Gail Simone To Leave WONDER WOMAN

Wonder Woman Birds of Prey Gail SimoneIn her column over on CBR, Gail Simone announced today that she is leaving Wonder Woman. She will be writing the new Birds of Prey book that begins in May and will continue to write Secret Six and has a new Welcome To Tranquility mini-series in July.

Simone also spoke to DC's The Source Blog about her departure and how excited she is to return to writing Birds of Prey. Neither her column or DC's blog mentions when her last issue will be, though she does mention writing at least part of Wonder Woman #600, and one would think that the next issue would be a good relaunching point. There is also no word yet on who her replacement will be, however Simone says "The new writer is such a perfect and fitting choice that I know we’re looking at a great new era in Wonder Woman’s history. I am certain of it. And when you all find out very shortly, I think you’ll agree with me."

We spoke about Wonder Woman #41 a few weeks ago on the Pick of the Week Podcast. I gave it a shot after not having read the book in a long time and it just didn't do it for me. I will, however, be picking up Wonder Woman #600, partly because I love big anniversary issues and partly because Nicola Scott will be drawing at least some of it and she draws a kick ass Wonder Woman.

I'm very curious to see who the new writer is going to be. I usually give Wonder Woman a shot whenever a new creative team is announced, and unless they bring on someone whose work I don't generally like, I'll probably give the book a look again.


  1. Morrison was supposed to do something with Wonder Woma, right?

  2. I’d also take Rucka getting another round. He writes some very good WW.

  3. I heard the Morrison rumor too – but didn’t he also very publicly state that he didn’t give her a very important part in Final Crisis because he had no clue how to write her.  Overall I enjoyed Gail’s run until this whole Rise of the Olympian thing which kind of left me flat.  I’m excited for more Welcome to Tranquility though!

  4. I had heard their was going to be a All-Star Wonder Woman, I don’t know if Morrison was involved with that or whatever happened to that idea (which I thought was a good one)

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Rucka Rucka Rucka! 

  6. I’d love to see Phil Jimenez on Wonder Woman again but that is probably wishful thinking on my part.

  7. Come on Rucka, come on!

  8. @JimmyOlsen: ALL STAR WONDER WOMAN was going to be written and drawn by Adam Hughes. We interviewed him about it… three years ago? It was originally announced in 2006. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one coming out any time soon.

  9. Im hoping its Rucka aswell. If it’s not though I would still be willing to give it a try.

  10. Sadly I never gave her Wonder Woman a shot. Love Secret Six though, and also plan to start reading Birds of Prey when it hits.

  11. I’m so disappointed.  I had hoped that she would stay on WW longer.  I wonder if this was her or DC’s choice. 

    Jimenez’s run was the one that got me back reading WW and I’ve been reading it ever since then.  Rucka was really good as well.  I doubt they’ll put him back on. 

    My head will explode if Simonson or Byrne go anywhere near Diana, their issues almost killed me. 

    I WOULD like to see what James Robinson, Geoff Johns, or Palmiotti & Grey could do with her.

  12. Bring on Geoff John’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hmmm… msybe, just maybe I’ll try.

  14. Oh and I say it’s Gates taking over.

  15. I pray for Rucka.  Honestly though, I would be interested in what sterling gates would do……

  16. If Morrison, Rucka or Johns takes over, that would make for a good read, however Morrison or Johns would probably get the book to sell, which is something WW needs. It’s a shame that one of DC’s holy trinity characters can’t seem to get nearly as much respect/attetnion as the others.

  17. Everyone else has tried and failed. The last time I enjoyed WW or thought it was good for any length of time was when John Byrne did it fifteen years ago. I say, just give it to Johns, let him do his usual thing; the book won’t be classic material, but at least it will be solid, since Johns seems incapable of writing anything that isn’t at least solid. I’d really like a Morrison version, of course, but the man would need time to come up with a unique take on the character. I think he could do it–he’s already written a great Diana in JLA–but it can’t happen in the near future just based on scheduling. I can’t even imagine what a Morrison WW solo title would be like, so that in itself makes me think the idea of him writing the character would be a good move, because it would be a new side of Morrison that he’d have to develop.

  18. If it’s anybody but Rucka and Scott I’d be surprised.  I think Sterling Gates might also have an interesting take on WW.  I enjoyed the Scott and Rucka WW Blackest Night mini.  Imagine how good they’d be if they had time to develop a story….or just time.

  19. I’ll miss Gail alot. I love what she’s done with the book. That said, I hope for Rucka and Scott, but Sterling Gates would be awesome too since he’s been killing with Supergirl.

  20. I’d like Marc Andreko to get a shot

  21. Shame to hear she’s leaving this. Never really read the series though, just not a fan of Wonder Woman in general. But she did seem to have a nice little thing going on with the series, or at least from what I’ve been told.

  22. I really can’t see Johns doing this. He’s got enough going on with GL and Flash and his new position at DC. Morrison would be interesting, but that’s a given. If it’s not Rucka, I’d like to see a bit of an unknown get a shot at the title and get a new take on WW.

  23. I can see Gates, but I’d love to see more Rucka.

  24. I can’t see a Wonder Woman book ever appealling to me, though there are two writers who I would pick up Wonder Woman for. Joss Whedon and BKV. While the idea of another monthly Joss book over joys me, I can’t see him doing it, and if BKV puts out anything again I’ll be surprised. Happy, but suprised. So unfortunatly I don’t see me adding WW to my pull list. It is a shame though as I feel WW should be a big hit for DC.



  25. I wish Gail Simone all the best in her future endeavors.

    I, too, am pulling for a return of Rucka, as his was the name that started me reading WONDER WOMAN in the first place, and I’ve never stopped.


  26. For some reason I’ve always liked Wonder Woman especially in the JL animated show, but I haven’t actually read a Wonder Woman story that i’ve liked.

  27. Gail is why I picked up WW, read it for a little more than two years, and then dropped it.

    Morrison, Johns, or Rucka would be great. Or all three. If GL can have three books, WW can.

  28. This is a surprise. I dropped WW right before Simone took over, but from what I understand she had a good grip on the character. Excited for more Birds of Prey, and I’m glad she’s not leaving Secret Six.

    I like most of the ideas about who should take over. Gates and Andreko could both do somethin fun. Rucka’s the obvious choice, but seein Whedon or BKV give it a shot would be interesting. My natural inclination is to give her to Johns or Morrison too, but the fact is they can’t (and shouldn’t) write everything.

    Like most DC fanboys, I have a deep fondness for Diana. But I think the only way to sell her solo title is to shake things up drastically, and then stick with it even if it doesn’t sell right away. She suffers from a poor, inconsistent supporting cast, and I think writers struggle to strike a balance between amazon and superhero. And sadly, when one writer does come up with something solid, the next writer will often ignore it completely. There’s a reason she’s endured, and I think we all want to see her do well. The trouble is finding an editor and writer bold enough to try something wholly original.

  29. Ok, Crisis on 2 earths sold me. Give me some awesome WW stories people!

  30. Bring back Rucka


  31. JMS is writing Wonder Woman starting with #601.


  32. Linky:


    also takes over Superman from #701