FIRST LOOK: Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

This past weekend, pictures from the set of Captain America: The First Avenger showing Chris Evans as Steve Rogers hit the internet.

He looks great!

The full gallery can be seen at INF Daily where they seem quite confused that Evans is adorned with fake feet shoes for a barefoot chase scene that is being filmed. I hope they didn't think that a director would actually have his star running around in his actual barefeet during a stunt.


  1. This looks very promising.

  2. Evans looks like how Eaglesham has been drawing Rodgers in the Super Soldier mini. He’s frakking huge.

  3. He looks like a farm boy. PERFECT!

  4. Can’t wait till they release a trailer for this.

  5. Looks really good, I just hope they get the costume right!

  6. I wonder if that is a regular t-shirt or did they custom job to make him seem even more jacked?

  7. The hair really makes it for some reason

  8. I would love to see the pre super soldier serum Steve Rogers, I’d assume that’s going to be all special effects.

  9. Totally a nitpick, but Steve Rodgers is more of a flaxen blonde than a dirty blonde.  But, to be honest, I am just glad that he’s blonde, period.  (You know how Hollywood is.)

  10. If Evans was method he’d be barefoot.

  11. Oh my gosh thats Steve Rogers!!
  12. Farm boy? Dude’s from Manhattan.


    But yeah he looks great. I can not wait for this movie.

  13. @sircox  why does everyone forget that Steve was born on the Lower Eastside? I just don’t understand why thats hard to forget

  14. @sircox I’m saying he looks like a jacked up Iowa bred farm boy, like he does post-super soldier serum, that’s all I was saying. Not saying he IS (I know he’s from Manhatten)

  15. Man he has buffed up! This will be good.

  16. It captures the look for sure.  Can’t wait to see the costume

  17. looks like a buffed up nicholas cage doing his "stupid face"   don’t know what I think of that, I’m sure the still image doesn’t do the actor justice

  18. This is wrong, ALL WRONG! Steve’s nipples should be farther apart and higher on his pecs. Did the producers even look at any comics? Is it hard to do some research? If they cant be trusted to get the nipples right, how can they be trusted to capture the essence of the character. My only hope is that they will be digitally corrected in post production, otherwise this is Batman Forever all over again

  19. Either dude has been living in the gym, or he is wearing the world’s tiniest t-shirt

  20. Ooh, he hot! 

  21. He looks Dutch in that picture…..or perhaps Norwegian!? 

  22. They continue to give the actors ridiculous haircuts 

  23. That’s Steve Rogers

  24. I don’t see that shirt as being tiny. That’s how a T-shirt should fit. If you watch Madmen you’ll notice that no one is in shape, but they all wear form-fitting undershirts. If your T-shirt’s sleeves flap in the breeze like a sail and hang down to your elbows, it’s probably too big for you.

    Anyway, he’s done a good job of bulking up without looking fat. Pretty impressive for a guy who already had a muscular frame to begin with. 

  25. @kentish–it looks historically accurate. Before T-Shirts were a fashion genre, (pre 70s) white men’s undershirts were designed to fit snug to the body as they were considered underwear and meant to keep your outer clothes clean from sweat. Don’t ask why i know that. haha

  26. Seriously? are we discussing the historical correctness of a tight t-shirt? 

  27. @okamido: Yes.

  28. Thank you very much Conor, I missed that originally.

  29. @edward–yes fandom has to "go there" sometimes. hahaha

  30. Have you seen movies from the 40s?  Tight white undershirts were totally a thing.  And for that I say, "God bless (Captain) America."