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Pick of the Week #297 – Detective Comics #881

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan has a very emotional week when two of his favorite characters “die.” How does he cope? By talking a lot about the books he read this past week. Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick are also on the show. Plus: More hobo talk!

Running Time: 01:05:13

Pick of the Week:
00:01:52 – Snyder, Jock, and Francavilla wrapped up their new classic story in Detective Comics #881 and Josh gave it the Pick of the Week.

00:12:33 – Why wasn’t Hellboy: The Fury #3 with its major spoiler the Pick of the Week? Josh explains.
00:16:36 – Why wasn’t B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Monsters #2 with its major spoiler the Pick of the Week? Josh explains.
00:17:55 – Josh says that Reed Gunther #3 is a super fun all ages book.
00:19:22 – Cloak & Dagger #1 featured fantastic writing from Nick Spencer and art from Emma Rios.
00:21:44 – Punisher MAX #16 wrapped up a fantastic and fucked up Punisher origin story.
00:25:56 – Criminal: Last of the Innocents #3 continues possibly the best Criminal story to date.
00:28:55 – Lots of fun Nazi vampire action in American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #3.
00:30:10 – Ron was floored by the David LaFuente art in New Mutants #29.
00:31:43 – DC Retroactive: Justice League of America – The 80s needed more Vibe.
00:34:40 – Batgirl #24 wrapped up the series wonderfully.
00:35:48 – After not being sure about the first issue, Conor really liked The Red Wing #2.
00:36:37 – Flashpoint: Frankenstein and The Creatures of the Unknown #3 leads to some interesting DC Reboot possibilities.
00:37:41 – Did Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #3 feature… Vic Sage, The Question???

User Reviews:
00:38:32 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:40:02 – Jaredan really did not like Fear Itself #5.
00:41:32 – horrorofsorts loved the character work in Morning Glories #11.

00:44:02 – Chris from Albuquerque, NM asks about all ages comic books.
00:49:33 – Nathan from Albuquerque, NM wants to know about the iFanboy stereotypes.

Voice Mail:
00:56:04 – Robert from Charlotte, NC wants to know who is crazier: Deadpool or Moon Knight?
00:57:58 – David wants a video show on G.I. Joe.

00:59:40 – There’s a new iFanboy.com on the way!

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  1. Justice League 80s definetely need more Vibe!  Yeah Cloak and Dagger talk, which means some Spider-Island talk.

  2. I totally loved Cloak & Dagger. I would absolutely by a monthly series by this creative team.

  3. Great discussion about Detective but I was surprised you didn’t talk more about the stuff between Dick Grayson and Jim Gordon. Not only was there some brilliant insight into the difference between Dick and Bruce as Batman, which really had me wishing we could have more time with Dick as Batman but that final talk between Dick and Gordon was brilliantly handled – especially that Jim basically admits to knowing who is actually under the Batman cowl. The “cliffhanger” was great but the pages before were even better. 

  4. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    yes!!!!! i just refreshed the page and this was here! now i have something to do tonight.

  5. Really looking forward to the new site.  I’m so pessimistic I was worried about the news to listened to it first.

  6. Great show and looking forward to the new site!

  7. looking forward to the new site i welcome change

  8. So the site is launching tomorrow not today?

  9. The iFanboy reboot is exciting.  I hope everything goes smoothly.  I just hope they don’t ignore the continuity.  I don’t want all these old issues of iFanboy to be worthless.

  10. Man I remember when this version of the site came out…

  11. @stuclach  

    I’m boycotting this reboot. Everybody send your angry emails to ron@ifanboy.com 

  12. @NawidA If I could make a nested reply of solidarity to your comment I would!

  13. Or the DC guy that dislikes/strongly dislikes 97% of Marvel puts out but enjoys various Dark Horse, Image or IDW comics.


  14. http://revision3.com/ifanboy/joe

    Watch in good health & shoot better dang it against Cobra. 


  15. can’t wait to see the new site! sounds like a great podcast…can’t wait to listen tomorrow. 

  16. FYI – We are eyeing the launch of the new website for around midnight EST. *fingers crossed*

  17. @conor Good luck.

  18. @stuclach  Thank you. I am–so far–much more sober for this relaunch.

  19. @conor Good decision.

  20. No love for “Iron Age”? It’s basically bronze age marvel pron. I figured you guys would be all over this.

  21. Site change? What site change?

    ….I don’t like change… 

  22. Is there something wrong with me if I’m wondering more about this Bad Girls Club comic book than the site changes?

  23. And I don’t mean I’m interested in reading, I just mean why it was made, who is it for, and how would a comic based on a reality show work?

  24. I’m boycotting the iFanboy reboot until Ron stops wearing pants again. That costume is classic man, you can’t just give him some pants and hope we go along with it.

  25. @Josh.  It was Secret Invasion.  The baby eyes that you were thinking of.

  26. I am no way defending Fear Itself, I just wanted to bring up a thought on the review where it stated that Spider-man and Cap were acting out of character. Since there enemy is the God of Fear, he is most likely manipulating and intensifying the fears of these heroes causing them to act against their normal ways and submit to defeat. Just a thought! Anyways, great show!

  27. i’m too lazy to read the comments, but the last page of detective reminded josh of all the cu’s of the luke cage baby in secret invasion

  28. I’m really excited! I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but the news of a new iFanboy is fantastic.

    As long as it keeps that community feel I’ll love it. That’s the thing about iFanboy I love, everything from sharing reviews, making picks of the week, sharing opinions, it all is about community.

  29. Can’t wait to see the new site!

  30. Ah! So that explains why the mobile version of the site isn’t working on my itouch.

    Also….Is there an edit button? 

  31. @MadMartigan  YES!

  32. Thanks for mentioning Vic Sage. I’m a big fan! Gonna pick up that issue. Here’s hoping he’s in the NuDCU

  33. I’ve generally been less than thrilled with Fear Itself, but I have to say, the scene with Tony Stark talking to Odin and proposing to make 7 Norse Good Guy hammers got me excited for the future of Fear Itself.

    As for Deadpool/Moon Knight, Deadpool so easily wins the battle over who is crazier. Can you imagine any sane person working with Deadpool as executive producer on a TV show and actually producing a single episode, much less having a reasonably successful show with people only thinking the guy is a little odd? And if Echo called up Avengers Mansion and said, ‘Hey, um, I’m thinking about going on a date with this Deadpool guy, what do you think?,’ how do you think that conversation would go down? Deadpool wins the crazy fight in a walk.

  34. New section at Barnes & Noble: Cool People Doing Things At Night With Music.

  35. AARON and DILLON. Seeing how well they work together, carrying the baton from Ennis and making it their own really really really makes me want to see AARON and DILLON write Hellblazer.

    Aaron wrote one of the best HB stories, and Dillon is the Hellblazer artist in the run that brought me back to comics.

  36. And I exclaimed out loud yesterday ME NO RIKEY CHANGE!
    ….it’s not racist, I’m asian

  37. Just FYI.

    so·ci·o·path – a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

    psy·chop·a·thy – a mental disorder in which an individual manifests amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.

    As far as I know, sociopath and psychopath are synonymous.

  38. Hey, as an avid deadpool reader, I have to chime in regarding who is crazier.
    Deadpool is crazier on several levels, for one thing he has no compunction in killing, morality is not an issue with him. Heck he used to keep an old lady as a prisoner in his hideout.
    Not to mention his insanity actually interferes with his life. He has zoned out been harmed in ways that a regular person would have died from. He also hallucinates and acts upon those hallucinations.

    Mioonknight is nuts okay, but he’s more garden variety multiple personality than anything else.

  39. So much venom discussing Fear itself #5.

    So much venom.

  40. “Cool people doing things at night that has to do with music.” Love it!

  41. FANTASTIC letter and discussion about “All Ages” comics. As an “older” reader with a 9 year old son, this issue is one of the issues I’m most passionate about.

    It really feels like the industry has written off the younger readers. I got into comics at a younger age when all books were age appropriate. That didn’t mean I understood what I was reading all the time but the content wasn’t to the point where it needed to be rated. “All Ages” has become known as young children material which is a real shame. Numerous books could easily be AA rated if not for scattered uses of profanity or pointless riskier provocative content. For example a few issues ago an FF issue recieved an AA rating. It was still a fantastic book for me plus I was able to get my son a copy.

    Books could easily be made Age appropriate without blowing up the whole system. Simply putting aside some of the unnecessary content would make a difference in many books, That wouldn’t hurt the creativity and may open up opportunities in stores like Wal-Mart, etc. AA doesn’t have to be kiddie stuff. And there are plenty of avenues for creators to make grittier stories.

    My 9 year old wants to love comics but he’s tired of the watered down stuff that falls under today’s AA rating. Often time younger readers become older readers yet we wonder why sales are hurting. I would love for the publishers to really take a look at this and consider it. THANK YOU GUYS for an honest conversation on it. So many overlook this but I think it’s hurting the industry that we all love.

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