End of the B.P.R.D.? Maybe?

B.P.R.D. King of Fear has two issues left to go, and it's the end of the Scorched Earch Trilogy that began way back in 2008 with The Warning, and it's been a hell of a ride throughout.  One of the things about these long drawn out storylines is that the ending becomes very distant sometimes, and you forget that there is a point to all of it.  Dark Horse assures us that there will be some serious payoff and things will change by the end of this arc.  Much like the reveal of Hellboy as the heir of Arthur, this story will set the stage for the next phase of B.P.R.D., which is, quietly mind you, one of the best ongoing books on the stands. 

Do these 2 panels signal the real end of the B.P.R.D.?  I suppose we'll find out soon. King of Fear #4 is out this Wednesday.

Am I the only one reading this? Because that would be a damn shame.  Who's with me?



  1. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m scared. Maybe nervous is a better word. I love these characters. But it’s kind of exciting that all bets are off. That’s refreshing. 

  2. It is a bit scary. But even if it does end, I’m sure it will be a grand ending.

  3. Look at the date on that photo. Is that third digit a 1? 2015? Hellboy left the Bureau in 2004 or 5 I think, so maybe this picture "hasn’t happened yet"

  4. I sure hope its not the end as I just started reading BPRD with this current mini.

  5. I actually think this story was started around the time of the very first BPRD mini, ‘the hollow earth’ arount 2002 or 2003, because that’s where this subterranian civilization came from.

  6. I am VERY excited for the "new direction". It’s nice to see something that has a lasting effect. And don’t get too scraed. They can always do storys that are set in the past, like they do with Hellboy, or the 1946 mini.

  7. Hellboy could be ending considering where Mignola is taking the character. Just from reading the last mini, I got the sense that maybe….a BIG maybe….Mignola is going to kill Hellboy. Just a thought, not saying it will happen. There’s just a sense of dread through out the mini so maybe that’s why I’m thinking so morbid about the universe.

  8. ok, than

  9. @TNC, I’ve read in interviews with Mike that the HB series is halfway done. Plus, he’s kind of already been killed once before, maybe even twice.

  10. Mignola has stated that the upcoming HB minis are ending the second phase of Hellboy. I don’t know if he has a 3 act plan, but there are plenty of stories left to be told with Hellboy/BPRD. It seems like they are having too much fun creating these stories to stop any time soon.

  11. I hope DK are smart enough to release a Frognibus when this is done.

  12. I thought King of Fear was a 5 issue series.

  13. I started reading BPRD with The Warning, thanks in large part to I Fanboy. Ive been hooked ever since I cant wait to see where this ends up and where we go from there. Thanks Josh!

  14. Yeah, its 5 issues.

  15. They just announced the next two mini series continuing after ‘The Wild Hunt’. @Jaque is right, he is saying this is going to be the end of the ‘second age’ of Hellboy. So maybe he does have a 3 act story in mind. Oh and both minis are called "Hellboy: The Storm" and "Hellboy: The Fury".

    It’s all in this interview and the cover for The Storm #1 looks great. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=25618

  16. I’m still mad they killed off Roger the Homunculus.

  17. Roger… 🙁

  18. Maybe it’s the end of the organization, but not the characters themselves.  That would seem to make the most sense because I’m pretty sure this is too good of a title to just get rid of it.

  19. We find out on the next page that Abe Sapien and KAte Corrigan have merely moved the BPRD to a floating asteroid off San Francisco, and that Lobster Johnson has joined up with them and is trying to help bring Johann Klauss back to life.


  20. What a great series. Been reading this in trades for years and it always makes it to the top of my stack when a new tpb comes out.

  21. I can’t wait for wednesday. This series as been perfect ever since Davis took the rein.

  22. @Josh, I read it!

    I don’t mind if they bring "things" (whatever that might be) to an end. I would rather have a finite number of issues/stories which are gold, instead of…well, you know.

    @akamuu, hahahaha! Okay, I might purchase that!

  23. I love B.P.R.D. and the Hellboy Universe.  I’d hate to see this go away, but I’m excited for the possibilities.  I trust Mr. Mignola.

  24. I always assumed Mignola had an ending in mind for the Hellboy/BPRD-verse, but could always go back and tell stories from times past, like 1946/1947.  Better to go out on top than milk an idea to death. 

  25. I need BPRD hardcovers like a needle needs a vein. Make it happen!