FanExpo11: Brian Wood Returns to Marvel

More surprising news coming out of FanExpo ’11 in Toronto, Canada as it appears that Brian Wood is returning to Marvel Comics.  During the X-Men panel, Marvel unveiled the below teaser image that would hint that whatever Brian Wood is writing in 2012, probably involves Wolverine.

We literally have no other info about this other than the below image.  We’ll post with updates when/if they come.


We spoke to Brian Wood recently about his wind down from working at Vertigo/DC Comics where hinted he had future projects in the planning. You can read the interview via the links below:


  1. I’m going to take a wild snikt in the dark and guess it’s about Wolverine.

  2. Or Black Panther? or Daken? Or SABERTOOTH!

  3. I just saw him post this on Twitter and immediately had a nerdgasm.

    It’s most likely about Wolverine, but how sweet would it be if it was about Sabretooth?

  4. Yyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssss!

  5. Wolverine MAX

  6. I need to change my pants now…

  7. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be picking up issue #1 of whatever this is.

  8. i just came back from the fan expo and when i was at this x-men panel and this was announced it was a very silent room lol barely anyone knew who he was

  9. I have read his dv8 mini as a huge marvel fan seems like a good get by the house of ideas

  10. Wolverine fighting Mr. Sinister???

  11. On one hand: Another Wolverine and/or Wolverine-related comic? *SIGH*

    But then again it has Brian Wood so it might be better then 99% of Wolverine comics out there. Still, I’ll hold full judgments until it’s announced.

  12. Sharpen up Nightcrawler’s fingernails and give him a book!

  13. I’m down for whatever Mr. Wood is writing.

  14. Yes !! Finally, a comic book based on the XXX movie franchise. Hopefully we’ll get Ice cube he was so much better then Vin Diesel ! Seriously though a Wolverine max series by Wood might actually give Garth’s Punisher a run for it’s money.

  15. I actually don’t think I’ve ever read a Brian Wood book. And if he’s doing Wolverine, that will most likely continue. Although DMZ sounds like a great book that i am pretty sure i would enjoy. I need to start getting the trades of that.

  16. Wow, another Wolverine title. Same ol’ Marvel. Snooze….

  17. As a big fan of Demo, DMZ, and Northlanders, I am very excited. Even if it is another Wolverine book, I think Wood’s indie stylings will give it a fresh spin.

  18. I like the suggestions of a Wolverine MAX book by Wood. I could see it as Northlanders meets Local. Logan travels around, getting drunk and starting bar fights all across North America. Wood’s a great writer, so I’m sure there’d be more to it than that, but I think that kind of set-up would be awesome. You could even get Ryan Kelly to draw it, the protagonist from his first (only?) arc on Northlanders was pretty badass.