First Look: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in ‘Iron Man 2’

Looks like Iron Man is gonna get Ram Jammed.

You can read about Mickey Rourke’s part in Iron Man 2 here.

And here’s the character from the comics:

That’s a little more S&M-y than I remember, but it’s starting to come back to me now.


  1. I’ve never read any Iron Man so I’m not familiar with the character, but I’m looking forward to hearing people’s reactions to this…

  2. Iron Man 2: Beyond Thunderdome…?

  3. I don’t remember Whiplash (same as Backlash?) having a power suit like that.  I hope this doesn’t turn into "every villain imitates Iron Man but crappily," as it looks like he’s using a battery similar to Tony’s.  That’s going to get really overused really fast.

  4. @BC1: That’s always been a hallmark of Iron Man in the comics, though. A lot of his major villains use StarkTech or some cannabalized version of his Iron Man armor.  It’s part of the guilt that Tony carried with him.

    (You know, before he set events in motion that got Steve Rogers killed)

  5. I want to make a judgement, but I feel like I might need some context.  But based on that still up there, I don’t want that.

  6. So is he basically Crimson Dynamo, but without the red armor?

  7. and this is why i’m embarrassed to say i read comics

  8. Wait wasnt he suppose to be Crimson Dynamo? Where the hell did ‘Whiplash’ come from?

    Dont get me wrong, I like the idea of using a lesser known villain. It doesnt all have to be the biggest villains out there, you can work with B-C list characters. But I am with josh and edward on this….this is not what I had in mind.

  9. i bet he’s meant to be Whrilwind. he spins razor blades around… but never cuts himself!!

  10. Also, is he the only villain in the film? Like I find it very hard to believe HE is the main threat. I think Black Widow is involved too….but Widow/Whiplash…I dont know, I dont think that is good enough to hook non-comic fans in.

  11. Reminds me of the movie Running Man for some reason,but I loved that film as a kid so I’m happy.Which is far better than the comic picture which just makes me think "bring out the Gimp!"

  12. @TNC: The villain doesn’t have to hook non-comic fans in in this movie. No non-comic fans went to see The Iron Monger.

  13. Not what I expected. Looks a little like he’s going to fight Russell Crowe in the arena, but that’s fine. That character’s had many looks over the years.

    Actually, though, I am relieved to see this image, because I heard he was playing Whiplash and I remember Whiplash like this. You want to talk about embarrassing?

    And as for the "what’s with every bad guy using Tony’s tech?": my God, does no one remember the Armor Wars? What are they teaching in that school of yours?

  14. Anyone who is not a comic fan has no idea who Iron Man’s enemies are, he doesn’t have any truly iconic enemies that have hit mainstream, like the Red Skull, Dr.Doom, Lex or just about every single villain Batman has. The first movie was good enough that I’m not worried about the picture of Whip Boy.

    Personally I think the gimp mask was a little to on the mark, someone knew what they were doing when they made him. 

  15. look at that special effects face make up! i can’t believe they made micky roucke look so ugly… Oh, wait!

  16. If I’m not mistaken movie Whiplash is supposed to be a hodgepodge of aspects of Whiplash, Whirlwind and Crimson Dynamo. To me this looks like "Prototype" armor or something, y’know? Not the best costume ever. As well, someone mentioned there being only one villain in the film, I’m unclear on how they’ll play it, but Justin Hammer is in the film.

    Still, I can’t wait for this film no matter what. 

  17. I have faith.  I remember hearing there were going to be three versions of the Iron Man armor in the first movie and thinking "obvious toy-selling tactic," and then I saw the movie and forgot all about it.  This movie is the same director plus Mickey Rourke playing the part, I think it’s going to work.  Of course, the only pre-Extremis Iron Man (solo) comics I’ve read are in the Demon in the Bottle trade, so some may say I’m not qualified to judge this.  All I know is Iron Man is in my top three favorite super hero movies of all time and it’s pretty much the only super hero movie to successfully combine humor, drama and action.

  18. That doesn’t really ring my bell, but the costume is still worlds better then whatever iterations can be found in the funnybooks.

    It’s just that I dread the whips. As far as I’m concerned, no one’s really pulled them off as a working, believable weapon in the movies since Indiana Jones (eh, maybe Pfieffer and Burton with Catwoman). I’d love for those tassels near his wrist to be…oh, I dunno. An umbilical cords connected to two giant angrier Mickey Rourkes, off camera?

    I fully realize this defeats the purpose of calling him Whiplash at all, but really, the threats are supposed to ramp up for the sequels, not become more benign (Bigger, meaner armor vs/ even Mickey Rourke but with laser whips).

    That said, I think it’ll be good. Favreu has a great instinct about most of this, so I’m willing to give him 10 months to sell me on it. Besides, I’m sure Matt Fraction (if he’s still around and writing Stark and friends) will pen a humdinger of a yarn incorporating Whiplash for I.I.M

  19. I really miss long (24+ issue) runs of writter/artist collaborations.  For some reason, I feel like Fraction/Larocca on Invincible Iron Man is the best bet for one of them at Marvel right now.  Also, I’m not normally a big Larocca fan, but he does an incredible job on the armor, in my opinion, so this is about as good as I could possibly hope for.

  20. @edward: *claps* Bravo good sir. Point to you 🙂

    @conor: I guess your right. People watched the first more so for Downey more then anything else. I just think that, as comic book fans, if some of us is finding this ‘meh’ or horrifying….what are the non-comic fans thinking?

  21. I’m with Jimski on this one. I, too, remember the Whiplash with the purple mask and cape and green ponytrail. So… this isn’t all that bad. I do like that it looks as though he’s taking elements of Stark technology, etc. As Conor notes, that’s a staple of the Iron Man comics. In fact, could this abuse of tech lead him into a "Demon in the Bottle" plotline?

    @TNC – Whiplash isn’t really any lesser known than Crimson Dynamo, depending on what comics you read and for how long. Neither are going to bring anyone into the theater. And to answer your other question: the other "villain" is rumored to be Justin Hammer (played by Sam Rockwell). I suspect you’re going to have your corporate villain with Hammer and your hired muscle with Whiplash.

  22. @TNC: They don’t care one bit.

  23. @conor: Oh I think there gonna care about something when they see that ugly looking thing on their screen.

  24. @TNC: It’s not going to stop people from going to see IRON MAN 2.

  25. @conor: I agree with you on that. But one thing is for sure; Late Night hosts will have a field day with him.

  26. I’m hoping this is pre-cgi or just a shot before they got the rest of the costume on. He looks like Robo-Rourke. Are those prison pants he has on?  Is he on a race track??

    I can only pray they are going to start the movie in mid-adventure like Indiana Jones. Let Whiplash ramble on for a few minutes then beat him real easy. The less I see of this in the movie the better.  

    Give me madame masque and black widow. Some weird love triangle. Throw in Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo to boot. 

    I’m sure it will be a hit no matter what though. I’d like to see a hint of Mandarin to an epic art 3.  


  27. ditching the rape mask was a lame move.  Whats more fucked up and scary than that.  Oh wait….

  28. Were honestly supposed to buy that as a credible villain?

  29. This has "first attempt costume" written all over it.  I’m calling it, there’s a less silly variation on the way, or this is near the end of his mayhem and he’s just holding it together.  

    Either way, I had the exact same (vaguely negative) reaction that a lot of folks are having here to that first look at Downy Jr.with the tap light on his chest hammering away at his Flintstones cave-bench.  I trust both Rourke and the collective dudes making this movie.  It’ll be fine.

  30. Will "Bang Your Head" play when he makes his appearance?

  31. That is actuall what i picture TNC to look like… 🙂

  32. @thenextchampion: This is Mickey Rourke. The man has undoubtedly looked worse than this before. He’s probably the only person who can get away with looking this ridiculous.

  33. I can accept Mickey Rouke pulling off a decent performance, no matter how stupid he looks on screen. But i heard Scarlett Johansson is going to be cast as the Black Widow. And im not sure how i feel about that.

  34. I’ve never even heard of this guy.  I started collecting with the most recent Iron Man series’ (Invincible Iron Man & Iron Man DOS), but I’m not too sure about what I’m seeing here.  I figured they’d go the Mandarin direction due to the name of the group that captured Tony in the desert.  Plus, he’s a cool villian.  I guess I was wrong:(  Well if Favreau did a good job with the first, I don’t see any reason why this one shouldn’t be good as well.

  35. @DunDun Yeah, I don’t know of very many buxom red-heads that can act.  I think Scarlett would be good for the role.  She needs to work on that slavic accent though.

  36. I’m certain someone has said this, but this guy decied to skip playing Marv in Sin City 2, for Whiplash in Iron Man 2? Okay, I’ve always thought he was kinda dull for having done boxing in the first place, but Godamn, his nose must’ve lodged itself into his cerebelum. Yeah I bet Whiplash pays more, but Marv is not only the closest thing to a title character in those books, but he’s already been established as that character, and to pass that up for some D List Villain who I’m surprised made it into the film and am certain won’t be in it more than Gambit was in Wolverine.

  37. Two men enter, one man leaves! Two men enter, one man leaves!


    couldn’t resist 

  38. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Looks great!  

  39. The costume, character and actor look terrible.

  40. Can’t believe I made it halfway thru the comments before I found a reference to "The Wrestler". Thank you, @Balsalm. BANG YOUR HEAD, INDEED!!!

    Mickey Rourke ROCKS!

  41. People loved Iron Man.  Every bit of it, how it looked, Downey Jr., the humor, everything!

    People, especially fans of movies, not just comic book movies, love the Rourke ‘comeback’.

    I think it will be just fine, I’m not worried.  And even if it does suck it will still make a zillion dollars.

  42. I’m looking forward to this I’m just wondering how they’re going to do this. Didn’t whiplash have a sick kid or something kind of Sandmannish. I remember that the last time I saw him him he was collecting money for something less selfish.

  43. I hope they play some "Whiplash" during the fight scenes. m/

  44. Even that not-so-cool-looking costume and design have not stifled my excitement for this movie one bit. Can’t wait.

  45. If he would just put a shirt on it would look less white trash.

     Oddly, I think the same thing of my neighbors and my 9-year-old nephew.

  46. (hey, I’m still alive!)

    I’m going to say I’m less concerned with this image tham with the fact that they’re using Whiplash at all.  Any alterations they want to make to Whiplash, I champion 100%.  He’s just a terrible villain and really is, I think, the primary reason so many people are under the impression that Iron Man has no good villians.  I really wish they’d have gone with the Ghost or Spymaster or just gone all the way and just done Crimson Dynamo but I trust that Faverau knows what he’s doing.

  47. @Fugmo, def reminds me of them dressing up Captain Freedom in all that new armor in Running Man. As for the picture itself I think it looks good, for all we know this could be an early version of him in the film with an "added on" look coming later in the story.

  48. Yeah, I’m willing to let the crudity here slide because of my faith in Favreau. And, as a point of fact, when Kurt Busiek took over Iron Man post-Onslaught, one of the first things he did was bring Whiplash on and change his costume to that S&M thingie. I seem to remember Stark saying that Scarlotti was a changed man, fighting more vicious than before… just before his newly-sentient armor accidentally killed him.

  49. Did people see pictures of the built-in-a-cave armor from the first movie and lose their marbles about how bad it looked? My memory is not long.

  50. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I just like that it looks like a crazy person made this suit. It’s perfect.  

  51. @Jimski A little bit, yeah.  That was sort of my point earlier.

    @Greenlantern It’s probably less money than Sin City II.  Most of the actors in Iron Man II are doing it on the cheap.

  52. @edward: Nah, I have a more of a Clark Gable quality ot me….if he was 100lb fatter.

    @Paul: That is funny….so apparently anyone looking like a hobo can build a futuristic peice of armor and weapons.

  53. I figure they’re gonna have a hard time reworking most of Iron Man’s rouges. Too bad (though not surprising) they’re saving Mandarin for last.

  54. I cant really say anything bad about this (although I kinda want to) since last time I had some doubts about The Dude playing Iron Monger and that turned out great.

  55. @DudeVonDoom, I think they may be counting that leader of "the Army of the Ten Rings" as the movie Mandarin, although it took me waaay too long to figure that out. The words "Ten Rings" might as well have been one of those 3D "hidden eye" images.

  56. @conor stop posting pictures of hideous men like Jonah Hex and Whipsnatch, and show us what Sam Rockwell will look like in the movie.

    And for all the rest of you fellas: Robert Downey Jr, Scarlet Johanson, and Sam Rockwell are going to be in the movie, of course non-comic fans will see it. We want to sleep with those people. Duh.

  57. @dundun


    Scarlet Johanson was in arguably the best comic book movie adapation. Granted, they are completely different in tone, but I think shes a fine actress. I think she could pull of Black Widow pretth well.

  58. @sonia: I get Downey Jr, you can have the rejects. 🙂

  59. Rouke does look like a sacry motherfucker

  60. OK, reword earlier comment. I hope that every film will not turn into “steal Tony’s battery to power villain”. That only works so many times. But we don’t know the plot yet, so I hope I’m wrong. And I was right; I thought he was the same as Backlash. I read a Marvel Team-Up involving him, Iron Man and Spider-Man, and he did seem like a pretty lame villain.

  61. @sircox I dont think shes a terrible actress, I just have my doubts that she’ll be able to pull off the whole russian accent thing. Plus when i think of badass Russian spies (which black widow is supposed to be, no?) Scarlett doesnt immediately pop into mind.

  62. @DunDun I don’t think a Russian accent would be totally necessary.  How many Russian "spies" should sound Russian 90% of the time?  Also, maybe they’ll play with the origin since the whole Soviet spy thing is so 1960’s. 

  63. A spy having an accent s/he can’t hide/change is a bad thing. Spies are supposed to assimilate. That would be one crappy spy agency.

  64. It’s so completely stupid in the animated movies (such as Ultimate Avengers) when they give Widow that over-the-top accent. It makes no sense.

    But I’m calling it now.: if she doesn’t have an accent, fanboys will complain.

  65. @flakbait: I’ll be one of them. If she’s Russian, she should have an accent.

  66. I knew it! 😉

  67. It’s not unusual to complain when a foreign character is stripped of their accent. And it’s not limited to comics, it’s true in any media.

  68. But she’s meant to blend in. If I’m an FBI agent looking to root out enemy spies the accent is kind of a dead giveaway.

  69. If she’s undercover, sure. But when she’s back at the base or hanging out with her friends or not actively undercover she should have an accent.  Considering that in this film, Mickey Rourke’s character is also Russian, I imagine that they will both have accents.

  70. Rourke said recently in an interview that he’ll be doing at least half his lines in Russian.

    If I can track down where I read that I’ll be sure and post it.  He talked about working with languange coaches and how difficult Russian is to pull off.

  71. Yeah cause when I see this pic….I imagine ‘Russian’.

    Not ghetto prisoner.

  72. I love those Eastern Promises-esque tattoos they got scribbled all over Rourke.  I think that rig looks like something that someone might cobble together with limited resources.

    Also, how great is it going to see this beat up ol’piece of meat, standing next to Sam Rockwell. If Rourke brings this much of a grit, grease and weird hair to his half of the EVIL equation, I wonder if they’ll make Hammer that much more the nattily dressed business man.  Won’t that be a nice little lesson in contrasts.  

  73. I want to see a movie about a robbery due to happen at a quarter to three in a main street. Magneto and Titanium Man, and the Crimson Dynamo comes along for the ride.

  74. The caption above the first photo "Looks like Iron Man is gonna get Ram Jammed,"

    is slightly disturbing when added with the S&M comic picture of Whiplash…