DC Goes Back to the Future in Both Digital and Print with BATMAN BEYOND and JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND

Cover to Batman Beyond Unlimited #1

Earlier this year, DC Comics threw the industry into chaos when it announced that it would begin releasing most of its comics digitally on the same day they hit comic book stores. And it looks like they’re not finished experimenting.

Yesterday, DC Comics announced that it would be returning to the “Beyond” future world with Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond. The digital twist this time is that the chapters of each book–not the entire issues–will first be released digitally and weekly, and then collected in a 48 page monthly book called Batman Beyond Unlimited.

Previous to this, DC has released material digitally first before bringing it to print–most notably with Batman: Arkham Unleashed and Batman: Arkham City–but this is the first time it’s being done with an on-going series.

This should be good news for fans of the “Beyond” world and of last year’s Batman Beyond series, which I quite enjoyed. In February 2012, Justice League Beyond will be written and drawn by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs. Batman Beyond will be written by previous series writer, Adam Beechen. It will be drawn by one time Batman artist Norm Breyfogle who wa


I’m sorry, I think I passed out there for a few hours.

Wow. Norm Breyfogle is back, baby! Breyfogle is my all-time favorite Batman artist and I never thought I’d see the day that he would make his return to a Batman book on a regular basis. Sure, it’s not a book that features Bruce Wayne in the suit, but it’s something. And his sharp, angular style fits perfectly with the design aesthetic of Batman Beyond.

I think I’m getting light-headed. I need to lie down.


  1. Norm Breyfogle?!!!!!

  2. Weekly updates is how digital comics should work. I suggested this back when DC first announced same-day digital releases. It’s basically how people are used to consuming entertainment like television episodes.

    12 pages a week is a good amount of content. Hopefully, the price will be 99-cents. That hits the magic price point for a lot of people.

    I’d also like to see different franchises release on different days instead of only on Wednesday. For example; Batman on Monday, Superman on Tuesday, Wonder Woman on Wednesday, Flash/Green Lantern on Thursday and Justice League on Friday.

  3. I loved the JLU (JLB?) characters, so I’m really excited to see their continuing adventures. Here’s hoping the BB ongoing is a little more like the cartoon (brief, fun adventures with an edge) and a little less wrapped up in continuity.

  4. JL Beyond sounds interesting. But Beechen is still writing BB, so no thanks to that.

  5. Conor: I had the EXACT same reaction to reading that Breyfogle news as you did.

    While I LIKED Batman before reading the Grant/Breyfogle run I LOVED Batman afterwards. Hell, the main reason I read Nightwing is because Eddie Burrows is so clearly channeling Norm half the time.

  6. Cool! Breyfogle’s Batmobile was always from the far future!

  7. It’s cool to see some experimentation with digital releases 12 pages a week soundss like a nice middle ground between a lot of weekly web comics and a monthly full size print comic.

    If this is priced right (99 cents per week?) I’ll give it a shot!

  8. This sounds like the exact thing that John Siuntres has been arguing for on WordBalloon for the past few months. Looks like someone is listening!

    I’m really glad they are experimenting and trying new things. I hope the stories are written for this, and don’t take awkward breaks.

    Anything priced more than .99 will be a mistake.

  9. If this was the NFL, Conor would have to sit out the next podcast. We need to take concussions seriously. Anyway, I’m glad to see DC is trailblazing.

  10. I would think that 99 cents for the digital weeklies would be the most they should charge since the collected edition will be $3.99.

    • There’s an interesting thing going on with 99 cents as well. Psychologically, it doesn’t fully compute as “spending money” in most of our brains.

      I balk at the idea of paying $3.99 for a monthly digital comic, but 99 cents per week doesn’t seem bad at all, even though it’s essentially the same amount of money .

      I guess the monthly page count is higher, so it’s not exactly the same value. $3.96 for 48 pages for Batman Beyond per month, versus $3.99 for 28 (is that right?) pages of Justice League per month.

      Still, I hope this does well.

  11. Love Batman Beyond! When does this start??

  12. Interesting. Looking forward to more Breyfogle.

  13. Breyfogle is one of my favorites, and it’s great to hear he’ll be back on a Batman book (even if it’s in the future). I also dig Beechen’s writing, so that Batman Beyond is a must buy for me.

  14. This is a pretty cool idea, & I’m psyched to finally get more of Dustin Nguyen’s art.

  15. I was dissappointed when Batman Beyond was not part of the new 52, so I am glad to hear they will be bringing it back.

  16. I think this sounds pretty awesome. I’m down.

  17. Awesome im down for this

  18. This is most welcome and EXCELLENT news!

  19. Awesome! 😀

  20. This sounds interesting. If it is priced right I’m definitely in.

  21. Welcome Back Norm! You’ve been gone way too long.

  22. 48 pages for 3.99! Hey, Marvel, take note.
    This will be a must buy!

  23. Derek Fridolfs writing too (he wrote Batman: Arkham Unhinged which is another digital series.). I agree that Breyfogle fits perfectly with Batman Beyond. It’s too bad they kept Beechen. He’s not a bad writer, he’s just not a very good one either. I kinda hoped someone like Paul Dini could’ve written both. That would’ve been crazy awesome.

  24. My guess is that it will be $1.99 per week for 10 pages (with the additional 8 pages as extra material to tempt us to buy the story again in paper form) and $4.99 for the 48 page issue.
    As shown with Action, All-Star Western and Men at War, DC’s model has been established, $2.99 for 20 pages, $3.99 for 28 pages.
    There is no way DC will sale a 48 page comic for $3.99. It makes their other $3.99 books look “less than”.
    All arrows point to a $1.99 weekly and a $4.99 monthly with supplemental material.

  25. didn’t the future get the memo about collars and armor?

  26. Upon further thought…
    Each title could be $.49 per week for 4-6 pages.

  27. It’ll be $2.99 for each installment. The added value is that you get to read it early, and y’know its the only way to be fair to the shops…..plus the consumers have told DC thats what they want. Y’know how that goes.

  28. *speechless*

  29. More Breyfogle? Fantastic!

    Now time to wait for the trade to come out in print.

  30. Hmmm, normally I would not have much interest in the future beyond titles, but Breyfogle is tempting. Like so many others have commented, I have long had a soft spot for the artist, and wondered whatever became of him. It is great to have him back on some Bat-family title. Nguyen is an interesting artist for the companion book, as I’ve always seen a bit of Breyfogle in Nguyen, which is probably one of the reasons I like the latter artist too. It shouldn;t be hard for both books to manage a shared look. I’m curious to see both titles, but am very aware of my budget right now. I’ll just have to wait and see how much room I have for new another new title or two . . .

    As for the digital plan, it sounds interesting. I plan to keep on buying physical books, but I credit DC for experimenting with new concepts. I wonder though, if this new approach is a hint that the New 52 digital numbers were disappointing (so they need to shake things up) or quite good (& DC wants to see what else they can do). Any thoughts any one?

  31. Another thumbs up for Breyfogle from me.

  32. Very happy. My first issue of Detective about 20 years ago was #613–I have a real soft spot for Norm.

  33. NORM!


    sweet fancy moses this makes me happy. i would also request that the red wine of norm breyfogle be paired with a medium rare steak in the form of a regular series with sam keith.

  34. Pretty much figured Nguyen was working on something in the Beyond universe, didn’t realise he was going to write it too. He’s one of my favourite Bat-artists, hopefully his foray into writing will go as well as Manapul’s and not like Finch’s. Can’t wait to read it.

    Not overly familiar with Norm Breyfogle but people seem to be excited so i’ll check it out.