Gail Simone off BATGIRL, Scott Snyder off SWAMP THING, Swierczynski off BIRDS OF PREY

As alluded in Jim’s column earlier today, Gail Simone was informed that she will no longer be writing DC Comics’ Batgirl.

That’s not the only shakeup at DC Comics however.  Last week we heard that Judge Dredd writer Duane Swierczynski will depart Birds of Prey with issue #17. Then today we learned that Scott Snyder will exit Swamp Thing. Responding to rumors, Snyder confirmed the departure on Twitter, saying that his time on the series will end with #18, a resolution he’d mapped from the start.

We’re not sure who will assume Snyder’s responsibilities on the book with #19 and beyond, but we do know who you can expect on the mastheads for Batgirl #18 and Birds of Prey #18, both due out in March.

Written by RAY FAWKES
On sale MARCH 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
• The first of two issues by guest writer Ray Fawkes!
• Batgirl must face the man who sold her out to The Joker during “DEATH OF THE FAMILY”…her own brother, James Gordon, Jr.
• Can Barbara help him, or will this conflict be the final nail in her family’s coffin?

One Soul writer and artist Ray Fawkes wouldn’t have been our first or even seventeenth guess, but then it’s been a crazy day. And he has been tinkering away at Justice League Dark. As for a permanent replacement, your guess is as good as ours.

Written by JIM ZUB
On sale MARCH 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
• Welcome new series writer JIM ZUB (Skullkickers)!
• Mr. Freeze is out of Arkham Asylum and looking for revenge on the Court of Owls! His first target? The newest member of the Birds team, Strix!
• And if that wasn’t enough trouble for the girls, this issue introduces The Daughters of the Dawn who are abducting people with super powers…starting with a certain prisoner at Belle Reve!

Meanwhile, Jim Zub of Skullkickers will take on BoP.

Is DC, rather sagely, mining Image Comics for their best and brightest? Certainly looks like it. Now, if you had to pick an Image up-and-comer for Swamp Thing, which way would you go?


  1. At least Snyder is still on Batman for March, but did notice that Andy Kubert will be subbing for Capullo.

    • Snyder and Capullo have both said that Kubert on 18 is a one-off to give Capullo a little breathing room, like Becky Cloonan drawing issue 12.

    • If anyone has to sub, I’m so glad its Andy Kubert.

      Becky Cloonan’s issue was wonderful as well. The art on the main Batman book is consistently excellent (even the backup features), with Andy on board, this tradition will no doubt continue.

  2. I guess sales in Swamp Thing are going to see a definite drop, let’s hope it is picked up by someone who will keep the numbers strong.

  3. I’ve been wondering how Snyder can keep up with that work load. I’m curious to see who gets the job.

  4. I was reading Swampy for Scott Snyder and was thinking of dropping it anyway. This just confirms that for me. The Rotworld story has felt too elongated to me. However, I’ll probably buy whatever title Snyder moves to. If that’s the new Superman book, I’ll be trying that out in spite of no real desire to buy another Superman title.

  5. I’d vote for Brandon Seifert as writer for Swamp Thing. I think he could so something not comedic like Witch Doctor and still keep it fun.

  6. Does that cover seen a bit odd to anyone else?

    • Which one becuase they both are a bit odd. On the Batgirl, she has a male torso. On the Birds of Prey, there are too many to count (Strix head proportion to body, Black Canary missing a lower leg, Batgirl doesn’t have a rope, etc.)

  7. Does it have to be an Image writer? I mean, an indie comics writer… with a love for Swamp Thing… known for writing horror-tinged works…. hmmmm….

  8. DC NOW!

  9. I like the idea of Brandon Seifert on Swamp Thing.

  10. Jim Starlin on Swamp Thing?

  11. I’m not really a Swamp Thing fan but I liked Scott’s take. It will take a seminal talent to keep my money going to that book.

  12. Swamp Thing won’t survive another winter.

    Still, it was nice that he was able to soak up the sun for a year.

    Constantine Lite will have been here and gone by then, so at least they’ll each have a friend in the bleed.

    • @WheelHands – I concur with your summation re : Swamp Thing. Bearing in mind the drawn-out nonsense on this title from #7 onwards? I think it’s done extraordinarily well, sales-wise.

      I expect this title to plummet into sales-oblivion following Scott’s departure.

  13. I dropped Birds Of Prey two months ago so i’m happy to hear its getting a new writer.The book just doesn’t seem to know where it’s going.

    Hopefully it’ll get better.

  14. Even though I dropped Swamp Thing a while back it is a shame to hear he’s leaving the book. He made the character relevant again after so many years of being dormant. Whoever takes over for him I hope he/she does a great job keeping Swamp Thing an interesting character.

  15. Thanks for freeing up my list for Avengers!

  16. Another DC book dropped. I think I was reading more DC before the new 52, what a letdown. DC continues to disappoint.

  17. I will give these writers a chance, but these are books that were kinda on my chopping block even with the current writers. None of these books has been that great, but have been just good enough to keep me on board.

    I have enjoyed the most recent issues of Swamp Thing more than any of the others, though (it must be the guest stars).

  18. Where the hell is Paul Dini?

    And how come he STILL isn’t writing any DC comics?

  19. They could have avoided all of the bad feelings and sour grapes if they had just called this “DC NOW!”

  20. Whelp, dropping Swampy.. that sux. Snyder was amazing on this run. Not looking forward to HeckBlazer now that Constantine is leaving Vertigo.

  21. Snyder’s Swamp Thing was a long, slow burn for me. Perhaps it will read better when collected.

  22. Swamp Thing would be awesome if Hickman could do it, but I’m sure Marvel has a lock on him.

    I would love to see Riley Rossmo on art for Swamp Thing. Writer? Maybe Kurtis J. Wiebe (Green Wake) or Alex Link (Rebe Blood). Both can definitely do the horror/creepy/weird very well.

  23. Very little comment on Simone’s departure from Batgirl, which I think has been a strong book. Man, getting that info by email is like getting dumped by text message. She deserves better,

  24. The DC implosion continues… Sad.

  25. I’ve really enjoyed Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing but if I’m honest, I didn’t pick it up because of the writer, I picked it up because of the legend that Swamp Thing has through Alan Moore. However, I definately kept buying it because the writing was good.

    So I’ll give the new writer an issue or two and see if I’ll drop it.

  26. I’m just gonna come out and say it, (I’ve been holding it in for too long now) ‘The New 52’ has really buggered up Mr. Freeze…

    Victor has long been one of my favorite villains (with my favorite depiction being the wonderful ‘Snow’ by Dan Curtis Johnson, J.H Williams & Seth Fisher) and I enjoy almost every incarnation of him, especially in the 90’s animated series (where Mike Mignola designed his 50’s style ‘B-Movie’ costume). I even like Otto Preminger in the classic ‘Batman & Robin’ TV series (the least popular ‘Freeze’ actor, both on set and off).

    As a character, I felt Mr. Freeze was almost always under used and despite minor appearances in ‘Dark Victory’ and ‘Heart of Hush’ hadn’t really been seen much.

    I was excited to see him involved with ‘The Court of Owls’ arc, but his new origin story (Nora was no longer his wife), new attitude and especially his new costume (check him out on that cover, he looks like a minor character from ‘The Animatrix’ with a fishtank on his head) were totally crap.

    Grrr (or, should I say, ‘Brr’?)

    Rant over.