EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hawkeye and Mockingbird’ Ongoing Series From Marvel!

We knew it was coming, and we waited patiently, and now it is time.  The team from New Avengers: The Reunion is back, with Jim McCann on story and David Lopez on art, with Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1, and this time, there's not a black ninja mask in sight!  This June, you can read the ongoing monthly adventures of Clint Barton and Bobbie Morse, one of the most exciting couples in the Marvel Universe, finally, and rightfully, reunited.

What's more, I got the chance to talk to Jim McCann about the upcoming series, and how it came about.  As long time iFanbase members will know, Hawkeye is just about my favorite character out there, and Jim feels exactly the same way.  He's put his all into this, his first ongoing series, and it promises to be a fun ride.  It's been so long since Hawkeye was Hawkeye, and you shouldn't waste another minute before listening to our exclusive Talksplode!

Talksplode highlights:

  • Coming out of the heroic age, Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1 will debut in June with an extra sized issue, following a short story in Enter the Heroic Age in May.
  • Clint and Bobbie will continue their adventures with their group, the World Counter-Terrorism Agency, or the W.C.A., which sounds a lot like an acronym for West Coast Avengers, complete with a new high tech headquarters
  • The title will be set up by Brian Michael Bendis in New Avengers #63 and #64.


Listen to Talksplode with Jim McCann:

Check out the exclusive art provided to iFanboy by Marvel for Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1.  First up is the cover to the first issue by Paul Renaud.  After that we've got David Lopez's character sketches for Hawkeye, as he brings Clint Back to his classic purple costume with some modern updates.



Check out the solicitation for the first issue:

Written by JIM MCCANN


Hawkeye, the world’s greatest marksman is back–and reunited with the world's most dangerous super-spy, Mockingbird, in an all-new ongoing series! The deadly duo defied every obstacle to make their way back to each other—but now the one thing that divided them years before has returned to haunt them: the Phantom Rider! This ancient enemy is out to destroy all our heroes hold dear, and is teaming with Clint Barton’s arch-nemesis, the obsessed assassin Crossfire, to do it! Writer Jim McCann and penciler David Lopez, the team behind the acclaimed New Avengers: The Reunion, reunite to aim the spotlight and crosshairs on Marvel’s terrorist-targeting tandem, delivering a monthly dose of classic threats, new enemies, shocking allies, unexpected twists and dysfunctional dynamics in the Mighty Marvel Manner!


UPDATE: Hawkeye & Mockingbord #1 will be extra-sized and prices at $3.99 and the rest of the issues will be priced at $2.99


  1. Bet Josh is excited.

  2. This news is entirely awesome. Fact.

  3. With all the hype I thought josh would be writing it. Still cool news for west coast avengers fans.

  4. Think the price point will be $3.99? I really like David Lopez so there is a good chance that I will be giving this a try.

  5. I’m so there for this. Loved Hawkeye and Mockingbird since forever

  6. Awesome. Still loving Mockingbird’s costume redesign, too.

  7. YES! I’ve never been so excited for Marvel books as I have been in the last couple months.  They’re managing to confuse me on my allegiances with DC.

  8. Sounds good, can’t wait to check it out

  9. I liked New Avengers Reunion but I don’t think I liked it enough for an ongoing.  I’ll check out the first issue and see.

  10. Has anyone ever read "Solo Avengers Staring Hawkeye"? I got the entire series in a run pack at my LSC. It’s a late ’80’s double feature book that has a main story with Hawk’ and then a backup staring a different Avenger each issue. People like Alan Davis, Chris Claremont, Amanda Conner, and even more great creators that have worked on this book, yet I have never heard any body talk about it. Each Issues is ’80’s Marvel greatness. Check it out if you haven’t.

  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can you tell i’m excited? 

  12. So…when is the crossover with the Green Arrow/Black Canary book?

  13. Woah, an archer back from the dead now shares a book with his recent bird themed wife drawn in a manga influence smooth lined style………………


    Just joshin everyone, totally psyched…. 

  14. When Josh read this, did he pace around his room while flapping his hands and repeating "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!"?

     Will definitely have to get this, as I love David Lopez’s art, and while I didn’t read The Reunion, I’ve heard good things about it. Will have to get that sometime soon also.

  15. Updated with price information.

  16. Eh. Hawkeye has always been my favorite character but no writer has ever been able to make an ongoing series about him worth sticking with. I’m skeptical but I will check it out. Would love to see something a little bit darker like to original Mark Gruenwald 4-issue mini from the 80s.

  17. Nice. Glad to see Hawkeye is gonna be back full time.

    Not interested in picking this up in issues though; could be a nice trade wait though.

  18. The only downside: No more Ronin jokes aimed at Josh (as Ron pointed out on Twitter). I’m really sad to see the end of those (but not, mind you, the end of Clint as Ronin. That one is iong past due).

  19. Can’t wait for this, loved The Reunion mini.  I think they’re doing this the right way by introducing a supporting cast along with the leads and having it be firmly set in the Marvel U.  I think past Hawkeye series haven’t worked because it was just him, he’s great when he plays off others, especially Mockingbird.

  20. I also don’t like his little wrist rocket thing, or the whole World Counter-Terrorism blah blah blah. And a high tech headquarters? Why ascribe all this accoutrement to a character whose historic appeal is his rugged, non-pretentious minimalism? Again, it might be good but it strikes me right now as being overloaded with crap that will clutter up a good story. 

  21. Clearly you missed his hoverbike period.

    At any rate, I think the high tech espionage stuff is consistent with his history (like his relationship with Black Widow), and his general attitude will serve as a nice contrast to the characters in the story who take it more seriously.

  22. "Love me!" made me laugh out loud. I’m always glad to hear a creator express palpable enthusiasm for a project. Best of luck!

  23. I liked the mini he did with these characters quite a bit.

  24. Looks like this squashes those “Bucky as Hawkeye” theories that were floating around this site

  25. @mikegraham6: Hopefully!

  26. Gadgets and unpowered superheroes go together.  Trick arrows and the whole deal.

  27. @josh  Amen

  28. What’s going to happen with girl Hawkeye? Will she then become Ronin?

  29. @cromulent  there’s three guys named the Flash over at DC and i don’t know a few hundred Green Lanterns. I think she can keep the name

  30. But is he gonna ask for the bow back?

  31. @josh  Clint seems like a gentleman, i think he’ll let her keep the bow. it’s not like he needs a special one.

  32. David Lopez is such a talented artist and I really like McCann, even if I’ve not read much/any of his work. I’ll totally give this a shot.

  33. Stupid question…When/where does Clint battle Bullseye for the Hawkeye mantle? Did it happen allready?(I’m not really following Dark Reign)

    finally @Josh- Can you PLEASE read Avengers Dissassembled Already!! It’s not really thaat bad! Bendis & Finch really did a bangup job!

  34. The few preview images here look nice and stylish. I’m looking forward to the series even though I had “quibles” with the writing in the mini series. I’m curious to find out why the special spy group (WCA) will still be around since I thought it was created as a response to Osborn taking over (aka disbanding) SHIELD, but that’s just a passing curiosity. Thanks for the great news!

  35. Before I listen to this I have a question…


    Does McCann bad mouth Green Arrow/Mockingbird/DC again like he has in past interviews?  It is a turn off for me when stuff like that happens.


    the Tiki 

  36. Congratulations, Josh!  A new son, the Graphic.ly buyout, and the return of Hawkeye.  Somebody up there likes you.

  37. I guess this is good news. I mean if you like soul-searingly awesome kick-ass comic books featuring terrific art and damn near pefect writing. Hopefully this book will fare better than the last time old brer Hawkeye got himself an ongoing comic book.

  38. I feel happy for Josh. Heh.

  39. MAN I’m sold on the return of the dapper men !

  40. I was mildly curious about this one, but the news about the cover price makes me happy. I might actually buy this.

  41. if this book had Ronin in it, for us to find that out would be a spoiler.  they don’t usually spoil books when they are three months from release.  we don’t know for sure that this book is Ronin-free.  Ronin may live on!

  42. Well I will admit that I did like the hoverbike.


  44. It’s about damn time I say!

  45. Oh yeah this has the makings of my favorite kind of comic: Fun, Kind of Crazy, and has a heart. Count me in!

  46. While I love this idea, I’m a huge West Coast Avengers fan!!  This is kinda biting off of Green Arrow Black Canary a bit. 


    Although I will say, the relationship between Hawkeye and Mockingbird is much more fun than the repeated I love but I can’t be with you stuff going on in GA BC.

  47. NO! NOT LIKE THIS!!!!
    =| Hawkeye will wear the Ronin costume again eventually right…. RIGHT?!?

    xD I kid though.

    Seriously, I think Bullseye in that costume left a bad taste in my mouth because I can’t see that costume the way I used to.

  48. Who’s handing out those boots in the Marvel U.?

  49. This looks really good!

  50. Phantom Rider and Crossfire…..

    Yeah I can kinda see why past attempts at an ongoing for Hawkeye didn’t live for long. I mean….are those the best villains they can offer? What about Bullseye? Unless he ends up getting killed in Seige; he would be the perfect foil for Barton now.

  51. This podcast got me thinking: Are there any West Coast Avengers collections available?

  52. Thanks!

    They out of print but seem readily available from other vendors. Cool.

    This title deserves a Masterwork.

  53. While listening to the audio interview with Jim McCann I couldnt help feeling I had heard of Hawkeye and Mockingbirds martial problems before. So I went into one of my longboxes from before highschool and sure enough there I see that I own a few arcs of West Coast Avengers. Specifficcly the Arcs that dealt with Mockingbirds abduction and rape by the Phantom Rider, and the Arc where the Phantom Rider comes back to torment her and where she and Hawkeye’s martial issues really come under duress! So thanks to Josh and Jim for reminding me that I had some cool comics I had completely forgot about.

  54. It’s kinda crazy, last Free Comic Book Day I grabbed a bunch of old West Coast issues for super cheap out of the long boxes, and it happened to be that arc, where they go back in time. Strange coincidence.

  55. Really excited for the book as  I enjoyed the New Avengers: Reunion book. I’m pretty much open to trying out any book, and giving it a few issues to hook me.