DON’T MISS: S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 with Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman burst onto the comics scene with Nightly News from Image Comics, and was hailed for his imaginative and socially relevant writing as well as his graphic design influenced art. Following Nightly News, his other works including Red Mass for Mars and Pax Romana established him as a creator to watch. Marvel recognized this and wasted no time in putting him at the helm of their First Family, The Fantastic Four. He also helped bring Nick Fury out of hiding and back on the Marvel map with his current series Secret Warriors. Building on the big ideas and fun super hero action of those titles, he is now revealing the secret history S.H.I.E.L.D. Listen in to hear Jonathan talk about both building on the ideas of Kirby and Lee, and being inspired by them to create new ideas.

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S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 -$3.99 – Marvel Comics

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  1. Even without listening to this podcast I’m already excited for this book. Can’t wait to see what Hickman has in store for us, and I hope that this series sticks around longer than S.W.O.R.D. and Doctor Voodoo did.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Really excited for this book. Equally excited to hear the conversation about it. Hickman’s blessed with the imagination of six Jonathans. 

  3. Has anyone seen the preview for this baby? Holy shit it looks fucking gorgeous.

    I don’t understand anything that is going on in it mind you. In pure Hickman style he’s grabbing my attention and making me want to read this baby. I need to download this podcast now!!!

  4. Love Hickman. Can’t wait:)

  5. @drake – I’m pretty sure its a mini…though I have been wrong before.

  6. Definitely looking forward to this.

    Dare I ask, did he ever finish Red Mass for Mars? There’s still one short, right?

  7. Hickman is one of those writers who makes you feel dumb, but in a good way.  Really looking forward to this.

  8. @kmob181-No, I’ve heard Hickman say numerous times in interviews that this is meant to be an ongoing if the sales support it.

  9. In the episode (go listen!) Jonathan says that it’s an ongoing, but he has an ending to his story. Probably around the 50-60 issue mark.

  10. All the information in this podcast was overshadowed by the fact that he hinted at leaving Fantastic Four around #600… Sure, it’s Almost two years away, and it was only implied, but still…

  11. As if I needed convincing…

  12. Seriously, if you don’t pick this up you’re a bad person

  13. The book is a Masterpiece. Read it last week (retailer perk) and it lives up to all that you know about Jonathan’s work.  Wrote a review of it, check it out if you have a second:

  14. I didn’t know this was coming out, my week just got a whole lot better.

  15. I should have noticed the decimal points but I thought this was a comic about Vic Mackey which I was excited about.

  16. If they offer a digital copy of this on the ipad Mavel App, I will download a copy.  I not, I will have to wait and see.  I really want to read this but it is the perfect example of a comic that I would be more than willing to pass on a physical copy if they offered a digital copy on release day. 

  17. Secret Warriors is the only Hickman book I’ve dropped off, but I am definitely gonna give this a shot.  He rarely disappoints.

    @flakbait – I’m waiting for that 4th issue too.  Didn’t even bother reading 3 yet.

  18. Such an interesting premise for a comic. I’m really enjoying his Secret Warriors work and have been eyeing SHIELD ever since the promo art was released. I plan on reading in trades, but can’t wait to hear what people have to say about the first few issues

  19. I can’t believe Chris kept his rage in check when he read the price 😉

  20. He said that he had to move away from mutants so the Fox wouldnt have their fingers in it.  Does that mean that Fox somehow has pull with Marvel publishing and not just the movies?

  21. well…just yesterday I decided I’m going to jump on board Hickman’s FF.  Now I would definately not be justified in missing this.  This is a big week for me.

  22. ‘Fantastic Four" has sold me on Hickman, I’ll bite.

  23. I’m buying it.  Hopefully enough people do so that it can keep going.  This seems like it’s right in Hickman’s wheelhouse.  I can’t wait to read his alternative history.

  24. Wow 50 to 60 issues? Although this sounds awesome as hell I’m probably gonna go the route of Secret Warriors and trade wait.

  25. Didn’t love Secret Warriors so giving this a pass for now.