Fringe – S01E20 – There’s More Than One of Everything

Tonight’s episode – There’s More Than One of Everything

I’m in London tonight and I’ll be relying on my DVR to not let me down so I can watch this when I get home in a few days.  Relying on my DVR means I’ll probably lose the last few minutes of the show!

In the meantime, Nimoy! Wooo!

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. #$*@ American Idol, serioulsy.

  2. She’s alive!?

  3. Now that’s crafty. Walked into a bigger ambush than I thought she did.

  4. About time they tied in Jone’s storyline.

  5. That hand looks an awfully lot like iRobot

  6. I know Conor’s gone but where is everyone?! Come on people!

  7. THat was awesome!!! Separated the truck from the rear axle.

  8. I feel weird bloggin this by myself thus far. But what the hey! It’s a shiny quarter!

  9. So your not lonely…

  10. yay!! Lol I always thought the Massive Dynamic lady was going to be a villain…and Kirk Avacedo is wearing a nice hat.

  11. More time paradox’s, woot!

  12. Woaaaah, another way Fringe manages to get your attention, half a body…..that’s like a giant flaming sword got swung through him, or a time portal.

  13. Wait a minute, the same shiny coin that the one guy gave him. Creepy.

  14. I just hope that the time travel thing doesn’t get beaten to death.

  15. Soft spots in time. This is interesting.

  16. Well Jones could use some half and half…

  17. I almost thought for a second that Peter was going to go into the alternate reality and get stuck there. That would’ve made for an interestin finale.

  18. HOLY BALLS…….that was f’n creepy. I think my jaw just dropped. Peter… supposed to be dead?!?!

  19. Nimoy!!!!! That last ten minutes made the episode.

  20. That was so awesome. I’m completely speechless.

  21. Peter is supposed to be dead, Obama’s in a NEW White House, and the twin towers are still up. That’s how you do a season finale *glares at Dollhouse*.

  22. I’m planning on buying season 1 when it comes out on DVD.  This series definitely deserves another viewing from me, with all episodes present and accounted for.

  23. That was great! This is sci-fi at its greatest. So peter is dead, wow. Earlier in the season after some of the comments made about peter some people on the forums had theories that Peter was a clone, Thats a good theory, i guess its also possible hes from an alternate reality.

    Anyway its gonna be a long summer waiting for the next season!!

  24. What a Tease. I was hoping Nimoy would be in more than just the end. That was it would be obvious who William Bell was.

  25. Otherwise Great Episode.

  26. I figure that Peter, the seven year old who played with silver dollars, died.  Walter and William Bell brought the alternate world Peter to their world.

  27. @tad exactly

    That’s it? "I’m William Bell"


    Why don’t you guys live blog shows that are not compeletely lame, like  Breaking Bad. I know it is outside the Fantas/sci-fi set, but it is awesome.

  28. I thought this was one of the better episodes of Fringe.  You have to hand it to J.J. he has mastered the art of a season cliffhanger, whether here with Fringe or in Lost he does it again and again.  My thought was does that mean W was blown up in the "old" White House?  So many questions raced through my head after seeing the last few scenes.  But, not going to be a spoiler for the DVR crowd.  Just great stuff. 

  29. Great season finale!!  I was watching this show all season and I had real fears that it would be a dud.  After it came back from its hiatus, it seemed like it was roaring towards a great climax.  The relationships here between the characters are great.  I still think the FBI director will turn out to be an alien, because he is just too damn trusting in Olivia, but time will tell.  I imagine that Peter died in the incident that Walter told about first meeting the bald man when they fell into the lake, but we’ll get there.  Olivia was the weak link early on, but now the story is bounding towards something new and breaking new ground.  I always abhorred Dawson’s Creek, but I have to say that Josh Jackson has done a wonderful job thus far.  The prize gem of this series so far is John Noble who seems to be not only the pivot point, the teddy bear, and the deus ex machina all rolled into one.  Every episode is a showcase of his talent.  I’m dying for him to yell, "Bring wood and oil!"  Dying for next season.

  30. @marshak75 a "bring wood and oil!" or "abandon your posts!" would be awesome.  Definetly one of the best new shows in a long time, really enjoying the mythology, although, while its the thrust of the show I suppose, I would like to see more cases based on phenomenom other than things Walter or William invented or experimented on. At that point we might be in X-Files case of the week territory, but it would be interesting to see other people or "creatures" based on different things & not directly related to ZFT thrown into the mix. Jones spent most of the episode dressed like Darkman looking like he was trying to take an old fashioned photograph, and his end felt a little anticlimatic. Really liking the alternate reality stuff and looking forward to more LN.

  31. Friggen Awesome.  This show  piles on the crazy each week.  A great world or worlds yuck yuck, being built in this show.  The show always gives you a piece of the puzzle all while a few holes to be filled are exposed.  This finales in a long while for me, sets up all kinds of crazy paths to follow

  32. I just started watching this show a week ago and I have already seen every episode.  It’s that F’n good.

  33. This finale had it all.  And even though Nimoy was in it all but a minute or two, it promises of a very cool performance from him. 

    The final shot of the show got me so pumped.  I was like, "okay, how are we supposed to know it’s an alternate Earth?"  Then it pulled back and I was like, "Okay…that works."  I almost had that knee jerk reaction to where it seemed like such a cliche idea at first, but, then I thought about it, and decided the creators were right, and the moment had just that amount of lasting impact.

    Fun stuff, can’t wait for more!!

  34. Finally got to watch this – what a fantastic season finale.  One of the better ones I’ve seen from this season so far.  There are so many interesting mysteries to explore next season now.

    I’m really happy with FRINGE. What an excellent surprise.

  35. That last shot blew me away. That probably makes me lame, maybe should’ve seen it coming. I don’t care, I loved it, reminded me how TV can be awesome.

  36. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

    FRINGE is being moved to Thursday at 9pm next season.

  37. Is that bad?

  38. @EYun: Yes it is – it’s going to be up against two of the most watched shows on American TV in CSI and GREY’S ANATOMY.  It’s also up against THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK.