps you want to treat yourself to a little somethin’ somethin’? Not to fear, your geeky holiday gift guide is here!

As a note: Most of the “for him” items would also be awesome for geeky girls as well, but I divided them by section so that I didn’t just have a whole slew of super girly things thrown in.

For Him


Lightsaber Candlestick

Buy it Here

If your man is annoyed with you lighting frilly candles all over the house, find a happy medium with this super epic lightsaber candle.



Batman “Comic Text” Throw

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For cuddling on the couch. Or making a bed more awesome. Or even displaying on a wall. This Batman throw is pretty awesome.



Iron Man Hoodie

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Because REALLY… who DOESN’T secretly want to be Tony Stark?


Comic Book iPhone Moleskines

Buy It Here

This etsy seller has a huge selection of really fantastic iPhone moleskines made with vintage Italian comic books. Though the text is in Italian, it’s mostly about the pictures, and they definitely make a geeky but classy statement.


Boba Fett Belt Buckle

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Really now, who DOESN’T love Boba Fett? Better yet, who doesn’t love WEARING Boba Fett? This super detailed, awesome belt buckle will make Bounty Hunters out of the best of us.



The Incredible Hulk Tin Sign

Buy It Here

A great retro illustration of the Hulk. It would look great in an office, a bedroom, a man cave…



Superman Car Mats

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For those gentlemen who wish to make their car more super.



Radio Controlled K-9

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For the Doctor Who enthusiast. Or the lonely. Or both?


For Her


Hello Kitty Hat

Buy It Here

This exploits the trend of animal hats and makes it about three billion times more KAWAII!!



Companion Cube Plushie from Portal

Buy It Here

Give her a constant companion to cuddle! It may even help with that whole “friendzoned” problem you’re having. Those hearts on the side are awfully suggestive of something…



Pixel Heart Earrings

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Fill up her heart container with these adorable pixel heart earrings!



Polyjuice Potion Necklace

Buy It Here

Every girl has wished to be someone at least once in their life. This polyjuice potion necklace from Harry Potter could help fulfill this wish… or at least just be fashionable.



Geeky Dreamboats Book

Buy It Here

While most of the men in this book probably AREN’T particularly geeky, it’s still a hilarious psuedo gag gift to present to your favourite lady geek. It harkens back to the days of highschool where we wrote names in the lines of our notebooks surrounded by little hearts… (although, I don’t know about any of you, but the names I wrote down were always fictional characters).



Wonder Woman Bracelet

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I’m a big fan of all the geeky jewelry that has been cropping up lately, and it took me awhile to decide ESPECIALLY which Wonder Woman jewelry piece to put on this list… but this bracelet is classy but also immediately recognizeable.


Sailor Moon Broach

Buy It Here

In the name of the moon… I will punish you (until you wear this broach)!



DC Girls Magnet Pack

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They want to kick the ass of whoever tries to get into your fridge without permission!


Molly McIsaac goes on a lot of weird adventures and tweets about them. Check out her twitter for the geeky hilarity.


  1. Parri Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    *sends article link to wife*

  2. Love the Iron Man hoodie! I’d love to see Marc Ecko take a crack at it like he did with Star Wars (love my Boba Fett hoddie).

  3. Uh, unless I read the page wrong, those Pixel Heart earrings are no longer available for purchase?

  4. Another good geeky gift : Wallets and buttons made from comic book pages

  5. The lightsaber candle holder was neat, but how many straight men do you know light candles around the house.

  6. All those lonely days being berated by AI, just solving puzzles to live, comforted only by a Cube. I want a companion cube. For me. I know it is in the “For Her” section, but my girlfriend wouldn’t understand the reference anyway.

  7. By the way, that Comic Book iPhone Moleskine? I have that issue. And as much as I like Superboy and Rocket (Hardware I can take or leave), an iPhone Moleskine is better use of that paper. ZING!

    • Plus it’s in Italian.

    • That scene is such an odd choice for a moleskin! I remember that issue actually….Superboy’s hitting on Rocket the whole time and I believe she makes a comment back about how great it is to know he’s still interested, even though she’s pregnant.