Familiar Easter Egg in New Mutants #29

Readers of New Mutants #29 with a keen eye may have caught a fun easter egg in the art by David LaFuente that all of us here at iFanboy were excited to see.  The below image is a scan of the splash page of the X-Men fighting the Juggernaut.  Can you spot the easter egg?

New Mutants #29

If you didn’t catch it, we’ll point it out to you.  In the lower right corner, next to Hope and above Colossus, you can see the license plate from the truck that Juggernaut is lifting…here’s a zoomed in version:

New Mutants #29 iFanboy(click to zoom in even closer)

How cool is that? What’s even cooler is  that I gushed and gushed about LaFuente’s art in New Mutants #29 during the latest podcast and I had no idea he had worked iFanboy into the issue.  Thanks David! And seriously people, this is just a taste of the amazing art that LaFuente is putting into every issue of New Mutants, go pick up an issue!


  1. that is actually amazing

  2. Also his Hellcat run is spectacular.

    • Second that. He and Kathryn Immonen did a great job on that book. Really cool that you guys were able to get in the issue!

  3. wow guys, you’ve arrived, though we all knew it. Congrats!

  4. I’m afraid I disagree completely. This was the worst art I’ve seen on this book yet. Why does everyone have a pointy nose and chin? Ugh.

  5. At first I thought that it said Hellboy & I thought great a company crossover acknowledgement, but then I looked again & realized it said iFanboy & thought, that’s even better!

  6. That is a vanity plate.

  7. Cool, although I can’t even read what that says.

  8. Very cool. I loved LaFuente’s work on USM. I have one question though, how the heck did you spot it? Just re-reading it that many times?

  9. Right cool!

  10. Is LaFuente going to be the regular artist on the book now? Can we confirm this??

    I hope so. It felt like reading New Mutants back when Brett Blevins was doing the art (which is when I first started reading it). I was giddy.

  11. I think that’s an indication that everyone on iFanboy should be reading New Mutants. It’s been consistently good since the start, but currently it has been rocking with DnA writing and LaFuente doing the art

  12. RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ok, seriously, what exactly does that say?

  14. How is this cool at all?!?!

    Clearly, an iFanboy member’s vehicle is getting smashed! How is this respect towards iFanboy?!?! The team member who owns that car could be seriously hurt!

    (Seriously, that was a nice shout out. It’s always fun to see the comic companies have fun with comic news websites.)

  15. NICE!

  16. That is so cool!

  17. So I’m guessing this was Ron’s car. That was in SF, right? 616 Ron has full coverage.

    I picked up New Mutants 29 after Ron’s glowing review of LaFuente’s art. I was a big fan of his work on Ultimate Spider-Man. And I haven’t read an issue of New Mutants in over a year or so. Gotta agree with the sideburned one, it was great. Love the style in accordance with the X-Men. And think it’s a perfect fit for the teen X-squad. Hope he sticks on the book for a bit. And the issue was pretty good as well. Thanks for the heads up, Ron.

    The shout out is pretty awesome. How many times now is it that iFanboy has invaded a comic book? There was the Power/Responsibility chart shout out in an issue of Spider-Man. The guys were all in the Franklin Richards comic. Their names as journalists in the newspaper in Scarlet. And then there is Josh and his countless appearances as one of the hipster cops (joking). Any others?

  18. So did the Juggernaut just kill Ron in the Marvel universe? I need to know!

  19. Is that 1Fanboy or IFanboy? I like to believe the love is reciprocal…

  20. Brilliant. In the words of Ali G – “Respect”

  21. I still like ASSMAN better.

  22. Imported from Detroit.

  23. I think Cyclops should have been saying “IMMA FIRIN’ MAH LAZER!”

  24. That’s a nice page and a nice shout out for the iFanboys. Anybody else get annoyed that when an artist signs his or her name on a page inside a comic book? Or is it just me?

  25. Maybe there is some merit to these “payola” rumors after all…seriously, though, that’s awesome. Is that the first iFanboy shout-out in a comic?