Fiscal Crisis #1 – Comics Cost Too Much!

There has recently been some hub bub over the price of comics these days. Tom Spurgeon recently stirred up the pot with his recent post. But I’m not here to lament the cost of comics and to complain about spending nearly $50 to $75 a week on comics, or to reminisce about when they cost only 35 cents, or 50 cents, or 75 cents or $1.25 even. No, I’m here because my wallet needs help and the best place to turn to is the loyal iFanboy faithful, who have yet to let me down.

So here’s the deal people. Below is a list of five comic books I currently buy that I feel as if I could live without. As I mentioned above, I spend a lot of money on comics on a weekly basis, so given how expensive comics are (and have you seen gas prices?), I’ve decided to go forward and *gasp* drop a comic book. But I’m going to let YOU decide which book! The comic book with the most votes by next Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 at midnight EST, I will cease buying!

Cable (Marvel Comics) – This is the new ongoing series following Cable and the mystery baby from the Messiah Complex storyline. As a die hard X-Men fan, I *need* to know who this baby is! But after a few issues, I have decided that I completely hate the art provided by Ariel Olivetti. It’s definitely not my thing. So can I drop this and be ok without not knowing what happens?

Black Summer (Avatar Press) – I enjoyed this book written by Warren Ellis when it started, as it seemed like something different. Modern, gritty super heroes with a definite rebellious attitude towards the government. Nice. But almost a year later and I will confess, I have no idea what is going on in this book, like ever.

Checkmate (DC Comics) – Now that Greg Rucka is no longer writing this book, is it still worth buying? Well after issue #26, I’m guessing that it’s not. Besides, with the number of characters in this series, it was work enough when Rucka was writing it, much less when someone else, especially “you know who” who’s currently writing now is trying to make sense of all 47 people.

Ultimate X-Men (Marvel Comics) – Hopefully Marvel cancels this book and makes the decision for me. It’s amazing how after almost 100 issues of this series, it’s still sub-par week in and week out. It’s like the the book that simply cannot be saved. While I love a train wreck, I’ll be honest, it gets more and more difficult with every issue.

Hulk (Marvel Comics) – I love Ed McGuiness’ art. Absolutely love it. But Jeph Loeb’s story has meandered a bit for me, and it’s only been a few issues, which doesn’t bode well. But it doesn’t seem like this is coming out on time, so maybe it could slip through the cracks and I could stick with it. I don’t normally collect Hulk comics, but for some reason this one intrigued me, and yet it hasn’t grabbed me.

So cast your vote below and don’t forget, you have until June 3rd 2008 at midnight to let me know which comic I should drop!

(And please, don’t comment about the books I should be buying. This is about me saving money, but by all means, go look at my pull lists and tell me if there are any other comics you think I should save my money on!)



  1. really? drop them all. If there is a reason to drop it then do it. don’t hold on to something just because your have liked it before, if it isn’t doing it for you don’t pay for it.

  2. You guys are always talking love for Checkmate and as an X-fanboy you need Cable.  I believe that the new run on Ult. X-men is refreshing.  So I suggest Hulk.  I hate consolidating books in hard times.

  3. Keep reading Black Summer, Ron! It’s awesome,

    I agree that comics prices are gettin’ too high. ALL the Final Crisis tie-in books are $3.99. So, instead of forcing the story into all the regular titles, DC acts like they are doin’ us a favor by keepin’ it all seperate … then they charge us through the ass to read all the books … add to that, that alot of people who will read Final Crisis probably read most of the core DC titles anyway … and DC is laughin’ all the way to the bank.

  4. Yeah, not much point dropping Black Summer, there’s only one issue left.

    I’d drop the Cable, cause you’re right the art is pretty horrible. 

  5. I got Cable #1 free with my comic shipment.  I thought it was awful, and I totally agree with you about the art.  After reading Cable, it was much easier to decide on dropping Iron Fist when Brubaker and Fraction leave.

  6. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    If I am correct I believe that black summer is a mini series and is supposed to end at issue &. If it doesn’t then I am dropping it them. Ron you should drop all of them. None of these sound appealing enough.

  7. I say Cable, mostly because you can always find out what happens with the baby later on, you don’t have to spend money for a sub-par story just to get it for free later on, especially when it isn’t too vital.

    You could probably drop Iron Fist, its doubtful it’ll get any better. Since Brubaker has been so distant with it, its gotten less interesting, and with the new regime change, its even less likely to get better.

  8. I say, at the very least cable. Don’t let the identity of the baby stop you. If that is important, it will no doubt be handled (and handeled better) in another x-book, or more likely, an x-event.

    Give the new checkmate writer a shot, if the first couple of issues don’t grab you. drop it.

    And get rid of the rest and give some new book a try. Better to take risks on books you aren’t sure about than to spend money on books you hardly like. 

  9. Just get rid of The Flash, the story’s gone down the tubes. Use the extra 2.99 for coffee or BART fare or something. You and the Flash have an unhealthy (one-sided) relationship, face it man… it’s over.

  10. My pick for the drop is Black Summer.  I was also very excited about this series when it first came out.  He made it seem like something really cool and unique but really ends up being something we’ve seen.  Not as exciting as when it started.  However, his book doesn’t come out very often so you should probably drop Ultimate X-Men.  Just do it.  It’s really boring.

  11. WAIT!!!!!!  Ron, why isn’t The Flash up for being dropped?!?!?!  It’s AWFUL!

  12. Ron, if you stopped paying marvel for there X-men line you would be able to roll like Tony Stark.

  13. yeah, if the flash was on this list, it would be a no-brainer…

  14. Please don’t drop Flash! The most entertaining part of the podcast comes when you bring it up!

  15. I agree, drop them all.


    the Tiki 

  16. Drop Ultimate X-men. 

  17. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I tried voting for all of them, but it wasn’t an option.  Drop Hulk because it’s Loeb.  That should be enough reason.  Then drop the rest of the books listed.  

  18. Of the books you mention I only read Checkmate, and I seem to be the only person in the world that didn’t hate the new issue. I agree that Rucka ruled, and the new issue wasn’t amazing, but it certainly wasn’t bad enough to make me wanna drop it.

    I think it deserves a few issues… and I just realised this whole post was counter-productive as all I did was tell you what book NOT to drop!

    @the iFanbase – who else thinks Ron should write more personal articles like this one? You’re good at it, dude, it’d be nice to read more stuff from you every so often.

  19. Drop them all. Those are all pretty shite books.

    Start buying Blue Beetle instead.  

  20. It’s a tough choice, but not in a good way. I’d say at least 4 of the books above are justified in being dropped, but the only one I am reading is Black Summer, and you’re right it’s been dissappointing. A great start but it’s been resting on its laurels since then.

    But I also agree about Ariel Olivetti’s art on Cable. I bought his stuff on Punisher War Journal, and it took me awhile to realize, it’s just not that good. Or maybe it is good, but I don’t like it.

    Good luck. So far it looks like it’s going to be a painful result for you. 

  21. There are some crossover issues of Cable coming up, and that’s where anything that’s going to matter will happen.  You’ll buy any issues with Cyclops and the main X-team in them, I assume, so just skip the rest.  I say this as somebody who loves Cable and is still buying the book; it just doesn’t matter.

    Speaking of doesn’t matter, Ultimate X-men, OMG.  Drop drop.  Of course, Marvel may reboot it in a few months, but then it may not suck. 

    I don’t care about any of these other books, so hell, drop them too.   Also, Flash, if that hasn’t been covered.

  22. Yeah, and why isn’t Flash up their ?

  23. I’d say drop all of them except Black Summer. there’s one issue left so you might as well hang on a little but longer.

  24. I say drop them all. But if you had to choose 1, I would say Checkmate, because the story you loved, is closed. With Rucka gone and Bruce Jones on, run away. 


    With the Hulk, when will people learn that Jeph Loeb isn’t very good. I know, I know sales numbers are good on his books and his mother doesn’t buy them all, but still… 

  25. You can’t drop any X books and someone said that black summer only had one issue yet so no point in dropping that now either. I vote Hulk.

  26. Let me back up Labor here. DROP THEM ALL.

    Here’s my rule: as soon as a comic book doesn’t give me enjoyment from reading it I drop it.

  27. Drop them all.


  28. DROP



  29. I vote Cable because it’s the only one I’m not reading, but seriously, if you’re considering dropping them, it’s probably a good idea to drop them all.

  30. This is easy they should all be dropped, and if you really miss them that much pick them up in trades. I have been slowly trimming the fat of my pull list over the past year, I actually appreciate them periods of time where I am forced to take a good look at my pull list and determine which books are worth being bought. I am very very selective now, and i feel i am a better reader because of it

  31. I will typically use a writer switch as an excuse to drop a book, but man… that Hulk. Nothing is happening, and it’s happening awfully. I think the Hindenburg page was when I knew I’d never be back. There’s no explanation for the Hulk with a giant gun that is gonna make me go, "Huh! Turns out that’s pretty satisfying after all!"

    Oh, Ariel Olivetti. No one understands you. I mean… I wouldn’t want Olivetti drawing, say, Daredevil, but the depth and breadth of hateration for that art always surprises me.

    I’m still giving Cable a chance, but it’s getting a little tenuous. 

  32. Yea, you should drop them all, or at least a handful of those.  And yes, add the Flash.  I garauntee that once you drop them, you will feel better and you will not miss them.

     Drop em like it’s hot!….ooooo lame.

  33. Also, can I add that ONE comic really isn’t going to help you decrease your spending.  Also, you’ll end up picking up new books before you know it.  DROP BOOKS YOU DON"T REALLY LIKE. 

  34. I’m dropping checkmate because Rucka left…for the same reasons:  I have too many books!  I wish I could drop Ultimate X-men, but the collector in me wants to get to 100 (I also have a feeling it will be canceled then…).  If I could pick two books for you to drop ( I voted for Checkmate), the second would be Cable.  What a let down.  I feel like the whole baby thing is just to get us to read Cable.  Can’t really comment on Black Summer and I feel like it’ll be hard to drop Hulk before you find out who Red Hulk is.

    I’m currently doing some culling myself to make way for a few new books.  Dropping: Blue Beetle (sorry but too many books, so loss of the original team is a big incentive), Batman and the Outsiders (I sorta of enjoy this, but I feel like they haven’t even finished the first mission…plus there is an upcoming RIP tie in, which I’m not getting), Avengers/Invaders (does it count as dropping if you only get the first issue), Titans (really wanted to like this…but the art makes all the Titans look silly), and Immortal Iron Fist (See blue Beetle)

  35. Trust me on this one, Checkmate needs ta go: the writing tanked and I’ve actually found myself really confused about what’s going on in it. Plus, the dialogue is absolutely horrendous. Now, following that vein of thought (that of Bruce JOnes having the writing skills of a 3 year old), I’d drop Cable too. 

    Me? I’m slowly realizing I’m buying too many books that I’m not enjoying, which is why I just sent an e-mail to my comic shop asking them to take Immortal Iron Fist, X-Factor, Checkmate, and JLA off of my pull list (sad, but true) 

  36. I’d say drop all of them except Black Summer. Whenever I had to tighten the belt and drop some books I always dumped the more mainstream titles first, and according to other posts it seems like there isn’t much left of Black Summer.

    I cast my vote for Hulk ’cause I’m sick of Loeb’s ego. He’s a poor writer who is currently riding on the coattails of high profile artists and the fact that he used to be a good writer. If I could choose 2 books my 2nd would have been Cable. I dropped it after the 3rd issue. I gave it a chance but I didn’t like the art and the story felt really dull.

  37. Dropping books can be a cathartic process, especially when each book is almost equivalent to a gallon of gas.  After I got engaged, I went on a dropping spree and have found this to actually be beneficial because I find myself enjoying my books on week in and week out.  The crap just isn’t there to drag me down. 

    I second all thoughts on dropping them all, but if you had to drop just one, I would say Ultimate X-Men.  I’ve heard nothing rewarding about the book, and each of your other books has some sort of merit in weird and extreme ways. 

    But seriously, drop them all.  It will feel good.

  38. well ron i would say drop Black Summer, Hulk, Ultimate X-Men. i dropped Black Summer a while ago cuz i did not get what was going on. I cant even remember the last issue of the Hulk that I got so im considering dropping it. As for Ultimate X-Men, just drop it.

    Checkmate and Cable are bound to get better. Granted i HATE the artwork for Cable and now that Rucka is off of Checkmate…im not sure how it’s going to go. But being an X-Fan i need the Cable and Checkmate is just badass with Alan Scott. 

    despite what everyone says to you…dont drop the Flash. I have been a longtime fan and its killing me see the book like this and i just hate seeing it go down the drain, but its my committment to the character.

  39. It took me all of 5 seconds to decide on picking Cable for you.  I have the complete run of Cable and Deadpool and the only times I considered dropping that book was when the stories primarily featured Cable.  I gave the Cable series an honest try and it is just plain bad.  If the story ever leads to something major, marvel is bound to release it as a trade, and considering how bad the first couple of issues were, it is something that probably would read better collected than one at a time.

  40. Dude, seriously.  I love the podcast and I’m glad you guys buy so much so that we can hear you talk about it, but I actually wondered at one point if you guys had "real" jobs.  I don’t understand how you find the time, much less the money to read so much each week.  Can you really digest and enjoy a book when it’s the 10th one you’ve read in a day?  Don’t get me wrong, I buy things that don’t rock my world every week and I certainly have my "I don’t like it but I keep buying it" moments (I’m looking at YOU, Justice League!).  But please, apply some sanity before you pick up that 20th book each week

    In short – Drop ’em all!


  42. Drop Ultimate Xmen because it’s not the "real" X-men universe.  (See, I’m trying to get into the RR mind frame).  Black Summer finishes in an issue so there’s your no brainer.  Cable – once you’ve dropped one Xmen title, there’s a crack in the dam that you may not be able to plug.  I think dropping that would be too scary for you for its implication.  Checkmate – give the new guy a couple of issues.  Hulk – you love the art, that puts it above a couple of the other choices.

     As for the Flash, you know you can’t drop it.  Don’t even stress just take the hits. 

  43. Wow I have to admit, I completely underestimated the "DROP THEM ALL" option – in fact it never even crossed my mind.  All of these books, at some point or other, I had an interest in and I vaguely do for them all, but is it enough to stick with them?

    As for the Flash – where is the loyalty?  If I didn’t drop Uncanny in the 90s during Lobdell’s reign of terror, or Excalibur during Raab’s abuse of my favorite book, why would I drop The Flash now? Call me crazy, but someone’s gotta show some loyalty – I think i’d rather have a bad Flash book then no Flash book at all, because then there’s hope for it to get better with a new creative team.  If it’s cancelled, then that won’t happen… 

  44. flash

  45. I’d say drop ’em all except for Cable and Ult. X-Men.  You know you wanna keep you’re run of Ult. X-Men gapless (plus, isn’t it almost over with Ultimatum coming up?) and you KNOW you wanna be there when they reveal that the baby is Jean (obviously), but is that going to happen in the pages of Cable?  Most likely, but then again, I thought Nick Fury’s comeback would be in Cap, but I was wrong there.

     However, when it comes to actual book quality, this most recent issue of Ultimate X-Men may be the worst comic I’ve read since Onslaught: Reborn. The only difference? Onslaught Reborn: Talented writer phoning it in, unexcusably horrendous art.  Ult. X-Men 93: Talented artist phoning it in, and nonsensical, illogical, awkward, painfully bad writer.  Aron Coleite is the Liefeld of writers.  Strictly speaking of talent mind you.  God help us if Coleite actually does become the Liefeld of writers.  He’ll be everywhere! THERE WON’T BE ANY ESCAPE!!!

  46. Also, you could probably stand to drop Helen Killer and Astounding Wolfman.  I love Kirkman, but this book did nothing for me.

  47. Drop the Ult. X-men. Black Summer shouldn’t be on that list. Only one issue to go.

  48. I’m another vote for ‘drop ’em all’.  While comics are great fun and I totally love the whole experience, $75 a week is a bit excessive.  If these books are even crossing your mind as not being worth the time and effort, let alone the dough, then go ahead and drop ’em.  Perspective Ron, perspective!!

    I do agree with you on the Flash loyalty.  I’m sticking with it and anticipating a turn around. 

  49. Wow. Cable and Hulk are both at 34% as I submit my vote for Cable. Man, I thought I had it bad at $75 a MONTH for comics.

  50. The only one of those I would keep is Black Summer and only because it’s been random about coming out and it’s a mini with one issue left. Otherwise the rest are all some form of poop

  51. As for the Flash – where is the loyalty?  Call me crazy, but someone’s gotta show some loyalty – I think i’d rather have a bad Flash book then no Flash book at all, because then there’s hope for it to get better with a new creative team.  If it’s cancelled, then that won’t happen…

     On the flipside, what would motivate DC to improve the title if it’s sales aren’t hurting?

  52. Oh God, yes. Drop Flash as well. I read the latest issue (by accident) and it was embarrassingly awful.

    Don’t buy bad books or average books.

    Do buy Blue Beetle, however. 

  53. Okay, dropping them all seems viable.  There’s nothing that’s more of a relief when you finally make the commitment to drop a bad book, or even just a book you no longer enjoy.

    That’s the easy way out.  Book by book:

    Checkmate – Keep it.  You love it, and this is the one where I’d give the new creative team a chance.  But just one or two issues.  If it stinks, its gone. 

    Ultimate X-Men – Drop it.  I did several months back, and every time I thumb through it in the store I realize I’m not missing anything.  The "real" X-Books are better now than they were at Ultimate’s launch, so you don’t need it. 

    Cable – Drop it.  If you really need to know about the baby, you can Wikipedia it later on.  And if you like the results of that thread, you can always get the trade.

    Hulk – Drop it.  Sucks.  Just dropped it myself.

    Black Summer – I don’t know this book at all.  If there’s really only one issue left, get it.  If there’s several, or if it’s an ongoing, drop it.  If you’re considering it, then you may as well do it.

    And looking at the rest of your pull list… so you LIKE Helen Killer?  I thought you thought it was ridiculous.  And I hated X-Force, but I can see how you’re only willing to drop one X-Book at a time.  I’m probably dropping X-Men First Class this week.

  54. @RaceMcCloud -Josh and I thought the concept of HELEN KILLER was ridiculous.  Ron seemed to enjoy it.

  55. Helen Killer cracked me up…its very much in the same vein as The Five Fists of Science and books like that – rewriting history and all.   It’s no watchmen, but I enjoyed it


  56. It looks like the flash is the write-in cannidate in this one. I agree with the others. Drop Flash now!

  57. Hey Ron, I’m going through the same thing right now.  It’s based on budget and space.  I spend too much and I’ve run out of room.  So much so that I just put stuff in storage and will be paying $80 a month to keep my stuff.  Therefore, I will be going through my collection to sell off the stuff I don’t need, and I will be widdling down my immense pull list to a more reasonable 15-20 books a month, although I still don’t know how I’m going to do it.  As it stands, I’m like you and spending about $50 a week.

  58. As for the Flash loyality, believe me I get it.  My loyality will remain with Superman and Batman.  After that, I may opt for loyality to creators.  If the creator I liked on a book leaves, I may give the next team 1 chance to grab me.  If they don’t, the completist in me be damned.  I will have to try and drop the books.  I hate to do so, but it’s become too much for me.

  59. @ Labor-  So is Blue Beetle good?  I can’t quite tell from your pimping it on Ron.  🙂

  60. Drop Cable, you know that someone will buy it who can tell you if it gets good, and there are always trades.

  61. Also in order to save money ive made it a point to buy mini’s that arent linked to events in trade it may mean i will wait longer but it saves me money.

  62. If it wasn’t for you discussing these books for the podcast, I would agree with the drop them all sentiment. Because you do, just drop Hulk.

  63. @Race McCloud — Ron can’t drop X-Force!  I’m counting on him to tell us if anything notable happens.

    Also, he probably shouldn’t really drop Flash because whenever somebody yells at him to drop it is always the funniest part of the podcast. 

  64. I like the Drop them all option.

    I’d have to Hulk if hard pressed, simply because there is bound to be a change when the movie comes out a la Invincible Iron Man, but c’mon man drop then all.

  65. If your saying all those books suck your best bet would be to drop the book with the characters you love the least. If I were reading those books I would drop the Hulk.

  66. I love Cable, but I seem to be the only one (though I haven’t read the comments here yet) so I stay keep that.  Black Summer only has one or two issues left, so you might as well finish it (plus I really like it).  I don’t read any of the other ones (except Ult X-Men in trade, but I’m way behind), so it’s tough to say.  I’m going with Hulk based on your own comments on it in the audio show, though.

  67. Too bad Secret Invasion and Final Crisis were not on that list. Those two titles will have enough sales already and you keep support for lower selling books. There’s so much coverage of the two event books that it’s easy to find out what happened.

  68. Ron:


    Drop the Flash…stop bitching each month and do it… 

  69. Black Summer only has one issue left so dropping it would be a bit of a waste.  The delays hurt it for sure, but that’s nothing a quick re-read won’t cure.  I really enjoyed #6.

    The first issue of Jones’ Checkmate was horrendous so it’s an easy drop.

  70. I picked Hulk because like most people said Black Summer is ending, UXM will probably end soon so minds well have the whole run (even though it’s been bad).  I think Checkmate is either going to be good or canceled (weren’t sales low when Rucka was kicking ass on it?) and personally I want you to keep reading Cable becuase I want to know if anything happens in it because I’m not reading it.

    Still shocked over $75 a week I get over $20 and feel like I should cut back.  Although I do appreciate you guys keeping us up to speed on everything.

  71. Just looking at the results of the poll and there is no clear winner/loser.  No help there.  A lot of folks are saying drop them all…

  72. I wouldn’t drop Black Summer!


  74. It’s a tight race, with a tie between Ultimate X-Men and Cable so far, each with 58 votes.  Although it’s safe to say the write in votes for "Drop Them All" and "The Flash" were a surprise and they sure came on strong.

    I’m not dropping the Flash people, no matter what you say.  It’s my DC X-Men book.  I promise I will not bitch about it though as I continue to buy it.   

  75. i’m only reading hulk and black summer, and wouldn’t drop any of those. i’d say ultimate x-men. it has never seemed to live up to its potential. 

  76. I agree, the price of comics is getting ridiculous, especially with the big events now costing $3.99 rather than the standard $2.99

    I would say drop them all. I dropped ultimate x-men before Kirkman even jumped on this title, Black Summer was disappointing. As much as I am a fan of both these writers its two books I felt didn’t go anywhere and were not as good as other books out there.


    Drop Cable – I read the first issue and the art was atrocious. I can’t really draw but it was bad. Although I would like to know who this baby is


    Hulk -p I thought about picking this up. I loved Planet hulk and heard world war hulk was bad (planning to buy the trade but haven’t done because of the bad press). Glad to hear I didn’t waste my money on this title but if you are not enjoying it drop it 🙂


    Checkmate – I know you guys love this title but even with Rucka I don’t really think I could follow it. I read the first 2 arcs but then dropped it and if you are not enjoying it drop it.


    Flash – It wasn’t an option but you need to drop it. I found it hard but its not getting any better.


    I had to drop a few books a little while ago as I was buying too many and I found it easier to do i in a cold turkey fashion. I dropped wonder woman, countdown to mystery, countdown to adventure, detective comics, blue beetle, x-men legacy, moon knight, JSA classified

  77. You all realize of course that he’s never going to drop the Flash right?  Even more so because you’re all telling him to. 

    We realize he’ll never drop it, but he better not stop bring it up, because it’s so much fun to rail on him.  None of you want him to drop Flash for real.  It’s too much fun to listen to.  Painful, wasteful fun.

  78. Drop the Flash, Ron.

    Seriously, Black Summer has only one more issue left. Keep it, it’s still fun.

    Ultimate X-men looks like it might start getting good again, so wait it out a little longer.

    No Greg Rucka AND it hurts your brain? Ditch Checkmate.

    Hulk has always had its ups and downs. It just had a big up with Planet Hulk, so now would be a good time to leave, but you know it’s gonna be good again sometime. 

    Cable? And you guys complain about Marvel trying to make The Sentry relevant? I seriously doubt anything will happen in this book that you can’t live without reading.

    Okay, here’s the plan: Drop Checkmate and Cable. Replace them with Oni Press’s Ressurection and Dead, She Said. I know that doesn’t help you wallet, but you WILL feel a lot better about what you’re spending your money on.

  79. Ron, try this…


    Drop them all (you save $15 a month) and instead buy 1 indy TPB a month in it’s place (like James Sturm’s Satchel Page book or Oni Press’s Black Metal, both Eisner nominated).  You’ll save like $5 a month and thank me later for turning you on to something new!  🙂


    the Tiki 

  80. Wait, it’s issue #3 and you still don’t know who the red Hulk is? Didn’t the firs issue come out like 6 months ago!

    I am so glad I’m living Hulk free after WWH.

  81. Yeah, Josh said what I was going to say, Ron.  Keep reading "The Flash" and keep bitching about it.  It’s like that old Mel Brooks quote (and I’m paraphrasing here): "If I cut my finger and bleed, that’s a tragedy.  If you fall into an open manhole and die, that’s a comedy."

  82. @thefreakytiki I read Black Metal when it came out – great book! A ton of fun – we talked about it in our music episode –

  83. Do you really think they’re going to cancel the Flash if you stop buying it?

  84. I would say that you could drop them all, I know how hard it is to "give up" on a title, I’ve done it once in a while, always thinking….but what if the second i drop it, it gets really good.  However, you have to remember that there’s always trade paperbacks

  85. I’d say drop Cable, drop The Hulk and move to Checkmate in trades.  The Ultimate X-Men might get better now that Kirkman’s off of it, so give it a chance.  It was once very good.  The rest I don’t read, so I can’t advice you on those.

    But OMG I want off the Hulk train.  

  86. I would drop all of those comics. I have also had do to the same thing and start droping comics from my list as it just costing to much.

  87. we should all vote so that all the books(except Black SUmmer) have an even amount of votes so that he has to get rid of all of them.

  88. I voted Hulk but why isn’t Flash on the list… I guess you really will never give it up

  89. I would vote for all of the above except Black Summer.  I think Black Summer will read well once all of the 7 issues come out.

  90. @Ron:  How the hell did I forget that you reviewed it.  D’oh!!!  🙂

    I still say you drop all and go 1 new Indy trade a month.


    the Tiki 

  91. All 5. You can live without them? Then drop them all

  92. I say drop them all then start torrenting comics.

  93. well i know you have heard a lot of views of what you should drop, well i would like to give a possible second choice that no one has suggested yet.  DROP ALL OF THEM!! there i said it.

    … wait, what? some one already said it? ok than drop all but cable.  yes cable.  yes it is a bad book that isnt really going anywere and the art hurts my eyes, but who is the baby? so stick in there so than you can tell me who the baby is.

  94. This poll is closed!

  95. Ron

    As someone that has pulled the flash non stop since 1992. I agree i would rather have a bad flash than no flash. I also have a theory that flash my be stuck in continuity hell. Because everybody knows that everything going to change when Barry comes back.