First Look on Set of Scott Pilgrim – Video Blog

Have you been thinking about Scott Pigrim vs. The World?  Well Edgar Wright has been already showing us some of what’s going on behind the scenes, including daily training regimens for the cast and himself.  I guess it is an action movie, but I tend not to think of it that way.  But sure there are lots of fights and fun. 

Plus Edgar Wright just seems like the nicest guy ever, doesn’t he?  I’ve got to say, he’s one of my favorite directors out there these days, both funny and competent, and while I don’t think it’s going to be the same as the book (nor should it be), it might be a damn good time.


  1. I’m just worried about the movie spoiling the book; Can O Malley release it on time?

  2. He hit his deadline last time.

  3. Thanks so much! I can’t wait for this.

  4. It seems like the movie might only be part of the book series. I’d think it’d work great as a trilogy,

  5. Can’t wait for the movie.

  6. Please, PLEASE be good!! PLEASE!!! *fingers crossed*

  7. Nice, I did’nt know Edgar Wright was directing.  I love his stuff.  I think his style well fit nice with Scott Pilgrim… at least I hope…

  8. This is going to be great!?

  9. He’s been posting pictures on his blog for a few weeks now for those interested: 

  10. Yeah, he also post those pictures on his myspace.

    I’m excited.  Hope its fun

  11. A buff Michael Cera? That’s something no one can handle…

    Of course this is gonna be an action film! All of those ridiculous fight scenes in the series….your telling me Wright isnt gonna focus on the action more then the romance? Please.

    Wright is a pretty nice guy though; I mean he looks like you can approach him on like a con or something and get a good conversation out of him.

  12. @TNC Wright has romance in almost all of his projects. It was always a theme in Spaced, no matter how zany it got, and was a large part of the story for Shaun of the Dead.

  13. they should have just made Cera wear a muscle suit undder his clothes

  14. @Anson: True, I literally forgot about Shaun when I typed that comment. Still, I have a suspicion that he’s gonna leave a lot of the romantic elements out of the film. I mean he’s cramming 6 volumes into one film, so there’s bound to be a lot taken out.

  15. Edgar Wright can do no wrong in my book…great director and he’s a really nice bloke

    And as for growing a beard to seem more mature…that never happens…does it Josh? 😉

  16. Was Edgar Wright going to direct another comic movie aswell, Ant Man or something?

  17. Wright is the Ant-Man director at the moment, although you know how these things go.

  18. Maybe we’ll finally see some giant spider action…

  19. i cant wait. i love looking at his blog for new pics each day!!

  20. My brother is working on this set, He’s doing some day work on the lighting crew I believe. He was surprised I knew anything about it, ddn’t realize it was any kind of a deal to anyone, until I mentioned he’s one of the biggest guys to come out of Canada for Indie Comic stuff in a long time.

    He had a chance to work on Wolverine too but didn’t want to leave Toronto to do it. Usually he does commercials and stuff, went to Vancouver to work on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and hated working away from his family, said he’d never do it again.

  21. @TNC. If anything it’s the first two books. He only has the first two boyfriends on the cast list and they’ve already started principal photography. I don’t know where people keep getting the idea that it’s the whole series. I could be completely wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

  22. @Anson: I swore I saw an article stating he was doing the entire series. Cause wasnt there a hoopla that the film would come out before the final volume was released?

    Must’ve read it wrong….or saw it on wiki…which explains a lot.

  23. Hey this movie just might work.

  24. @ TNC. If it is the whole series, they’re making a grave mistake. That’s a lot of content to fit into one film.

  25. @ anson17, i disagree, mostly. it’s less than you’d think.

    for example, each book has a couple gags with wallace wells that are all pretty much the same thing. they’re all hysterical, but each book has a variation on a "wallace owns more stuff in the apartment than scott does" gag. in the movie, i imagine they’ll just do one joke like that and move on.

    and then apply that idea, to every gag. there’s so many superfluous (yet very funny) jokes. like, how many things like the pee-meter going down when he pees do you need in the movie? there’s a gag or two like that in every book, so they’ll cut all but one and there you go.

    all of a sudden, instead of 6 full books of content, you have 2 books. it’s really not so much.