Exclusive Preview: THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #516

Before anyone else gets to see them, we’ve got fresh pages from Invincible Iron Man #516. Matt Fraction and Salvador Larrocca continue their monumentally extended run in Tony Stark’s world. It hits on May 2.


  1. I love fraction and larroca iron man run. I know the host arent fans of it but im glad to see page here. Larroca one of the besf nice pages wow

    • I also really like Fraction/Larroca’s Invincible Iron Man. It’s the slowest thing ever, but pretty much every month it’s a solid read, and it has been since 2008. It’s so great to see a creative team stick around on a title so long.

    • Ya I agree its like a long graphic novel. So I can understand why its rarely mentioned on the show. But if you let them stack up and read like 5 in a row its just a great read.

    • That year long Marvel’s Most Wanted run is a seminal Iron Man story, but yeah, I had to give it up in single issues. Definitely gonna catch up trade-style, though.

      Jesus, that art is gorgeous.

    • Ya I would put fractions iron man run up there with brubakers cap run. The art is amazing

  2. Iron based villains are doing my head in.

  3. I will be so glad to see the Tron Glowy Lines thing go away. 10 years from now, our kids will be reading these things digitally, and will snicker…It will be their version of “Superman With A Mullet”.

    • I like to think that Jim Lee’s Superman redesign, with all the seams and piping and whatnot, will eventually become their “Superman With A Mullet”.

  4. I loved the first over-sized HC. 18 issues, I believe. It’s interesting a long run like this can keep trucking despite being so under the radar. I look forward to probably reading the rest of it some day. It would be nice if the coloring was better though.

    I hope Larocca didn’t smash his own VW for photo reference.

  5. MarkCWarner (@MarkCWarner) says:

    I have not been following this series, Some of the panels which I assume is Tony’s perspective looks like he is in a VR room. And the female antagonist looks a little X-O Manowar. All of which are moot as I love, love, love the visuals here

  6. Yea this book doesn’t get enough recognition.Fraction and Larroca are doing great work.

  7. This run has been solid from the start, was Eisner nominated last year and won for something didn’t it? i have like the 1st 30 odd issues, and it makes a nice omnibus, vol 2 probably isn’t too far away.