First Look: Hawkman on SMALLVILLE has the picture and the interview with actor Michael Shanks who is playing Hawkman in the upcoming two-hour Geoff Johns-written Smallville TV movie (that’s what they are calling it now) featuring the Justice Society.

My take? It looks a bit awkward in this still photograph. He looks like what he is — a guy suspended in a harness. These things tend to look totally different once they are in motion, so I’m holding out judgment until I see some finished video.

We’ll find out for sure when the movie airs on February 5th. In the meantime, check out the interview, it’s got a lot of interesting tidbits (that could be considered spoilers if you’re hyper vigilant about that kind of thing).


  1. Yeah, I remember thinking he looked a bit stiff when I first saw this– and his arms look really skinny for Hawkman as well.  But, the costume and wings look fine otherwise. I too will reserve judgement on this.

  2. My biggest complaint is that he doesn’t appear to have the build to pull off this role. You would expect someone who looks like Gerad Butler. A little older, but still in shape. I’m still excited about the episode but the picture does leave a lot to be desired.

  3. I thought this show tried really hard to avoid costumes.  I fully expect the wings to look really, really bad.  Angel in X3 bad.

  4. The picture itself looks like a figurine. 

  5. What I think is weird is that if you read the TV Guide Article. *Spoliers* They mention that the JSA was together during the 1970’s. Don’t you think that would have come up in previous conversations? Especially with Jonathan when Clark was feeling down about his "powers". 

  6. I’d be excited for this story if I had even the slightest feeling it might move any of the characters forward. By the end of this TV movie, Clark will be exactly who he was the episode before, and the episodes before that.

  7. @stuclach- The effects for Angel’s wings in X3 looked great, what are you talking about?

  8. @vadamowens-That was my first reaction as well.  It looks like I’m staring at a DC direct figure.

    I was hoping they would stay away from the comic book costume, just because it’s really odd to see an actor dressed up like that.  Still, I’ll wait until I see some video.  I still really want to watch that episode/movie.

  9. @Nate: Did you read the whole interview? That point was addressed.

  10. I second vadamowens, I thought it was a figurine when I first saw it.

  11. @ActualButt – I thought they looked atrocious:  I found the CG on them to look extremely unrealistic and they seemed to slide around on his body when he moved (like the head on a clone trooper).  I’m glad you enjoyed them, though.  I wish I had.

  12. That mace looks hardcore. And those wings look perfect (MUCH better than those way to clean wings on Angel in x3). I’ve got high hopes for this 2hr movie, and look foreward to getting it off of iTunes

  13. Alright at this point Michael Shanks should just go ahead and really become an egyptologist

  14. @Heroville

    At least we know he plays that kind of character well.

  15. the wings didnt look bad in x3, it was the tin foil wrapper they had around colssus looked terrible

  16. Thanks to Johns work on action comics and other superman stuff, I was wondering if it’s possible to ust sorta jump into smallville or if there’s some "greatest hits" i could check out. Do I need to start from the beginning? I may have asked this somewhere before. Sorry if I’m repeating myself. Gotta say I’m impressed by the costume.

  17. Im just pissed he isn’t wearing a trenchcoat LOL

  18. That actually looks cool. Almost dead on from what he looks like in the costumes.

    I’ll reserve judgement fully though until I see the episode. It would be funny to see the wires on tv though.

  19. That is not a picture. It’s either concept art, or a miniature. Totally not a picture of Shanks in costume. Not buying it , TV Guide.

  20. This is gotta be one of those instances where an actor just thinks to himself:

    "Why the hell am I doing this? Why am I dressed like this? I’m gonna be typecasted forever…" lol

  21. Looks like he rides the short bus, if you know what i mean

  22. Totally surprised that its as close to comics as it is.  Glad this is going to be a movie instead of a 2 parter.

  23. @Conor, nope totally skimmed it…You got me. 

  24. @vadamowens It really does look like a figurine.

    What’s this X3 people are talking about? I only remember 2 X-films.

  25. Looks like a Drawing.

  26. @Caleb: totally. It looks extremely similar to the hamkman strip from wednesday comics

  27. Anyone else’s Gaydar tickling?

  28. yeesh, I usually reserve judgment on these things, but — visually speaking — Hawkman has always been a favorite.

    I like the basic costume and the helmet, but the wings just seem… too small. Looks a little cheesy because of that. Maybe because they seem too small to hold him aloft? I know he uses Nth metal, blah, blah, blah — but visually I think the eye wants something that visually seems proportionate to what we know of creatures with wings. Needs to feel like a "man with wings," rather than a "man with wing ornaments on his back," y’know?

  29. @JJ: yes. but only because of my paranoida and homophobia

  30. Best angry-cupid costume ever.

  31. I really dig the costume! I think the movie is gonna rock hardcore! The Smallville JLA meeting The JSA equals my jaw hitting the floor! 🙂 A comic BookSmallville fans dream come true!  I only wish now that they bring back Martha for the final episode of the series to make Kal-El’sClark’s Superman Costume! I believe Smallville will have a 10th season especially now that it’s hitting the key demographics! 🙂 The Costume looks great!!!!!

  32. "Smallville" is still on the air?  


  33. FLASH–ahhhaaaa–save everyoneofus! Oh wait, wrong movie…

  34. @edward are you referring to window-lickers?

  35. god this is an awful show, but that costume puts it way over the top….so cheesy and lame :/

  36. It looks like concept art to me. Either way, I don’t think the costume translates well. The wings are too small also, they have to dominate the image.

  37. This show is so good. I’m sure the final product will turn out great!!!

  38. @Vada: Huh?

  39. @Vada: Oh my god – "Window Lickers"! I haven’t heard that one in ages! My brother and I used to throw that one around very liberally!

  40. do you think that since they’re older heros they’re going to have their classic costume from the comics to emphasize the fact that they come from a different era of hero-ing. Because in Smallville aren’t all the heros kind of a bit more hip or something, with like color coordinated leather outfits?  I’m not a frequent watcher of Smallville, I just vaguely remember the Justice League had on outfits that smacked of their comic book counterparts, but were still very much steeped in the CW’s sexy Smallville world. 

  41. @edward It’s a crude/humorous way of referring to mentally handicap people that will (a small few)literally lick the windows in their homes or on the bus at people walking by.

  42. Wondering if the costume wings are just for closeups. Maybe they add digital extensions for wider shots? I dunno. 

  43. either way that costume is awful, and who ever is wearing it could use some time in the gym. He looks so skrawny, is this supposed to be a pre-teen hawkman?

  44. @JoeNY – do you even watch the show?

    The costume is about as close as you can get to the actual comicbook costume… would you prefer makeshift hockey mask and pads??

    I don’t understand why people complain so much.  People b*tch when a costume is changed or they have Clark wear a trenchcoat.. but then they complain when the costume is exactly like the comic.  I guess you can’t make everyone happy, but come on.  The people calling the costume cheesey would be crying foul if the pic had him in all black leather with wings on the back of his jacket asking "whyyyy didn’t they give him the real suit??" 

    Fanboy’s can be, as south park said a couple weeks ago… well you know…

  45. "either way that costume is awful, and who ever is wearing it could use some time in the gym. He looks so skrawny, is this supposed to be a pre-teen hawkman?"


    I’ve never seen a guy (or girl) with wings in any movie or TV show that didn’t look retarded. Hawkman works in the comics because it’s visually striking when drawn well. Make him move though, and it just looks silly. The problem stems from what we perceive to be necessary when it comes to wings: that they be proportional to the body. A bird’s wings are significantly larger than its body. Wings on a person would need to be 10 feet tall to look proportionally correct based on what we’re used to seeing in nature. That’s a little… tricky… to pull off with a person, though.

    That’s my opinion, I’m stickin’ to it, lol 

  46. I like it!  I think it would look terrific next to my Martian Manhunter and Dr. Fate figures on the shelf.