As readers of Black Panther: The Man Without Fear will recall, T'Challa has been ousted from the Wakandan throne. Minus a kingdom he's had to settle for a Kitchen, currently prowling the rooftops of Matt Murdock's Clinton. Then he heard about Mark Waid's impending run on Daredevil and realized he had to find someplace else to squat. The solution, evidently, is this:

This is concept art for "American Panther" by Black Panther artist Francesco Francavilla. While Marvel hasn't listed a start date or issue number for this new direction, the announcement does specify it occurs "in the wake of Fear Itself." 

What do you think about T'Challa's new M.O.? Is he filling in for Captain America? Filing for citizenship? Jumping over a row of Mustangs on a  Harley-Davidson XR-750?  


  1. Can a King/Head of State of a foreign land file for citizenship or even dual citizenship??

  2. The creeping influences of the horrible 90’s costume are slowly coming back.

  3. @misterJ, I don’t think he’s the head of state right now, his sister may be. can anyone confirm?

    And this costume has too many stars. it reminds me of that Superman costume where he has his logo on every joint and piece of clothing.

    I do like the idea of T’Challa having an identity crisis, if that’s what this is.

  4. I’ll have to wait till this comes out to judge, but as of now this comes across as kinda silly and only helps me determine when I could probably drop Black Panther, which I don’t want to do, because it has been excellent thus far.

  5. This is the sequal to infested… after everyone gets Spider powers they are all gonna get Supersoldier powers…

  6. Wakanda is goin to be the 51st state!  It’ll be like Alaska, except in Africa instead of Canada.  Its the first in a global strategy to slowly take all of Africa, or as it’ll eventually be known:  African America.

  7. Looks like a character in search of a home. Or something.

  8. This has an Ultimate vibe.

  9. I think T’Challa is in the Daredevil suit and this is Matt Murdock. That’s the only explanation.

  10. @WeaklyRoll  Oh yeah, forgot that was even going on.  Cool, he is a deposed head of state, seeking asylum in America.  Cap’n Steve will allow him in only if he kicks enough ass!  😉

  11. I’ve been enjoying the current book, and I’m optimistic about what this could be. 

  12. This costume just doesn’t make sense for the Black Panther or T’Challa. Good luck being climbing and leaping quietly as a jungle cat in those combat boots. And what the hell is he keeping in all those pockets on his belt? Is this the new Panter Utility Belt?

  13. Black panther ruined Daredevil, and now he’s moving onto Captain America? When will this tedious character just disappear?

  14. He has kneepads.

  15. I have fear itself

  16. Haha, I didn’t catch the knee pads.  Or the elbow ones for that matter.  Looks like Marvel is bringing back rollerblades AND America.

  17. Haha! My Event fatigued brain thought this was another Flashpoint alternate timeline character.

  18. haha ‘american panther’

  19. all i can say is after the way they treated daredevil twords the end with diggle i didnt think they could mess with a charecter worse then that . this seams like a horible idea

  20. I hope it’s good as I’m really enjoying what Liss is doing at the moment. The costume does look like he’s about to ride a stunt bike though.

  21. WHAT THE #$%&ING HELL!?! How can a foreign dignitary be the sentinel of american liberty?!!? *calms self* I’m sorry for being negative again… i’m sensative when it comes to cap. And this…. this is just an atrocity.

  22. Is there a reason he wouldn’t return to you know be the King of Wakanda?

  23. heh!

  24. the teaser art implies Francavilla will be on for this story. that alone tells me this will be worth reading.

  25. A few thoughts: I don’t think this is T’Challa. Or else they wouldn’t have asked “Who is the American panther”
    I think it’s a white dude. T’Challa would NEVER design or wear a costume like that. The design purposfully reeks of “amateur” crime fighter. In this context, it seems like calling it American Panther wards off any bad press calling someone White Panther or to be confused with White Tiger (who’s Latino).

  26. What the hell is this??  Week one: Everyone wants to be Spider-man. Week Two: Everyone wants to be Captain America.  What’s next?  Everyone in the Marvel U. becomes a slutty ginger like Black Widow?? 

  27. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @brassai2003  Click the Marvel link above. The copy refers directly to T’Challa going through changes. 

  28. Black Widow is not a slut.

  29. This is more proof, for me anyways, that Marvel has no idea what to do with Black Panther. For the last several years he has had no solid direction and he has become literally an afterthought for the company. He’s went from being an exiled king, to being the new Man Without Fear, and now he’s going to be an ‘American’ Panther.

    Plus that costume, even if Francavilla tries to make it look pretty, is just ugly. 

  30. @PaulMontgomery Well played, sir. Hilarious lil’write-up.

  31. I would like to see BP join G.I. Joe, but sadly, the Joe’s aren’t with Marvel anymore.