First Look: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ from Entertainment Weekly

Andrew Garfield was criminally over-looked at the Oscars this past year, but if he didn’t get a trophy, he at least gets some mechanical web-shooters. More on that in a moment.

We just got our paws on this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, and look what wall-crawling menace landed on the cover! We’re a little less than a year away from the release of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, but it’s not too early to take a sneak peek at Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in their leading roles as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

Oh, and from multiple gratuitous angles. At least in Garfield’s case.

We also get our first look at Rhys Ifans as a still-mammalian Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) and Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

All set?

Hold on to your butts.

That goes for Andrew too.




Spider-crouch with the iconic, if totally bizarre fingertips-to-pavement gesture? Check.





Downturned gaze rife with guilt over death of father-figure post wrestling match? Check.





Spider-glutes? Double check.




Two bright-green reasons to avoid the George Washington Bridge? Double check.



Mechanical web-shooters and sick burn directed at comic readers? Triple check.



Metro pass wallcrawlery? Domestic bliss about to be shattered? Tender moments with a damp rag? One-armed mentor/mortal enemy? Quadruple check!


The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters July 3rd, 2012.


  1. Other then the gloves I really like this costume.

    Not a fan of old-school web shooters though. 

  2. It looks like this movie will continue the work of Zombieland and Easy A and leave me with an even bigger crush on Emma Stone

  3. EW’s sentence on what the word “Fans” means is funny.

  4. So is Gwen gonna be in the loop from the start this time around?  That would be pretty cool actually.

  5. I’m still excited

  6. YES!

  7. This is gonna be good. I can just feel it. 

  8. I love to mechanical web shooters! Now in the middle of the dramatic final battle he can run out of ‘fluid’ at the high point of the fight.

  9. Not to mention Emma channels a hell of a Gwen Stacy in that picture.

  10. @Mustbedamned  heh, if it’s anything like the Spidey cartoon from the ’90s he’ll run out of web fluid in every fight.

  11. I like the mechanical web shooters because having to constantly make new fluid reminds us that Peter is brilliant but poor.

  12. Works for me.

  13. I can’t explain it……but I love the costume. This movie, man…better be grand.

  14. For me, the costume looks really good except the gloves (oh well) and I love that they are including the web shooters.  Also, I think I am in love with Emma Stone.

  15. The gloves are fine but for someone who needs to stick to things – 
    fixed rigid boots don’t make a lot of sense.

    Mechanical webshooters are Essential- it’s partof the scientist that Peter Parker.


  16. I’m sold.  This looks really good.  I hate saying it because I am forever indebted to Sam Raimi for the Evil Dead trilogy, but I didn’t care one bit for the Spiderman movies.  This looks great though.  Andrew Garfield is a much better Peter Parker.


  18. Man, I still think Andrew will make a perfect Peter/Spidey.

  19. @flakbait  @Mustbedamned He would run out of it so fast! I never understood when I was 6 why he couldn’t have a bigger storage capacity for them.

  20. I’m glad to see the return of the web shooters, but once again we get a costume that no broke teenager could ever afford or to buy or make.

  21. @Switch625  I am a studio exec. who worked on Spider-Man cloth is simply not an option, are target demos (18-34) prefer basketball. If the numbers were there BELIEVE ME I would go with tights, but our research and our deal with Spaulding are very specific.

  22. They’re not doing the origin again are they? Have they said anything about that yet?

    I’d have thought the origin was so well known they could just throw you straight into it – but I was just wondering if the mechanical web-shooters would confuse people who had only ever known organic. 

  23. I’m still not totall sold on the costume, but I’m getting the sense that they’re trying to do right by the character.

    Also, can Emma Stone be any more adorable? Don’t tell my wife I said that. 🙂

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @boosebaster  The article gives away next to nothing about the plot. Not sure how much of the origin we’ll be seeing on screen. The focus is mainly on how this film relies more on practical effects shot in 3D as opposed to digital effects. 

  25. I actually think organic web-shooters make more sense than mechanical ones, but I don’t really care that much. On the list of Spider-Man things a director *needs* to get right, it’s pretty low.

  26. I really hate that costume. Everything else looks good, though. Hopefully the costume is just what the wrestling people give him and he’s in the “real” one at the end.

  27. @StupendousMan  Back off, I saw her first. But seriously, she’s just beautiful. I thought she’d look terrible as a blonde – not so!


    That is Gwen Stacy!

    I’ve always been a fan of Raimi’s trilogy (all 3) and this is looking on the right track.

    I hope Webb will combine the super stuff with the quiter stuff like I hope.

    Next year will be the best year for big films since ’08.

    Could it set the new bar? Hmmm… 

  29. Looks really good!

    Now I’m excited about a film that I didn’t even care about before seeing these pics.

  30. Hmm… Costume needs the belt to come all the way around the front.  Looks too porno bikini’ish without it.

  31. Wow… Emma Stone looks like she stepped right out of the comic. The more I see of the costume, the more I see the Ben Riley costume kitbashed with Spider-Man 2099. I like it though. I think this is going to be hella good.

  32. Just not sure about this one yet.

  33. Like Emma and the web shooters for sure. Undecided on the Spidey costume.

  34. The costume hasn’t totally sold me yet, but once I see it in action in a teaser clip then my mind would surely be set on this being so totally AWESOME!!!

  35. I always thought organic webshooters was kind of lazy writing….i mean yea it makes sense as far as a bitten by a spider…get all the spider powers angle…but you dont have to deal with any problems with needing fluid in a pinch, using Peter’s brilliance and everything that goes along with mechancical shooters. Its all like well hes got some holes in his wrist, webbing comes out of it…nuff said. LOVE LOVE LOVE Mechanical shooters.

  36. Love it love it love it damm I cant wait

  37. Love it!!! Can’t wait to see what Lizard looks like, I’m picturing Torment run by McFarlane.

  38. Obviously these are just still and promotional images. Not jumping to conclusions about the film at all. This is just aesthetics, and we won’t know anything til we get to see the acting. But just based off what we have here….

    Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy…..PERFECT.

    Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker….eh. I’m sure he’ll do a great job with the acting as Garfield is a heck of an actor. But these images depict him as far too brooding and steamy for Peter Parker. At least my peter Parker. I’m sure they’re going for a Robert Pattinson type thing to make the young girls go wild. But those Blue Steel faces he’s pulling don’t do it for me.

  39. Love the mechanical web-shooters nod to classic readers and think the suit looks sharp as hell, Garfields hair is pretty much how they’ve been drawing it in the comix for the last ten years most of the time too so fans should be happy. I also think its ironic that they took a natural blonde (Kirsten Dunst) and had her play Mary Jane a red head then now a natural red head (Emma Stone) to play a blonde, Gwen Stacy. Both girls look the part either way, just thought that was a bit ironic. I wonder if they’ll make Spidey fans the world over have a panic attack and and have the Lizard through Gwen off the bridge? lol!!!

  40. And btw, people not sold or worried about the Spidey suit yet, c’mon, it looks sick, especially the spider symbols on the front and back, picture it in motion too.

  41. @j206: “Blue Steel faces”, love it, I agree to disagree, I love some darkness and edge to any character and am a huge Spidey fan, but do think we need some smiling laid back images of him in the suit, not campy or brooding but comfortable, I think those faces are the result of a fairly unknown to the general public actor taking on a huge role defense expression, trying to reassure himself as well as us that he has it under control and do think he has the range and will play all the angles for a multi dimensional character/complex being that we all are, that has to go through the motions like any human and can’t be smiling or brooding all the time.  

  42. reserving judgement. How many medicore comic films have come out recently? I’m not getting emotionally involved just yet

  43. @JSAkid – Emma Stone isn’t a natural red head. She’s actually naturally blonde.

  44. I just wanna know how his feet stick to anything while he is wearing rubber soled shoes!


  45. sorry to go off topic, these look great, I just saw the Dark knight Trailer, and Bane looks HUGE! had to share it with someone.

  46. also very excited to see President Bartlett as Uncle Ben, that’s going to feel so right, i hope he plays UB the same way he plays PB, if he does I might cry when he dies.

    (his last words should be “toby….I’m sorry,….)

  47. Holy crap. i’m so excited

  48. Looks cool!  I don’t want to see President Bartlett get killed though. Fuck sally field, can’t aunt may get killed this time around!

    Everytime I look at him crawling upside down I wonder if he has the itty-bitty claw things that tobey maguire had when he was spidey. so is it possible that he’s that strong he’s holding himself up by his fingers and just using his feet to balance himself or something?

  49. This guy is supposed to be in high school?

    I’m not sold. 

  50. I thought Gwen Stacy got tossed from the Brooklyn Bridge, not the GWB. Am I wrong?

  51. @Swifty  Both, kind of. It was drawn as one and identified in the caption as the other.

  52. well this cant be worse than the last Spider-man movie, can it?

  53. The suit looks unfinished. I’m still excited, though.

  54. Great. Now all I can see is Zoolander in a Spidey suit. Thanks, @j206.

  55. Andrew Garfield as Peter? Awesome. Emma Stone as Gwen? Awesome. Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben? Wow, awesome!

    Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait…

    SALLY FIELD IS AUNT MAY?! Am I late to this party? Did we already discuss this? Can I say how uber-cool that is? 

  56. Well, it’s a new beginning for the film version of spiderman. We will see that this is a new concept. At least the trailer looks good.

  57. so… why is there a new spiderman? did people not like the Raimi films?

  58. @GloriousGodfrey – I think they did, but I also think that Sony misses those big honkin’ opening weekend checks.