DC Relaunch Week Three – By the Numbers

We are entering the final chicane in this crazy race to a new DC Comics world, and here’s what the iFanboy community made of the third week. This week we’re seeing slightly higher highs, and not as low lows. With only 2 titles averaging above 4, but only 1 averaging below 3, it was a very middle of the road week. Take a look at how you scored the third week of the DC Relaunch.

Highest Average Rating (out of a possible 5):

1. Batman #1 –  4.7
2. Wonder Woman #1 – 4.4
3. Supergirl #1/Nightwing #1 – 3.8

Highest Pulls:

1. Batman #1 – 1735 Pulls
2. Wonder Woman #1 – 1340 Pulls
3. Nightwing #1 – 1049 Pulls

Highest Pick of the Week Percentage:

1. Batman #1 – 81.9%
2. Wonder Woman #1 – 10.6%
3. Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 – 0.8%

Most User Reviews:

1. Batman #1 – 26 User Reviews
2. Wonder Woman #1 – 20 User Reviews
3. Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 – 19 User Reviews

Most Comments:

1. Batman #1 – 155 Comments
2. Wonder Woman #1 – 113 Comments
3. Catwoman #1 – 84 Comments

Lowest Pulled Relaunch Books:

1. Legion of Super-Heroes #1 – 493 Pulls
2. Captain Atom #1 – 519 Pulls
3. Birds of Prey #1 – 620 Pulls

Lowest Average Rating (out of a posible 5):

1. Legion of Super-Heroes #1 – 2.7
2. Captain Atom #1/Blue Beetle #1 – 3.0
3. Red Hood and the Outlaws #1/DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1/Birds of Prey #1 – 3.4

Least Comments:

1. Green Lantern Corps #1 – 17 comments
2. DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1 – 19 comments
3. Birds of Prey #1 – 27 comments

Top Pulled Non-DC Books:

1. Daredevil #4 – 1076 pulls
2. X-Men: Schism #4 – 877 pulls
3. Captain America #3 – 747 pulls

Highest Pick of the Week Percentage – Non-DC Books:

1. X-Men: Schism #4 – 2.2%
2. Daredevil #4 – 1.0%
3. Witch Doctor #3 – 0.4%

Here’s what we know: you love Batman, and you’re pretty cool with Wonder Woman. Otherwise, it’s not so clear cut. Plenty of folks gave Nightwing a shot, and perhaps Dick Grayson gained some love from his time in the cowl. Despite a lot of talk on the internet about the rightness or wrongness of how characters were portrayed in Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws, the ratings were fairly well in the middle. Conversely, the conversations garnered more comments around the books you really liked, as opposed to the controversial topics. As with last week, it is not a kind or friendly world for the Legion of Super-Heroes, and it looks like they’re once more scraping the bottom of the barrel. But more people gave Legion a try than bought most of the books on the market. So it’s not like you can’t say they didn’t give it a chance. The week in the middle produced a fairly middling week, outside of some spectacular highlights. Still, the community seems to be quite kind to books in terms of ratings, indicating that for the most part, the community isn’t really finding anything they think is outright terrible. The 3-way tie for third worst rated book was 3.4, where the third best rated book was 3.8. There’s not a lot of distance there.

Here are some other numbers to take a look at. Keep in mind they’ll change and shift slightly over time. The cumulative numbers for prior weeks were gathered the Monday following the original Wednesday release.

Week One Average Ratings for Top 5 books – 4.14
Week Two Average Ratings for Top 5 books – 4.10
Week Three Average Ratings for Top 5 books – 4.06

Week One Average Ratings for Bottom 5 books – 2.96
Week Two Average Ratings for Bottom 5 books – 3.06
Week Three Average Ratings for Bottom 5 books – 3.1

Week One Average Ratings for all books – 3.56
Week Two Average Ratings for all books – 3.35
Week Three Average Ratings for all books – 3.56

Week One Total Books Pulled – 11,842 (not including Justice League #1)
Week Two Total Books Pulled – 11,430
Week Three Total Books Pulled – 10,554* (*only 12 books released)

There’s one week left, so make sure to make your pulls, rate, and review the DC Relaunch books you’re reading!


  1. MAY-HEM!

    • Seriously, loving these breakdowns. Need to remember to rate my books more often to make it easier, or harder depending on how you look at it.

  2. Love the breakdowns. Just curious what the pull total was before the dc relaunch. Also I think there’s a typo in the top non dc books: Captain America 3

  3. Safe to say, Bat books are most loved, Legion books … urgh …

  4. I tried Legion Lost, it was terrible. I tried.

  5. Distressing about Legion of Super-Heroes ranking so low. Seeing how good it was.

  6. This is a really fun statistic thing you guys are doing. Interesting seeing the numbers.

  7. Haven’t picked up my Week 3 books, since I only get my books on a bi-weekly basis. Sorry to hear that Legion did so poorly.

    I thought Legion Lost was okay, but can certainly understand new readers being totally confused by the book. Frankly, I don’t think many of the DC writers are even trying to attract anyone not already familiar with the characters.

  8. One thing is for sure, I’m going to have a lot of trouble deciding what books to keep reading. I’ve enjoyed about 90% of what I have tried, and I’ve read at least seven books each week this month.

  9. I would love to hear DC’s honest response to these numbers. I would think they’d be thrilled, but I don’t know what kinds of numbers they expected.

    I think the strongest evidence of the success of the relaunch was seeing the comixology app listed among the highest grossing apps in the app store. Anything that tops Smurfs Village has really done something.