DC Rounds Out the #1s with Superman, Action Comics, Superboy and Supergirl

Here it is. The final four. The last batch of DC’s #1 issues for September. Here are the deets from DC.


Action Comics #1

By Grant Morrison & Rags Morales

Here’s Morrison’s big September project. All we know is that Earth has some trust issues with their brawny “First Hero.”


Superman #1

By George Perez and Jesus Merino

Everything that could be different about Superman is likely different. We just don’t know what or how yet.


Superboy #1

By Scott Lobdell, with art by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean

Still a combo of Kryptonian and human DNA, Superboy looks to have a major sci-fi spin.



Supergirl #1

By Michael Green and Mike Johnson with art by Mahmud Asrar

Apparently Supergirl doesn’t like Earthlings and is a bit of a problem child. Hmmm…


  1. Sooooo glad the Morrison rumor was true

  2. I like the Sugergirl and Superboy redesigns. Anything is better than the cowboy boots and Jordache combo.

  3. The picture for Action Comics is so odd.  Jeans, a T-shirt and a cape?  Why can’t Superman get pants that don’t need to be rolled up? Or patched? And super hairy forearms.. it’s just so weird.

  4. I kind of like that Action Comics image. I just realized Superboy appears to be a cyborg.

  5. Whoa.  Is Superboy a robot/cyborg?

  6. Damn, between Buffy Season 9, a Grant Morrison Superman and the upcoming X-Men stuff I may actually have to start reading weeklies.

  7. Wow! Rags Morales! He has the chops for facial expressions, but I think he might be a bit too realistic for Superman. Meh, could still be amazing. I’m definitely buying it digitally when it’s over.

  8. @nudebuddha  still doesn’t explain the Teen Titans cover with the taped on logo. 🙂

  9. So the Superman family is going to be one of the most significantly changed characters coming out this reboot. I can’t think of a better person to be the helm of that than Grant Morrison. Granted (heh) im a little biased here but how can anyone doubt the man when he wrote what I consider to be the greatest page ever published in a mainstream superhero comic book: http://trunc.it/gyiw7
    Have faith….

  10. Grant and Rags. That has the potential to be something special

  11. DC’s website confirms that:

    Superman: The Man of Tomorrow. Written by George Perez, Art by Jesus Merino

    Supergirl. Written by Michael Green/Mike Johnson, Art by Mahmud Asrar

    Superboy. Written by Scott Lobdell, Art by R.B. Silva/Rob Lean 

  12. @siraim  Maybe there’s two Superboys? Or this could be an origin image, where he’s being built? Who knows.

  13. Monthlies even, thought I was 10 there for a moment.

    This means questing for the Holy Grail, a comic shop in the UK outside a major city. Impossible! 

  14. I think the Superman in Action Comics is Earth 2 Superman.

    But who cares really? It’s Morrison writing Superman! That’s all I need. 

  15. So…no Nikola Scott penciled book. Shit. I love her, and her arts pretty spiffy too. 😉

    Balls in your court Marvel.

  16. Tron-i-fied Superboy kind of reminds me of the Tim Burton alien design (Which I thought was interesting for the record!)

  17. This seems like more of a true reboot, unless they’re going in to the past to retell the origins. It’ll be interesting to see if they rewrite the history of certain characters but then leave characters like Batman or Green Lantern relatively unchanged.

  18. That MAN OF TOMORROW cover makes me wish Perez were drawing it. No offense to Mr. Merino, but Perez is Perez.

  19. action comics cover looks awesome, i think his arm is a little too pale though

  20. really surprised at the Action Comics jeans and T shirt outfit. Could be cool..we shall see. 

  21. With the “first hero” remark and the lack of a JSA announcement, are they maybe making Superman the actual number one superhero again? Intruiging…

  22. I am really excited about this. I will admit I think some of the other books will get cancelled before the second year, but I am super excited for most of these books, especially the Morrison, Lemire and Snyder ones. 

  23. As a Superman hater, this Morrison run could be good. Looks like he going to be American again.

  24. Well, so much for history. We already HAD Action Comics #1.

  25. Intrigued about Supergirl, Mike Green and Johnson did some pretty good stories on Superman/Batman, and this will be the first time i read supergirl

  26. OK, I’m going to also get Supergirl, since MA Asrar is on art. As long as MA Asrar is on art. Providing it’s well written. This means that Voodoo is probably in danger of not making the cut. Maybe I’ll get 6 DC books. Maybe…

    Batgirl, B: TDK, FAoS, Resurrection Man & Supergirl. With Voodoo as an alternate, in case one of these isn’t up to snuff.

  27. I don’t even like Morrison, and that image is terribly exciting.

    And yet another attempt to get Supergirl “right”… I could do it. 

  28. I’m not sure but apparently is look like Supergirl first  female to appear on the cover not wearing pants

  29. I’m surprised that there isn’t a Power Girl book, I guess having an S on your chest trumps boobs for sales. Action looks interesting, especially that unusual choice of a first image. Superman, out of any sort of traditional costume, looking menacing. I’m in for Morrison & Morales.

  30. Wow. Kinda surprising how many changes appear to be taking place here. Especially when the Batbooks remained virtually untouched. Obviously Batman’s been doing well and Superman hasn’t, but still. Didn’t think the changes would be this dramatic.

    I’m a huge Morrison guy, so I couldn’t be happier about this. I honestly cannot wait to see how GMo rights this ship. Maybe because of the shake-up, everything he introduces won’t be ignored as much as usual. Either way, it’s gonna be interesting to say the least.

    I gotta say I really like these costume changes. That Merino image is rather bland, but under another artist Clark’s costume will translate really well IMO. They’ve finally gotten rid of the tighties! I like the shield shaped belt and the segmented cuffs/calves. This is a costume that conveys a message of godly presence, which is what you want for Superman.

    Between this and the Teen Titans image, I have no idea what to think of Conner. That’s a realy nice cover though.

    Didn’t like Supergirl’s look at first glance, but after a closer look there are some really nice elements to it. Not sure about the kneeless boots, but I like the collar. And using the “panties” as a sort of segmented peice of the top is really creative.

    I’m excited about Superman again. And it feels good.

  31. @fx434  Harley Quinn has no pants.

  32. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuupessssss!  I’ve decided to be excited not nervous.

  33. I’m getting the idea that Action Comics is going to be very much like the Neal Adams Man of Steel run or Secret Identity where it shows the world reacting to Superman’s first appearances, hence the throwback uniform.

    Really digging the no underpants-on-the-outside look but all those lines scream out Kryptonian cybersuit or something. Supergirl’s is better: the cape and one-piece look is good.

    Superboy… I don’t know, too sci-fi. I actually prefer his new Titans look to this (including the kick-me, S-shield sign on his back).

  34. That Action Comics cover is very Dale Eaglesham.

  35. Sorry, meant John Byrne…

  36. Not sure what I think of the cyborg Superboy… I guess I’ll know after I read the #1.

  37. Love that Action Comics image. I’m sure it’s not a literal image, guys. But what a great metaphoric image — kinda sums it all up, farmboy and superman and alien all wrapped up in one image.

    The Morrison/Morales book is really the only book I’m interested in here, but that’s plenty. I’ll be buying more DC in September than I have in a long time.

  38. The only thing that worries me is George Perez handling the writing chores and not doing the interiors.  Can’t think of the last time that Perez blew me away with his writing.  That’s 5 Superstar artist handling the writing – Manupul, Perez, Van Sciver (wtih Simone), JH Williams and Finch.  Not much a fan of the Artist turn Writer.

  39. Intresting way to end the reboot announcments. Not really much of a Morrison fan, so i won’t be buying Action. Since it’s George Perez, I’ll buy Superman. RB Silva on Superboy sounds good, but I’m most excited about Mahmud Asrar on Supergirl.

  40. asrar on art has me wanting to buy a supergirl book for the first time ever

  41. @Impulse  What about Frank Miller or Brian Michael Bendis or Jack Kirby or Will Eisner?

  42. Prorbably just Action Comics for me.  Morrison’s work will always get a look.

    Gotta say, the costume on the Superman cover looks really bad.  It’s unnecessarily busy in the boot region.  I do like Supergirl’s new outfit though.  Not sure exactly what Superboy is supposed to look like yet.

  43. Dammit! I was led to believe Asrar would be penciling the new Star Wars book with Qui-Gon. Sigh.

  44. Yes! Now I can finally own a mint copy of Action Comics #1!!!

  45. First reaction to Action #1 was “god that looks aweful – they’ve tried to modernise Superman by wacking some jeans on him”. Then I heard Morrison was writing and I’m like “hey this looks good!”… that’s the magic of Morrison!

    Why do they feel the need to get rid of the underpants-on-the-outside signature DC hero look. With the belt still there, it just looks disturbing, and is just bad design. What happened to all DC’s tlak about making their characters ‘more recognisable and iconic’ or whatever… in the case of Batman and Superman, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  46. well I am excited.  The biggest thing that the DC announcements did for me is move me over to digital.  I am only going to buy 6 floppies a month that I have very long runs of and then everything else will be digital, with me being a month behind on DC comics

  47. I’m hopeful for all of this reboot hoopla, but I sure have been enjoying the current Batgirl and Supergirl books.

  48. I like the new design for Supergirl, but hate the new idea.  Supergirl is actually a book that currently has its stuff together. 

    The Superman patchy jeans and converse and cape looks is just silly.  As is the new Superboy.  And why cut and run on the really fun Superboy that is currently going?  

    By Odin this going to be a hot mess. 

  49. Maybe Superman could have a red belt and yellow board short?

  50. Hope Rags has learnt to be quicker since First Wave. Great announcement, love all the teams. Just wish there was a place for JSA in the new line up. 

  51. Looks like they are finally returning Superman to being the first super hero.  It makes sense, but it also means the JSA is gone. 

    I’m hoping to see an Earth 2 reveal in  a year or two to give us back a proper 1940’s JSA, complete with 1940’s Superman and Batman. And a Powergirl in that world’s present…

  52. I think a lot of people are overreacting to the Action “costume”. I seriously doubt he’ll be sporting that outfit throughout the story. It’s just a cover.

  53. I hope he wears that Action outfit the whole time!  I hate Supergirl’s costume though, she definitely should be wearing pants.  Why do I have to be embarrassed to show female heroes to my nieces?

  54. Goodbye Alan Scott. You will always be my Green Lantern. Now, on to THE FUUUTUUUUUUURE!!

  55. Robot Superboy>Goth Superboy

  56. I know what you’re all going to say, but the renumbering of Action Comics strikes me as somehow…disrespectful?  Look, I get it…they’ll go back to the numbering, blah blah blah.  I still say that’s the one book that should have been left alone in the name of retaining some sense of history.

  57. @Toshimoko29: Why are you embarassed to show your neices a fictional character in a leotard? Have they ever seen a woman in a swimsuit? Or a gymnast? Sounds like a personal issue to me.  

  58. @MaxD 
    those aren’t converse, they’re workman’s boots… hopefully they’re going with the average working man’s champion angle from early superman…

  59. Im so happy to be having new Morrison superman stories, All Star Superman is one of my fav comics ever! um just hoping for the same quality here 

  60. Let’s see here, Superboy is looking like he’s being bred in a super science lab, just like in the Young Justice show. Young Justice is popular. THEY’RE REBOOTING CONNOR TO MATCH THE YOUNG JUSTICE CONTINUITY. Now, I can understand this from a business standpoint, much like I can understand giving Rogers back the shield to match the movier, but from a reader standpoint, this fucking sucks. I know this is just me postulating, but this trend seems to be going around the industry, so, while I hope I’m pretty far off, I doubt I am.

  61. I think I might be picking up action comics come september…

  62. @WheelHands  It’s not like every woman in the world wears pants. I will see something 50x sluttier than that now that summer is here. Supergirl is invulnerable, she doesn’t even need to wear clothes technically, she’s just kowtowing to our puritanical earth minds.

  63. @ResurrectionFlan: Exactly!

  64. Yeah, let’s put Grant Morrison on Superman.  He after all only almost destroyed Batman, so let’s let him go on Superman, this time he might succeed.

  65. @aloysha2011 

    You mean he made him even better right? 😉

  66. yes! Yes! YES! I plan on picking up all of these books. I love that Action comics cover and so glad the Morrison rumor is true.

  67. @aloysha2011  – I think Batman has been awesome with Morrison at the helm. All-Star superman is the best superman ever.

  68. @aloysha2011  You are in a minority with that opinion.  I respect that you have the opinion even more because of the unpopularity.

  69. Jim lee’s designs are going to date so badly. look at the wildcats, looked good at the time, looks painful now

  70. perez and morrison what a combo

  71. Why are superman’s legs silver/grey in the Action cover? Or is he wearing leggins under his jeans?

  72. @RABinRVA: Kryptonian longjohns?   

  73. Is it September yet or what?

  74. Well, I’m excited to buy Superman again. Not in love with the Superman: MoT cover, but.. Perez/Merino is a great combo. Jury’s out on Superboy yet… but I’m in love with that Supergirl cover. I’m wondering if she’ll be more Kara Zor-L than Zor-El. 

    @lutkec Uhh… Superboy was always created in a lab. 

  75. @lutkec  What PraxJarvin said. Connor was made at Cadmus after Doomsday dropped him like a bad habit. He was one of the four (including Steel, Eradicator and Cyborg) vying for the mantle at the time before Supes came back proper. So calm down, buddy.

    Also, are the Action Comics and Superman covers swapped here? AP’s running the second image as the cover to Action #1.

  76. Scratch my last comment. AP’s running the story about Action #1, but using the cover of Superman #1 as the photo. Threw me off.

  77. I have been reading comic books for 27 years. This will be the first time ever I am buying Action Comics. Grant Morrison writing it had m intrigued. Rags Morales on art sealed the deal for me. Yes, please!

  78. So, is this Superboy still Conner or a new one, and is this the same one as the one on the cover of Teen Titans?

  79. I seriously doubt that Action Comics Superman will actually look like that the whole time. I just assumed this was an “artistic image” showing off various elements of who and what Superman will be in this story.

    And, for what it’s worth, it works for me. I’m actually curious about what it will be like, and I’ve never read Action Comics before. The other Superman book looks really bad though. I don’t like the redesign, but even if I did, the art in general is a little awkward to me.

  80. I am confused about Superboy solo title and Superboy in Teen Titans….. same? different?

  81. @RABinRVA: High socks? I wear em when I have my work boots on

  82. George Perez, GASP!

  83. @1aurien  I agree, that can’t be THE uniform/custome. First thing I thought of when I saw that was Superman in bib overalls from “Kingdom Come.” That may be intentional – I think this is a more artistic take than literally what his costume will be.

  84. One thing is for sure- These are all worth a look.

    Maybe even a little excited.

    Which I haven’t been for a Super title since the beginning of New Krypton.

  85. I’m simply loving the Supergirl redesign … and the cover for Superboy seems interesting …… but I’m not feeling that Superman design at all

  86. Since we haven’t yet read a single word of any of these reboots it’s pointless to speculate on any of the changes being suggested. As a Superman fan for fifty years I will remain hopeful and optimistic. The only thing we have been given so far that we can comment on is the artwork so here goes:

    Action #1 – Can’t really tell anything from this cover but I am a huge fan of Rags Morales so I have high hopes for this book.

    Superman (The Man of Tomorrow?) #1 – I am also a huge fan of George Perez which is why I am so very disappointed with this image. If the idea was to breath new life into old characters with fresh costume updates this falls flat on it’s face. The overall look is cluttrered. The red belt looks disco 1980’s. It looks like a utility belt. Does he have a batarang in there? And since he no longer has the red underoos what does he even need a belt for? What’s it holding up? But the boots are the worst. They are ridiculously and needlessly clunky in contrast to the upper portion of the costume which seems unchanged from it’s current design. Rather than the Man of Tomorrow this looks more like the Teen Titians of 1980. Who approved this? I could have done better.

    Superboy #1 – Looks interesting. He is after all a clone.

    Supergirl #1 – I actually like the design. I’m glad they haven’t given up completely on bare legs. I’m not a huge fan of the current costume anyway but I will miss the mini skirt. In spite of her incredible strength, Supergirl was always the most girlish of DC’s superfemales. All that power and she was still just a teenage girl. I always liked that about her and I hope that doesn’t change.

    So DC take note: of all the costume design changes, Superman’s is the worst. As a fifty year fan even I agree some visual updating is necessary but you’ve managed to make it look even worse.

  87. @Bigblue  Nice analysis on the different looks. Well said! Although I don’t believe any of these are totally final, are they? I think Jim lee said something to that effect on Twitter yesterday.

  88. Haven’t read superman in years may give these a try.

  89. I have been reading every Superman title since 1993. I was eleven. I’m not excited about any of these books. I don’t hate them I just think I no longer care. I might try them out but I really think I’m done with DC. I’m a little heart broken about it. I still have Walking Dead and Ultimate Spider-man. Well, Walking Dead anyway. 

  90. @iiiplace  You’ve read Superman since 93 and THIS is the straw that broke the camel’s back?

  91. hate everything waist down on both Sup and Supergirl. Love the cape on Supergirl though.

  92. Meh. This whole reboot is all very weird. I don’t think I will be reading any, not that I’m reading any at the moment anyway. Conner’s hair looks like his first appearance back in death of superman though. Will they start calling him The Kid again too? Maybe I’ll go pick up the young justice comic adaption of the tv show now.

  93. @Wheelhands Not sure if you realize this, but Supergirl is not wearing an outfit like that because she is a gymnast or a swimmer, it’s because she is an oversexualized image of a woman designed to sell comics to lonely, horny nerds.  I hate that stereotype, and I was really hoping DC was moving away from it.  Nothing wrong with women having some modesty in comics, I think.

  94. I’ve heard people speculate that the impetus behind the entire relaunch/boot was DC wanting to do away with the Siegel and Shuster elements to Superman that they are fighting over legally and likely to lose out on. The very different vibe coming from these books suggests that it could possibly be the case. I’m far from a Superman expert. That would mean they’d have to come up with a non-Krypton origin, right?

    I wonder if Power Girl exists anymore?

  95. Superman’s costume looks stupid. Also leave it to Grant Morrison to tell a Superman story that requires a ridiculous costume. And finally, is this a different Superboy than gothic Superboy from Teen Titans? Supergirl looks great btw.

  96. Yeah, I’m going to buy Action, but man…..that is one disconcerting and ugly looking Superman.

  97. So looking over the completed list was anyone else surprised Booster Gold or Brave and Bold isn’t on the list?

    That being ask Superboy looks awesome can’t wait.

  98. I’m looking forward to Action.  That image is pretty spectacular.  I just hope Rags can keep a consistent schedule with art like that.  Also, Supergirl sounds great!  Green and Johnson did a bang up job on Superman/Batman a few years ago, and Asrar is the bees knees.

  99. Still dubious about getting Supergirl because of the writers and Supergirls attitude change but until I read issue 1 I won’t dismiss it. Looking forward to Action because I loved Morrison’s All Star book.

  100. Supergirl’s boots look so weird.

  101. Supermans costume lokks awful wtf

  102. @xebix  Me too. However, Supergirl’s costume may be the most uncomfortable looking one in the DCU. Neck chafing, super wedgy and boots she’d have problems standing in, forget about running in. Just as well she flies.

  103. I get the point of all this.  Really.  Rebooting the whole DCU gets a lot more attention and publicity than just working on certain characters.  But I feel like some of the stuff they’re “fixing” isn’t broken.  (And they’re cancelling books I don’t want cancelled, dammit!)  There will undoubtedly be some fun stories and interesting ideas that come out of this, but to me it seems too much of a gimmick. 

  104. @toshimoko29 why should dc stop protraying women as oversexualised objects? aren’t they doing the same to men, with perfect bodies and so happened to have good looks with styled hair?

    Infact isn’t the whole world doing that? from movies to singers to selling product, everyone knows sex sells. disregarding the fact that is it morally right to have this sort of belief system, i dun think we should discredit DC for something that the whole world is doing. IMO

  105. I’m generally not a fan of Morrison, but I’m pretty excited for AC #1.

  106. The only thing that worries me is Morrison on Action Comics.  I hope it is w/out the Batman meta long BS.  Just give me a good story that makes sense.  Superman looks great!!!  Sad that Perez isnt doing the art but cant win all the time.  Supergirl’s costume looks ok but Superboy’s looks UGLY!  I will get all 4 Super titles.


  107. @Toshimoko29: Believe it or not, I do realize that Supergirl is not a swimmer or a gymnast. My point was that the visual is the same.  And if you have no problem exposing your neices (or yourself) to women in those kind of clothes, I don’t see the difference.  Supergirl isn’t doing anything overly sexual.  It’s not like she’s blowin’ a guy in every issue.  So if it’s just the visual, get over it. 

    Let’s also keep in mind that these are two dimensional drawings.  The only difference between Catwoman and a Betty Page pin-up is a little black paint, some fabrice creases, and two missing nipples.  It’s not like they’re all gonna sport Hammer pants post-Flashpoint.  So these “pants” that you’re so passionately in favor of don’t really change the sexuality of the character one iota.  It’s just makes their legs a different color. 
    And the idea that publishers make a conscious effort to sexualize their characters just to appeal to the “horny nerd” demographic is downright insulting, not to mention ignorant.  I’ve got news for you pal, they’ve got the “horny nerd” demographic locked down.  Every female hero could look a sea cow and “horny nerds” would still buy comics. 

    “T&A” and “cheesecake” have been a part of comics since day one.  Do you realize how much underlined eroticism was present books going all the way back to the Golden Age?  Nothing’s changed.  These are sexual creatures (as are we all).  However fictional, these are gods and goddesses saving the world day after day.  Many of them are powerful beings who take what they want when they want it.  If they “choose” to shake what they’re mama gave ’em, they have the right.

    Look, I am on board the Pants Train.  But it has nothing to do with a desire to see the women of DC “show a little modesty” (whatever that means). It has everything to do with functionality. It makes sense for ground level heroes like Black Canary or Huntress to be better protected and limit their exposure.  But Supergirl is invulnerable.  The chick could be completely naked if she wanted to.  Obviously DC can’t portray her that way because puritans like yourself would hit the ceiling.  But we “horny nerds” sure wish they would.

  108. @Toshimoko29  i believe someone menetioned above… SHE’s INVULNERABLE! she could fight crime completely naked if she wanted. Perhaps it is more functional to be in a bikini than pants (to use the gymnast analogy, have you ever seen one hit the balance beam with cargo pants on, let alone form fitting pants) if youve got nothing to protect, why not dress the most functional.
     Not to mention most of the current DC female roster has pants, they got the message.

  109. now that we’ve seen the Superman books, in my mind it’s official that DC has no idea what to do with him anymore, which i hope isn’t the reason we’re going through all this now . . . i find that i’m curious to peak at each of them, but can’t really muster much excitement. Morrison can be inspired, but, personally, i’d rather he take time off a regular series and write the final Seaguy series . . .

    i actually think that Supergirl’s is one of the better redesigns, though i could do without the funky collar . . .

    @bhannaoh: as much as i like Booster Gold, i wasn’t surprised that his series got the ax. but, he’ll be in JLI, written by Jurgens, so that’s a pretty good consolation for me. i would assume that the new anthology series fills the function of Brave and the Bold.

  110. Woa, I might read like three DC books now. Why can they just turn All Star Superman into reg dc u. 

  111. @JayRedfield: The creator of All Star Superman is writing Action Comics come September. Ya might wanna check it out.  

  112. So what was the point of the Secret Origin that Johns and Frank did a year or so ago? It was billed has stream lining the superman origin, and didn’t last as canon for even two years.

  113. I wish Perez was doing interiors. Covers will suffice though. I can’t wait until September! 

    Now where are our Green Lantern covers??? 

  114. @MikefromGotham: It could still stand as his modern origin. We don’t yet know how drastic the origin revamps will be. I have a feeling they’ll leave the heavy hitters’ origins relatively the same. There are certain things ya can’t fuck with.

    @SteenAR: I wonder if they can’t show us the Lantern covers yet for fear of spoiling War of the GLs.  Though I don’t see how that would affect the Red Lanterns cover.    

  115. I guess I should be happy that I had a Power Girl book for 2 years (and I am), but it looks like the new DC has no place for Power Girl at all, or any of the “original” characters of the JSA. A bit more than a little disappointed in that. 

    Now that all of the titles have been announced, I think I’m going to only get 3 or 4 in print, and maybe like 10 or so in digital.  

  116. While I’ll get Morrison’s Action comcis I have to wonder whether he is the best chocie if their stated aim is accessability. i mean whatever his virtues, accessability is not realy one of them. 

  117. @WheelHands  But this is the problaem with DC. Somebody does an interesting elseworlds tale or out of continuity thing and then DC has to take it and try and shoehorn it into the regular continuity. Like they did with Kingdom Come. I don;t think All-Star Superman will work in mainstream conitnuity. It worked (like Dark Knight Returns did) becasue it had a beginning, middle and end which serial comcis do not and cannot.

  118. @MikefromGotham  This is how we know that this whole reluanch has been hastily put together in 2011. I mean Lemiere is on #8 of Sperboy, Zatanna, Legion and BoP are only aon like issue 12. How many chnages in creative teams have been announced that have been done away with before they have even started?

  119. @Bluestreak  His JLA was pretty accessible.

  120. Sign the petition to save the JSA at http://www.change.org/petitions/save-the-jsa


  121. I unequivocally hate the costume in Superman #1. It’s closed minded of me, but I really really do. I’d rather he walk around in the non-costume of Action #1. Yech.

  122. I’m actually pretty excited for the first three.

  123. I think the issue of Supergirl wearing pants or a one-piece swimsuit comes down to why more women don’t read comics.  Men are idealized in comics, but rarely sexualized.  I certainly don’t hear readers complaining because it would be more functional for Aquaman (an ACTUAL swimmer) to wear a speedo.  I realize that sex sells, but I refuse to apologize for not selling sex to a 5 year old.  Sure, Supergirl’s invulnerable, so why is Superman covered neck to feet?  Wheelhands, you say that the “lonely nerd” assertion is insulting, then tell me the T&A and “cheesecake” comics have been around since the beginning (why do you think that is?).  Then you tell me that it’s ok because “Supergirl” has the right to dress how she wants?  I could read people defending the too-common misogyny in comics all day, and I could write for hours on it, but I’m pretty sure when someone tells me a fictional character has the right to do as she chooses, it’s time to bow out because the logic well is dry.

    More on topic, I can’t wait to read Action.  I will at least try anything that Morrison writes.  I don’t love all of it (and his misses are huge misses for my tastes) but when he’s on, it’s damn near perfect.  I am not very intrigued by the Superman cover, it just looks like more of the same type of thing we’ve been seeing over the years.  I guess that one will be decided by how different things are in the book after September.  Superboy I’ll at least give a few issues but the differences between his book and TT are a little off-putting.  I like Supergirl generally and will try it, but I’ll be writing DC in favor of some pants.

  124. @Toshimoko29 

    Re: Supergirl pants vs. swimsuit: Well said, sir!

  125. @Toshimoko29

    I really don’t feel strongly about Supergirls outfit but have you ever seen the TV show Sex in the City.  The girls on that show had sexy clothes from time to time, wore lingerie from time to time and it was a program that was marketed for women.  I don’t think Supergirls outfit is the problem.  My guess is the stories, the dialogue, the general tone of books is what makes superhero comics more aimed at male readers.   

  126. @Toshimoko29  
    To say that the “sex” of comics is what is chasing the women away is ridiculous.  Its the STIGMA of the “horny nerd” that is chasing them away.  Sure there are horney nerds who would rather see marvels swimsuit edition than meet a real woman, HOWEVER it is the STIGMA that we are all like that that keeps many a reader, male or female, away.  Believe it or not, putting pants on characters isn’t going to bring in the sorority girls and the cheerleaders en mass. 

    No but your right, fictional characters can’t make choices.  When a writer is writing them, that writer just makes decisions willy nilly with no regard to how the character of 60+ years would go about their day.  The beauty of fiction is that as fake as it is, to the readers, in that moment when we are flipping pages and reading panels, it is real.  And to accomplish this realness, believe it or not, writers sometimes use a tactic where they write what this character might do or say if they were real. This EVEN applies to other works like novels and movies.  Scary i know. 

  127. @Toshimoko29

    I hope this doesn’t come off as rude, because I appreciate the sentiment; however, in my humble feminine opinion, the new Supergirl outfit looks amazing. They’ve added a maturity more befitting her age and background, it has some of the regal styling we’ve seen from kryptonians recently and when it comes down to it… it sure as hell beats a mini-skirt and a crop top.

  128. i’m digging everything except the cape on Supergirl. it just looks like it would fall off in a fight. I think it would be nice to see this outfit without the cape

  129. Having a Superman family character, much less Supergirl, who has little love for the human race is a really interesting take. I’m really digging the current version; but the reboot sounds like a lot of fun as well.

  130. @Toshimoko29  

    just realized it now.. above wheelhands comment is actually mine.
    We share a computer at work and sometimes it stays logged in. 
    ironically yesterday we were championing the same cause from home. 

  131. Maybe they cant show the green lantern covers because it somehow ties into, the movie

  132. @kaufman1972  please god no

  133. Grant Morrison and George Perez on Superman this franchise will not suck in fact it will be quite amazing

  134. On Newsarama, there is an article, “The Supergirl Shorts Story: Talking to Jamal Igle”. This article was posted after artist Jamal Igle started drawing shorts underneath Supergirl’s skirt. The article includes many points that I believe supports the idea of putting pants on Supergirl.

    In addition, as pointed out in a previous post, it really only involves changing the color of her legs, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone wishing she was naked if her thighs are red. Just imagine that all the colors are fleshtone, the costume is already tight enough.

    I think the point to having Supergirl wear pants is to make it more appropriate for all ages. Regardless of what teen-to-adult males want to see, parents (and Uncle Toshimoko) who want to share comics with their children should be able to be confident sharing those comics. My 4 year old daughter loves Supergirl in the comics we’ve seen with her, but I don’t want her looking at a comic with a role model who wears things I don’t want her to wear. When she’s 16-ish, if she wants to go read Witchblade, then fine, by then I’ll be confident that she can handle that kind of content, but I cannot express in words how pleased I was when Wonder Woman finally put on some pants again for the first time in 40 years.

    Any concerns I have are not reflective of any personal problem I have or any puratinacal beliefs I might have either. As long as the big publishers fail to produce comics that are appropriate for ALL AGES, there market will continue to be limited to an adult male comic reading population that continues to shrink as time goes on.

  135. I was holding out judgment until I saw the final round of these covers and creative teams, and I am almost completely unimpressed. Aside from Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and maybe JLA Dark, it just seems like a lot of stuff we’ve seen before, which really wouldn’t require new #1’s, or “new” ’90’s X-Men reject costumes.

  136. I just realized what else was bugging me about the Action costume.  The blue uniform now has a neck to it.  It makes him resemble Superboy/Man/Prime.

  137. I like Superman’s costume…. and I am ok with costume changes in general.  A character like Wolverine for example is a lot of fun because he is in different outfits all the time.

  138. @educatexan i think you mean the man of tomorrow comic, but i agree with what you were saying. it was the first thing i noticed.
    i can’t stop looking at supes left leg in that same cover. is something wrong with it? is it too long or is that just me??

  139. I’ve tried to read everybody’s comments but I may have missed a few. Has anyone commented on Supergirl’s “S” logo? It appears to be more like the logo on the old electric Superman Blue outfit. Also the “S” logo on the Superman on the JLA cover appears different than the ones above.

    Superman’s boots are going to be impossible to draw consistantly like Kyle Raynor’s mask. I pity the new artists who are going the have to draw these awful costumes. 

  140. @aloysha2011  I will give Morrison the benefit of the doubt for Superman.  All Star Superman was, lets face it, pretty awesome, and I have rather enjoyed the fresh direction of Batman, especially Batman and Robin.

  141. Grant Morrison gets me nervous. First 5 issues of batman Inc SUCKED. I’m picking all of them up at first, probly keep up with only superman & action.