For The Kids: Silver Surfer Joins the Marvel Super Hero Squad

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my nieces lately and my 6 year old niece, like every other American child, spends a lot of time glued to the television.  In the past she’s spent her time watching Nick Jr. and things like that, but recently, I noticed what she’s been watching has slightly changed.  She’s now watching the variety of Marvel related cartoon, like Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man and the Marvel Super Hero Squad, so I’m sure as you can image, I am delighted.

So when Marvel sent us the below video highlighting the Silver Surfer joining the Marvel Superhero Squad, I showed it to my niece and then thought I’d share it all with you – because think about it – kids everywhere will know who the Silver Surfer is now.  That’s pretty cool to me….

From Marvel about the Marvel Super Hero Squad:
Silver Surfer
As the Squad’s resident alien, the Surfer is a fish-out-of-water, constantly puzzled and amazed at the strange customs and culture of Earthlings. The Surfer, for all his innocence, is in hiding. Even as he learns more about this pleasant oasis called Earth, taking in its mountains, rivers and beaches (where he’ll be a sensation among the surfer dudes) he’s worried that his presence may draw his former master, that world-devouring barrel of laughs called GALACTUS, into the fray, and possibly get the Earth eaten.

The Surfer and the other Squaddies
The other teammates respect him, but don’t even pretend to understand him. While Iron Man tries to fathom the mysteries of the Surfer’s powerful surfboard, Falcon has taken it upon himself to educate the alien in the ways of Earthlings. The Surfer stays on Earth because he finds a sense of belonging and higher moral purpose with the team. His moral standards and calm demeanor make him the team’s conscience. We will see him adjusting to life on Earth and confronting his fear and shame over the awesome evil he escaped from, the aforementioned Galactus.

The Surfer adds his cosmic ENERGY FACTOR to the team.


  1. I’ve been reading Tiny Titans to my girls (3 and 5 years of age) and they have been eating it up (Aw Yeah!).

    I’ll give this a try.  Thanks for the heads up.

  2. This is bull shit.  My nickname has been Silver Britches for well over 20 years now.  Think of your own ideas, Marvel.

  3. @drakedangerz  I beleive the Thing called him that way back in the 60s. That seems familiar from the Lee/Kirby run. Egg and your face are in alignment.

  4. So.. the super hero squad Ms Marvel wears shorts?  Interesting take.  We tried watching SHS today while the 4 year old and I are home sick. It’s a bit scary for her yet.  We’re reading Calvin and Hobbes at bedtime now and she’s completely OK with Justice League Unlimited on TV. 

  5. Awww Whos the cute little herald?

    You are! Yes you are, yes you are!

  6. My Nephew saw the first episode online and he loved it! Iam a DC Guy myself but hey Marvel did put out some good cartoons when I was his age like X-Men,and Iron Man,Fantastic Four,Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk! He loves MSHS and Batman The Brave&The Bold! Iam so glad that I’ve got him addicted to Superheroes! When he’s old enough I will introduce him to Watchmen,DKR,Justice League Of America, Justice Society Of America, Grant Morrison’s Batman run and Batman and Robin by Morrison as well! Cartoons and mid to late 1980’s comics that my uncle read to me as a baby were my gateway to Superheroes and now Iam the biggest addict in the world!

  7. i LOVE superhero squad. i watch it with my girlfriends little cousins and i get the comics for them and me. they are so funny =)

  8. Just gave a viewing to my 3 year olds. Maybe it was all the comic indoctrination they have been getting for the past two years, but they seemed to realy enjoy it and already knew half the characters. It has laser guns and punching,  so I think I want to keep exposure to a minimum at this age (Seriously kids, violence doesn’t solve anything. Well, unless Dr. Doom is attacking the Baxter building. Then yeah, clobber away…), but they were not scared. I almost shed a tear when a man in blue basically had a cameo and they both yelled, "That’s Captain America!" They really are our future.

  9. Can’t wait till my kids can read or watch these kinds of things.  all the new kid-oriented stuff coming out lately has got me pretty excited.  Just the other day my daughter batted away all the Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer (Who she loves) Belly Washer juice things my wife was trying to hand her and hugged the Batman and Superman ones to her chest.    I teared up.

  10. Now… I don’t want to sound like a Comic book elitist right now… but that’s just who I am, so here it goes:

    "Why does a being who’s race is not only far, far, FAR more advanced than ours, and who also has been gifted with the abilities of the Power Cosmic, making him ooze quintessence out of every orifice, have an extremely prototypical California Surfer dude accent?"

    You know, I’m fine with the show, some things erk me about it, but hey, I’m a fan of something, and anyone who is a fan of anything, will get erked by whatever someone does if it’s not exactly the same as they have been accustomed to having it done. But honestly, this isn’t like an ultimate redesign, or changing an aspect of a character so they can more easily fit into a new established continuity, this is a step back. But hey, this also isn’t that big of a deal. So he’s a Surfer dude. How does that affect me?

    Okay, now Josh can scold me for being "One of those" comic fans.

    Though, I don’t like how Cap is a 3rd rate character.

  11. There is an everpresent Spider-man vs. Disney Princess war that goes on in our household, so I do all I can to give Spidey a fighting chance. However, I completely support Dora. No frilly dress or need to be rescued. She is a tough girl not afraid to go anywhere, who wears pants and t-shirts. And no pink. My girls can have all the Dora gear they want. Sadly the Disney tentacles run deep.

  12. i watched a few eps one has captian britian in it

  13. I believe the surfer has been on the show since episode 1. And next to Thor, they give him some pretty funny dialogue. 

  14. goofy show but kinda fun. Iron Fist and Power Man show up time to time, with Power Man in his old costume and tiara. They even refer to it as a tiara and he gets all mad about it, I don’t know why because it’s a fucking tiara, get over yourself Luke.

  15. Kids?!  KIDS?!  I think I made a fool of myself in Wal-Mart the other day when I saw the Superhero Squad Nova figure.  A complete and utter fool. I really should check out the show, since I love the figures.

  16. I sent Marvel a note stating that my nickname for the Silver Surfer has always been "Galactus’ Bitch."  I guess that was the fourth nickname they couldn’t fit on the screen…

  17. Ok, so I posted my comment before even watching the clip, and after watching it, I’m stunned by the voice used for the Silver Surfer.  He sounds like Michaelangelo…and I’m not talking about the famous painter! Cowabunga!

  18. @ Neb

    See my post.

  19. Awesome.  The world needs more Silver Surfer love.