DC Announces First Group of New #1 Issues

DC Comics, on the heels of announcing an upcoming reboot and 52 new #1 issues, started with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on Justice League. That leaves 51 other slots to fill. Here are the next 10.

Wonder Woman #1 written by Brian Azzarello, art by Cliff Chiang


Aquaman #1 written by Geoff Johns, art by Ivan Reis


The Flash #1 written and drawn by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccallato (they’re sharing scripting and art duties.)


The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1 written by Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone, art by Yildiray Cinar


Green Arrow #1 written by JT Krul, art by Dan Jurgens


Justice League International #1 written by Dan Jurgens, art by Aaron Lopresti


Mister Terrific #1 written by Eric Wallace, art by Roger Robinson


Captain Atom #1 written by JT Krul, art by Freddie Williams II


DC Universe Presents #1, with first arc featuring Deadman written by Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang

Hawkman #1 written by Tony Daniel, art by Phillip Tan

There are some surprises in there, notably Francis Manapul and Ethan Van Sciver taking over writing duties on their titles. I love the idea of Cliff Chiang on a Wonder Woman book, since it’s an idea that should have been realized long ago. Yildiray Cinar is one hell of an artist and he’ll do beautiful work on Firestorm. Longtime fans should be excited about Johns and Reis on Aquaman.

Yet, other than that, there’s a lot of the same. I really feel like the first wave of announcements should have been more exciting, with some surprises. Instead, what we have here is a group of names we’ve seen many times on books and characters that people weren’t too excited about to begin with. Yes, they’re rebooted, but this should be a moment for DC Comics to wow us with their announcements and creative teams. I would have loved to see some new exciting names in here, but it hasn’t happened yet. There are still a lot of books to be announced yet, so it might come.
Make sure to check out our Definitive Guide to the DC Reboot to keep track of all the new titles.


  1. There is A LOT to like with these solicits.  Based on what I have seen so far, I am on the fence about getting all 52 issues.  Nice going, DC!

    I think I might be the most excited about Wonder Woman‘s creative team and the concept of DC Universe Presents.  

  2. love cliff chiang on wonder woman! but that face looks really weird on the cover… especially the nose

  3. @wangman31888  Dude, she’s Greek.  Seems about right to me.  

  4. Wallace and Krul have been very hit or miss for me on their past work. Those will be titles I wait for reviews on and maybe pick up the trade.

    Speaking of trades, any ideas on if DC will speed up their releases with this new model?

  5. I am most interested in Azz on WW. I just now realise how preverted that sounds.

  6. @ctrosejr  She does look Greek. That’s pretty good actually.

  7. Definitely Getting:

    DCU Presents (A nice ‘reboot’ of the Brave and the Bold line)

    Possibly getting:

    JLI (with Winick no where near the book I might give it a shot)

    Not Getting:

    Wonder Woman (Azzarello is hit and miss with me, good artist choice though)
    The Flash (If Manapul took forever to do issues before the reboot then it’ll be the same here)
    Fury of Firestorm (Don’t….care…about….the…character!)
    Green Arrow/Captain Atom (Lumped these two together because I will never, ever, never buy a book with Krul on it)
    Mister Teriffic (Nice he’s getting his own book, but I have no opinion on it whatsoever) 

  8. There’s a Hawkman book with Tony Daniel writing and Phillip Tan on art in that announcement too. I don’t know why, but there is. 

  9. Cliff Chiang guarantees I’ll be reading (or at the very least looking at) Wonder Woman.

    The Flash and Aquaman look very good, too.

    Mr. Terrific doesn’t look very terrific.

    JLI could be fun.

  10. There’s also a Hawkman bookm the Savage Hawkman, and with recent talk about a film with him, it looks like this book will work along that line. Must say that he does look pretty good.

    excited for Aquaman and Flash, and Wonder Woman has piqued my interest.

    I’m calling this now, that Batman in the JLI is Tim. His donning of the cape and cowl will be the big surprise in issue 10.

  11. @Slockhart  I saw that, too.  It sounds so terrible that it doesn’t deserve to be listed in this article.

  12. I guess i’m reading Wonder Woman…and the Flash…and Captain Atom…and JLI

  13. Interesting slew of books. JT Krul back on Green Arrow is an eyebrow raiser. And a Mr. Terrific book sounds great. Actually pretty jazzed about these. Though I am sad that JLI isn’t going to be Winnick penned.

  14. Glad to see Lopresti on JLI.  His last issue of Generation Lost was especially gorgeous.  Krul on Green Arrow, that’s kind of disappointing.  I haven’t enjoyed his work on the book much, but maybe that’s because of the Brightest Day status quo he was trapped in.  I think I enjoyed his work in the last few issues of GA before the renumbering, if that actually was him that wrote it, but I don’t recall.

  15. I’m excited about “Mr. Terrific” and the new “Justice League International” line-up (although I’m curious why they don’t just get Keith Giffen to write it). 

  16. @josh  Whew!  You didn’t think I was being a racist a-hole.  I was in fact commenting on the fact that she looks like she should.  

    Speaking of character re-designs: I think Booster Gold’s is the most interesting, Captain Atom’s the most radical.  I dig Mr. Terrific’s arm tattoo and new threads.

    Lastly, what’s going on with Firestorm???  Discuss! 

  17. Though, I do have one hope… can we let Mr. Terrific be the smartest man in the world instead of 3rd this go around, DC?

  18. I’m stunned that Judd Winick isn’t doing the JLI book, I was really looking forward to him continuing the magic of Generation Lost. 

    I’m nervous about the new writing team on Flash, I was excited about this book before things fell of the rails in the last few issues, and have no idea if FJM and Buccallato can write.  But the good thing about these being available digitally is I’m not going to worry about pre-ordering the DC books that I’m not totally sold on.  If I hear good things, I’ll buy them digitally, and if not, I won’t end up in a situation where I’ve already paid for a few issues I won’t want.

  19. @ctrosejr he’s the new captain planet.

  20. @stuclach  My bad! Just an oversight.

    Then again…

  21. Cliff Chiang on WW; Gail Simone on Firestorm, Johns on Aquaman, big 7 JLA.  I’m now much more psyched and much less apprehensive. Not happy about Tan on Hawkman, but at least he’s getting his book back.

  22. excited for Manapul Flash, Aquaman Justice League, and the DC Presents Deadman.but i hope its the like the early part of the last run. Kinda shocked about characters like Mr. Terrific getting their own book. 

  23. I would assume the really big announcements (A.K.A. the Batman and Superman families of books) will be last and probably have the surprise names on them. Though, short of throwing Bendis on a DC book, how much surprise could there be?

  24. @josh  I’m guessing the VAST majority of readers are going to miss Hawkman, too.

  25. Might consider buying one…but that’s stretching it.  I remember the announcement ages ago about James Robinson writing Hawkman and was looking forward to that.  Now, can’t pay me to pick it up.

  26. I’m definitly down for some Aquaman and Flash! Anybody know if Manapul has written anything before?

  27. I wonder if after Robinson let slip that he was working on a Hawkman book at a con last year they kicked him off it. I probably would have bought Hawkman if he was on it, now probably not.

  28. I really like green arrow’s new costume.

  29. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Wow. So, this is the sixth volume of Green Arrow, eh? Volume five only launched last June. And Flash is up to its fourth volume. My poor, poor longbox.

  30. @TheNextChampion  From most things I’ve heard it was Johns causing the delays on the Flash, not Manapul. (proof being a) the ton of inkers on GL because scripts came in late and b) Manapul is from most account very very fast)

    Sorry, get annoyed when artists get all the blame for every delay.

  31. @WeaklyRoll  Wanna bet?

  32. Wonder Woman and JLI are the only two on this list that strike me as interesting, but only because I’m hoping WW can finally get a strong ongoing. The other, well, it has Booster Gold.

  33. I don’t read 3/4 of these books…That’ll change come August.

  34. has anyone seen if any of these titles are going to be mini series, just to re establish this version of the character?

  35. Also I think that’s Donna Troy on the JLI cover.

  36. I like the DC Presents idea, and the Aquaman and Wonder Woman books sound exciting. I’m a little luke warm on these creative teams overall though. I think that if DC comes in at the right price point and digital distribution picks up a few new readers, we can see more variety in genre and more mid-level characters with their own book. I’m all for change and variety. 

  37. @actualbutt ya, i’ll throw a bet out there!

  38. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Is Rucka exclusive to Marvel with Punisher? Should I bother holding out hope that he’ll be working on an upcoming Batman book?

  39. I think the Hawkman creative team just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  40. @JeffR  I would not bother, no.

  41. I’m not completely sold on Booster’s new suit, but I will admit it looks a LOT more like high tech armor and less like a spandex super suit.

  42. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @conor  Damn.

  43. First three are the only ones I may get:

    Wonder Woman: Azzarello/Chiang? Hell yeah!
    Aquaman: Johns/Reis? Not a big Johns fan but I like Reis enough that this will be worth a #1 pickup.
    Flash: If Manapul can really do this on time, I’m interested. 

  44. Does that tattoo mean Mr. Terrific is going to start ending all his sentences with “brah?”

  45. I too am very disappointed that James Robinson isn’t writing Hawkman, as he’s in my top 5 DC characters.  When James R and Johns wrote Hawkman with art by Rags it was one of my favorite books (also it sold quite well). 

    That being said I’m looking forward to Aquaman.  I’m curious about Mr. Terrific b/c I really like that character, but I’m not digging the new costume, and it’ll be interesting to see if Cliff Chiang’s awesome art can get me to break down and buy a Wonder Woman book.  Sadly the rest of the titles don’t pique my interest.

  46. I’m Excited:
    Wonder Woman

    We’ll see:
    Captain Atom

    Green Arrow

  47. Well 7 out of 11.  Man Cliff Chiang on wonder woman.  Sold just on that alone.

  48. Bummed that Winick isn’t doing the JLI book. I’ve seen Jurgen with these characters in the 90s and… well, it’s not my favorite treatment of the characters. Also REALLY bummed about that really ugly looking Hawkman and the fact that Tony Daniel and not James Robinson is writing it.

    On the flip side — wow, I think Azzarello/Chiang on Wonder Woman is a gutsy move. Azz is not who I’d expect, and that actually excites me.

    Interested in checking out at least the first issues of Aquaman, Firestorm, Mr. Terrific, and DC Presents (though I would’ve preferred the rumored name “Strange Adventures”). The rest are kinda wait-n-see for me.

    Still, out of 10 books, that’s 5 that I’ll at least purchase once. And there are still 40-odd #1s to go!

  49. Ah comics fans.  How we can be so judgmental without ever reading one page. 

    I, for one, am pretty excited by these announcements.  I thought a few character/creator combos were interesting choices, but that’s sort of the point of a shake up, no?  Could you make the arguement that some of these are “safe” choices?  Yes, but at the same time, this is a business, and they probably don’t want to go completely out of their comfort zone.

    Let’s the remember that these books are starting with NO CONTINUITY.  I’m going to try out most of these despite prior disappointments with characters/creators because they are getting a chance to start over and do something new.  Who knows where they will take these characters?  That’s part of the fun. 

  50. I really hoped Winick would be writing JLI. If I had money maybe I would try all of these titles, as of right now only 5 really have me interested.

  51. So I guess Guy Gardner remains one of earth’s Green Lanterns.

  52. WW looks promising, but I am most excited for JLI!

  53. @Neb  They aren’t all with no continuity. But I agree unlatching the creators from the burden could be great.

  54. Oh sweet, maybe Green Arrow will be good no…what?  Still JT Krul?  FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU….

  55. @Neb

    Agreed. The ease in which it will be for readers to access these titles digitally makes every issue “worth a shot”. Great jumping on points for all.

  56. I think your final comments are a lil more shaded to your taste in comics more than the announcments.  The fact that I am stoked about Wonder Woman and Aquaman is a HUGE thing considering their past history.  Also hints of Gail Simone on Firestorm would be a big improvement overall for the character.  JLI I have never read before, but GLost made me interested with what they do with that team and of course FLASH reboots are all the rage right now…lol

  57. @Neb  – I see your point. I don’t like seeing negativity either. But most people aren’t being judgemental or negative. But rather, they’re trying to predict something based on past history.

    It happens everyday. It happens on wall street, it happens before the baseball season, NFL draft, etc etc … I think as consumers, we have some right to try to gage what we’d like to buy, and distribute our money towards that.

    The only one I’m dissapointed in is Hawkman and Green arrow. I think Hawkman needs a reboot by a veteran writer like James Robinson and artist like Finch. I like JT Krul a lot, both as a writer and person. But I do feel like he needs to work on something else other than GA. His GA, red arrow, and recent stuff have not been as good as his Titans book. 

  58. The most boring member of The JSA gets his own book. WTF?

  59. Looks like a lot of new titles/concepts. Very exciting to have lots of new choices.

  60. Anyone getting a Wolverine since out of the Hawkman image?  Not just the 3 blades sticking out of the shield, but the Hawkman helmet looks a lot like exaggerated Wolvie hair.

  61. I’ll continue reading WW, but ones that caught my attention is Firestorm and Capt Atom.  Firestorm is a definite read!

  62. I wish DC would just put out their books on time…Dark Knight, Batman Europa & Batwoman. Is this an elaborate cover-up for failing to bring those books to market? 😉

  63. @PotatoPope  *Wolverine vibe out of the Hawkman Image*

  64. What’s with DC’s big push to make artists into writers recently?

  65. Finally, a Mr. Terrific book. Comics is saved!

  66. I’ve enjoyed Green Arrow, I think this reboot may allow some different stories to be told not tied to Rise and Fall, Brightest Day, etc.

    Flash is a given for me, as well as JLI

  67. I’m looking for a Robinson on JSA announcement.  Or on a Stargirl book.  Hawkman sounds terrible.  Firestorm bores me beyond belief.

    I guess that’s the bright point of the reboot.  Maybe firestorm won’t bore me anymore.  But I still won’t read a Daniel/Tan team-up. 

  68. I have to imagine that Judd Winick is going to be writing another big name book that hasn’t been anounced here.  I don’t really like his work but Generation Lost was great, I was really hoping DC would have him write JLI.

  69. Oh boy, I’m all over that Aquaman book.

  70. First let me say Green Arrows costume is the coolest change in my opinion.

    I be picking up Aquaman, Flash, and the Deadman storyline, possibly Green Arrow too.

    I extremely doubt it but if their 99cents an issue ill buy every comic. This is exciting for me!!!!

  71. I was really hoping Green Arrow would get a fresh start with a new team, cos Krul just isn’t doing it for me. Maybe it will be better without the Brightest Day baggage? I hope so.

  72. @AmirCat  I see your point, and hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  It just bothers me to read people being so reactive to some of the creators that were paired with characters.

    I just think that people should be open minded and accepting.  Just because some creators struggled with a character before doesn’t mean that they may not hit a home run with this new series. 

    I also think about that comic fan that’s interested in jumping on comics with this new launch.  They’re on the site getting info, thinking about what they buy.  They see the image of Hawkman or Green Arrow or whatever, and think, “Hey, that looks pretty cool.”  Then, they read the comments, and people are basically talking them out of something that isn’t even out yet.

    Call me crazy, but all of these titles have the potential to be great.  Let’s celebrate that instead of making judgements.

  73. I waffle between being wildly excited over all of this and flipping through the stages of grief.  Essentially I think the different maturity levels of my comic fandom are warring with themselves, a thought which, when I shared it with my wife last night, made her advise me that I either share it here or never mention it again (and I married geek).  I buy once a month via DCBS and if they throw some kind of ‘every #1 is 1.49 or .99’ sale I will be a giant whore and buy them all, but here’s my ranking of the first 11 announced.

    1. Justice League – for the 3 issues this will be on time and drawn by Jim Lee it will be amazing, but Geoff Johns on what should be the DCU flagship book is right

    2. Aquaman – my favorite parts of Brightest Day were Deadman and Aquaman and seeing the Blackest Night team take it on…I’m excited about Aquaman as a title for the first time in 20 years of comic reading

    3. Justice League International – disappointed its not Winick, but hoping the JLGL magic keeps going…though in a totally new continuity free world (sound of head exploding)

    4. DCU Presents – an anthology series that keeps the spotlight on different corners of the DCU is exactly what’s needed, but coming out of Brightest Day it’d have made more sense to me for Deadman to have his own book than Mr. Terrific

    5. Wonder Woman – based not so much on Azzarello’s writing (which I’ve never loved) but entirely on Chiang’s art

    6. The Fury of Firestorm – I think this is a character that benefits from a redesigned origin and coming out of Brightest Day could be a sleeper hit, if its Simone doing more of the writing than Van Sciver

    7. The Flash – artists writing (with a few exceptions) almost always ends up going badly and Manipul wasn’t making his deadlines before…really disappointed in this team.  You’d think since the Flash ended the last DCU he’d have a stronger part in the new one…

    8. Green Arrow – my second favorite DCU character behind Bats, but I dropped it before because of Krul

    9. Captain Atom – really loved him in JLGL; really love the redesign; really don’t like Krul

    10. Mr. Terrific – some of these have to be minis because this character cannot sustain an ongoing and if he was going to, they didn’t put a team on it to draw new readers in, I like the character but this is to me the biggest surprise

    11. Hawkman- Tony Daniel’s writing made me drop Batman for the first time in my life, so when you pair that with Phillip Tan’s art you get the stuff (wait for it) to line birdcages with….I’m tired, alright?

  74. I’m kind of sad that Blue Beetle isn’t in that JLI cover, but there is a lot of interesting characters and I definitely will pick it up.

  75. On the JLI cover, anyone know who the dude with the trident looking staff is and the woman in the far lower left corner in black and yellow?  I’m only on the first trade in JLI and I don’t recall seeing them before, if they’re older characters.

  76. With Ivan Reis on the art Aquaman that is going to be a top title. I loved Manapul on Flash, but writing it…? I’m not sure about that. Most of how much I get into these number one issues is going to depend on how they handle the Batbooks… If they mess up what is currently going on it will drastically sour my taste of everything else. Does anyone know what is going to happen to Batman Inc.?

  77. Hmm, no Beetle, Ted or Jamie, on JLI.

    If only the stars would align and we could get a Rucka penned Vic and Rene Question book….

  78. I’m intrigued by all this. I won’t make any decisions on what I will or won’t be getting until these books actually release. I will say that WW, and Aquaman are insta-buys based upon the creative teams. All the others seems interesting if we are judging on the picture alone.

    The Hawkman cover has me giddy. He looks like a bad ass, almost wolverine-like as someoone pointed out.

  79. @lifesend the guy with the trident is one of the DC Chinese super heroes from the Great Ten. I believe he is the August General in Iron. The other character reminds me of Donna Troy, but I have no idea to be honest.

  80. I am so excited about all of this!  I couldn’t be happier.  That doesn’t mean that every title will be great, but I am hopeful – and gratified that DC is willing to take such risks.  I suspect that in September, I will probably try out most of the DC titles on my new iPad.  I’ll see what I like – it’s not like I’m locked in by a subscription pull list.  I’m so glad that Aquaman is getting his own book again.  Also glad that Hawkman is too – I just hope that Hawkgirl is a part of the plan.  I love Green Lantern, and hated to have dropped the most recent incarnation.  I didn’t like how he was portrayed.  Ready for a fresh start with him.  Really stoked about JLI – love that team.  I wonder if the Batman in JLI is Dick?  I hope it is – and I hope he stays on as one of the Batmen.  DC Universe Presents looks really cool.

  81. Wow. Impressive. I’m super pumped about Wonder Woman (never really expected to say that), Aquaman, and JLI. Flash and Firestorm look very intriguing but I’ve been burned by artists becoming writers in the past (i.e.: Tony Daniel) so we’ll see. Mr. Terrific, Captain Atom, and DC Universe Presents all look like they could have potential. I dunno about Green Arrow – I didn’t really like what Krul did with him last time. And very disappointed in Hawkman. I’ll give it a shot, but I would’ve put a much bigger name to re-establish Hawkman as a “tentpole” within the DCU.

  82. Also, I think that Firestorm cover is probably our biggest hint yet that the previous continuity isn’t going to be completely wiped away, since it looks like we’ve got both Ronnie and Jason versions of the character right there. If this was a complete reboot, that complicated backstory seems like it would’ve been one of the first things to go.

  83. please tell me red robin and batgirl wont change

  84. Man I’m kind of heart broken that Johns isn’t writing Flash. That brief “ongoing” was great. And damn, I thought Winick was writing JLI. I guess that’s one book I won’t be getting.

  85. Aww what kind of BS is this? I would have thought that Winick would be a shoe-in for JLI after making Generation Lost THE best book that DC put out in recent years! Going to have to pass on it.

    Wonder Woman is a must get, since you really can’t do much better than this creative team combo (That Grant Morrison rumor sounded nice, though). I want to get a Doctor Thirteen trade, since it won’t necessarily be the same tone, but it’ll give a good idea on how these two worked together in the past.

    I’ll check out Captain Atom by JT Krul, but not his Green Arrow. I was really impressed with the way he handled Teen Titans and more or less brought that series out of the gutter. However, his take on Green Arrow is pretty mediocre, so I doubt that’ll change.

    I don’t care what the title is…if Gail Simone is writing, I’m buying.


  86. I’m betting on a brand new Blue Beetle book with Jamie Reyes. He’s one of the most popular replacement characters in recent history and a popular minority character. Seeing that diversity is being touted as main draw to the relaunch, I predict an ongoing. Perhaps that’s where Winnick is headed?

  87. Well, I’m already sold on 6 out of 10, so my pull list just grew another 4 titles!  (Flash and Green Arrow were there already.)  JLI and Captain Atom are gimmes for me–if DC wants me to start buying any series, all they need to do is have Judd Winick write about those characters for a while.  I become completely invested in them and will follow them ever after!  (At least until some writer I really don’t dig gets their hands on them.)

    Does anyone else wonder about JLA changing hands only a year after James Robinson announced that both he as writer and the lineup of the team itself were guaranteed to remain consistent for at least 2 years?   Not that I’m complaining–I love Robinson but will take Geoff Johns on any book he feels like writing!

  88. 7 out of 10 get an immediate try out of me.

    I am kind of slightly underwhelmed with the creative teams, as these are pretty much all DC regulars right now.

    Hopefully we’ll be seeing a little shock and awe in the coming weeks on the other 40.

    I definitely applaud the outside the box thinking with Azz on WW.  I’d like to see more of this. 

  89. Looks good so far, although doesn’t Dan Jurgens usually write? Didn’t know he was an artist?

    So do I even need to bother reading any DC book outside of Flashpoint stuff and Green Lantern books now since everything is rebooted in Sept? Seems like all I need to read now are those and everything else will be fresh and new after Flashpoint is over.

  90. @redlibertyx  Thanks.  Maybe the female is Lois Lane.  If anyone deserves an upgrade to superhero status, she’s a quality candidate.

    @evangelion11  I have a feeling Red Robin is over and the new Batgirl, rumors say, will be Barbara Gordon.  Just when I’ve grown fond of Stephanie *sigh*.

  91. On the subject of “negativity” with these announcements, here’s the thing: all we have is a creative team and a title/character. It’s perfectly FINE to manage our expectations from THAT, when that’s all we’re given.

    I don’t keep buying Dan Brown books because I don’t like his previous works. That said, if I read astoundingly good reviews for a new novel, I MIGHT check it out in the store. But just based on his name? No.

    It’s also fair for people to be excited if they see a creator’s name they LIKE.

    I don’t see many folks here bashing DC for this announcement. I just see people managing their expectations based on the KNOWN facts. Dan Jurgens could find a GREAT take on the JLI. But I’ve read  LOT of Dan Jurgens Superman and JLA in the 90s, and I’ve got a pretty fair idea of how he is as a writer. It’s generally not to my taste. So… that’s a step down from Winick on a JLI book.

    I don’t think anyone’s overly reactionary here. Most people are just ranking their excitement based on creator/title match-ups.

  92. @IroncladMerc  Dan Jurgens has been both writing and drawing comics for decades.

  93. Awesome Azzarello on Wonder Woman! LOL this is exciting I’m not a DC guy but I love the characters and I’m glad I can finally get stories where I don’t have to read a billion other titles to understand the new ones. This may tip my pull list in favor of DC (uh oh!). That will never happen I’m a freaking Marvelite!!!

  94. After the scope of the announcement and Lee/Johns JLA, these are pretty blah. While i certainly can’t say specifically if these will be good, i can say that I have not yet liked anything Krul, Simone or Daniel have written so far, so why would i expect that to be different. Manapul and Van sciver have nothing to judge them on except i have read plenty of interviews and panels with van sciver and i know i dont like what he has to say, and i dont respond to the same things he says he responds to. far more often than not that means i wont respond to the stories he writes. Jurgens is far more miss than hit as is jenkins these days. that leaves 2 solid creative teams (aquaman & ww, both of which are characters i try with damn near every reboot and have yet to last more than a year on any but byrne ww) 2 that are pretty unknown (flash & mister terrific and i have seriously no interest in mister terrific) and 6 with creative teams i avoid. I hope future announcements will be a little better and not just the same writers i dont read now on new books. Hoping we see more snyder and lemiere on big titles. lets get art & franco on real superhero books, get john layman and cullen bunn and guys who are kicking ass on indy books. simone, krul and jurgens are not the bold new direction i was expecting.

    on the plus side if i hear any of them are good after the fact, i can try the book digitally to see if i like it. Im still excited a bout all this, just not these books

  95. @lifesend  I think that the real question is how and where will Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown be after this comes to fruition?  (and Damien too)

    Exciting time to be reading comics!

  96. People. Azz and Chiang on Wonder Woman. This is very awesome.

  97. @MisterJ  True.  I think Tim will be around as Robin and maybe Stephanie as a love interest.  The whole de-aging process everyone will go through has me worried that Damian may not be around for long, because if Bruce is too young Damian’s existence may be a bit difficult, but not impossible, to explain.  I hope that isn’t true, as DC has to realize the goldmine of stories this kid offers readers.  But yeah, whatever happens, this is a really exciting time to be a comics fan.

  98. Definetley getting

    Wonder Woman(Chiang on WW is a  brilliant idea)
    Firestorm(i’d buy anything with Gail Simone’s name on it)   


    Justice League International- I liked generation lost, but it wasn’t mind-blowing.
    Flash-I love Manapul’s art;unsure how he’ll handle writing.      
    Mr. Terrific-I was a bit burned by Wallace’s work on Titans, but like mr. terrific’s character.  
    Captain Atom

    Don’t Care

    Green Arrow-Not  really a fan of Jurgens’s art.
    Hawkman- as much i love Hawkman, not as sold on Tan’s art.
    DC universe Presents         

  99. @lifesend  Exactly, with the ‘de-aging’ the fate of all the young/legacy characters is kinda up in the air.  Many of these characters are very compelling, but in all honesty, Damien is the only one that actually shifted the paradigm and really rocked the boat. (well maybe Connor Kent, due to his strange parentage)

    Note:  The above is not a slam against any of DC’s legacy characters.

  100. Sadly I probably won’t be buying any DC for first few months of this. I like the characters I’m reading now, in my mind they aren’t broke so I don’t understand the need to fix them. I’m not mad at DC for this however, I wish them the best of luck and as I hear/see interesting things about what they are doing I will trickle back in but to me this is pretty much the a Publisher wide equivalent to a new team coming on  some title. I always back off then wait and see. On the bright side this will put alot of money in my pocket to invest in trades for a few months maybe even buy a tablet to pick up new DC in digital format as I come back.

  101. I think people need to remember that this is only the first ten announcements. I would also imagine these are more of the B, C level books then the main draw. So I’m sure the bigger characters will get even more impressive creative teams.

  102. no winick on JLI im crying

  103. Hmmm, I wonder how that “Search for Swamp-thing” story will work now.  Does that sort of overlap the re-launch?  That would mean we have two clearly different DCU’s at the same time and doesnt exactly scream “clear jumping on point” that has been presented thus far.  Anyone know when that mini is supposed to wrap up?

  104. @MikefromGotham  I hope we get a Swamp Thing ongoing with a good creative team.

  105. And honestly, I think I’m willing to try most of those, with the exception of Hawkman which never really appealed to me anyway.

  106. @RocketRacoon  I hadn’t thought of that Rocket, that would be cool.  If that happens maybe all the Vertigo titles shift into the DCU totally, instead of just a few characters like Constantine, Swampie and DEath.  Who knows at this point? lol.

  107. Plan to buy
    Wonder Woman

    Possibly  buy
    Dc Universe Presents
    Hawkman…only cause of the character, not really fond of the team. I will flip through in the store

    Won’t buy
    Green Arrow
    Mr. Terrific
    Captain Atom

  108. @conor @josh

    How about iFanboy throws up a mock Pull List for these new DC titles?
    It’d be really interesting to see iFanboy staff and iFanboy users’ reactions based on the announcements. Plus it’d be fun to look back on a year or so from now.

  109. @Smasher  Boy, there’s a lot of coding involved in that.

  110. @conor It’s ok, we’ll wait. j/k
  111. That’s a promising bunch of titles. But I don’t see Firestorm, Hawkman, Mr. Terrific, or Captain Atom making it to 24 issues, which is sad. I hope I am wrong.

    How many ongoing series does DC currently publish? It can’t be 52, that sounds really high. How long until this 52 becomes 42? 32? Will this curtail events for a while (please Lord please!)?

  112. I’ll buy anything Manapul draws, and I’m not too sad to see Johns leave as writer since the book went straight to hell after the first arc.  I couldn’t care less about the buildup to Flashpoint, or the event itself, and I felt I was robbed of what could have been a second great story arc.  So I’m excited for The Flash, even if it is the second Flash #1 in less than 2 years.   Kind of tired of that.  Also, who’s wearing the Flash costume post-Flashpoint, what’s happening to the rest of the Flash family?

    Wonder Woman actually sounds & looks good enough to make me buy a Wonder Woman book for the first time, ever.  The rest are kind of blah for me, as I couldn’t care less about most of the other characters.  DCU Presents is a fanastic idea though.  Is it me, or should they have ressurected a title like Showcase or Adventure Comics for an anthology series?   And no matter how it’s delievered or how good it is, I can’t believe that a Hawkman, Mr. Terrific, Captain Atom or Firestorm series can last most than 4 issues.  

    Still waiting to see what happens to Snyder’s amazing run on Detective Comics, and if the long-awaited Batwoman is on this list. 

  113. That cover to Aquaman looks sick. Must…own…

  114. @kennyg I had asked that same question the other day. Conor told me they publish about 40 or so, so the jump to 52 is pretty significant.

  115. Not sure about Mr. Terrific. Looks like this is one of the titles that they came up with when trying to reach 52 titles (“I know! Let’s give every member of the JSA their own title to get to 52!”).

  116. Azzarello on Wonder Woman? Sounds Awesome!

  117. I’m SO excited for Wonder Woman & Aquaman!

    I was hoping for Winick on JLI, but Jurgens can be good. 

    I’ll give Flash a shot, but Manapul on both duties…not sure. 

    Interested in Green Aroow & Captain Atom but….not a fan of Krul.

  118. Pumped for WW and Aquaman. PUMPED!!

    The Firestorm cover has me intrigued. Looks like we may have to Firestorms. I’ll give it a shot.

    I think I’ll give JLI a shot.

    Hell, I may even pick up Hawkman just to see if any other X-Men make an appearance.

    I’ll be dropping Flash unless it’s Wally (unlikely). And it looks like I’ll be dropping GA too. I’ve given Krul enough time to impress me.

    I’m likin this move so far. Keep ’em comin’.

  119. I always thought Mr. Terrific was one of the coolest looking guys in the dcu but I am really not digging his new look

  120. Letting artists write or co-write books? It’s Image all over again. Great …

  121. I was really hoping Green Arrow would get a new writer. Not been a fan of Krul’s run so far.

  122. so within a year we are getting another #1 Flash, another restart to Green Arrow and another restart to WW? DC trying to suck wallets dry @2.99 per book. 52×2.99=$155.48. I can see DC’s marketing plan is that #1 issues sell way better than other books, so lets renumber our books to 1 and make some extra cash. Is Flash going to be on time or can I expect delays? Only excited for Aquaman. Seems Johns and Reis are going to work through all the DC heavy hitters.

    Any word on Plasticman #1 or Wonder twins #1?

  123. hate to be a hater but not one of those appeals to me. Very disappointing that Judd Winick isn’t getting to write the JLI book after the great job he did setting it all up on Generation Lost. 

    What the world needs is not more JT Krul, please. I guess they aren’t able to magically create more talent out of thin air but still.

  124. Love to be a lover and all of these appeal to me.

  125. Aquaman, Flash and JLI from these..

  126. Oh man, I’m super bummed that Winick is not writing JLI. Then again, I do have a soft spot for Jurgens, so I’ll check it out. I’m most excited about Aquaman, which I haven’t read since the Peter David days.

  127. Jurgens – average writer 25 years ago, beyond mediocre now. Sorry Dan, I read Booster back in the day now but nothing suggests a Dan Jurgens book is gonna appeal to folks in 2011.

  128. JLA, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are for me. Firestorm’s a maybe. The rest, not so much.

  129. @Bluestreak  “Letting artists write” is not always a bad thing. It worked out just fine when they let John Byrne write the Fantastic Four. And when they let Keith Giffin write the JLI. And when they let Jack Kirby write all those New Gods books at DC. And when Erik Larsen wrote Savage dragon. And when Frank Miller wrote Daredevil and Batman. And when Paul Chadwick wrote Concrete. And hundreds of other examples people could come up with. The problem isn’t letting artists write. The problem is letting artists with no writing ability write. 

  130. @TheNextChampion  It’s already been said, but Francis Manapul is not the reason Flash was late. The dude can draw super fast. Didn’t you ever see that TV show he was on about monsters that was on Syfy? The dude draws like in fast forward. 

  131. Ugh. I wanted to limit my DC pull list to about 5 titles. I already want JLA, Wonder Woman, Flash and possibly JLI. And they still haven’t announced the Batman and Superman books. This is going to be rough trying to decide what to get!

  132. I’m alot less thrilled now. These redesigns feel just like the Heroes Reborn designs. Although Manapul’s version of the new Flash costume is looking alot better than Lee’s

  133. @y2kkev  i really like the Wonder Woman costume. Looks like something she would theoretically wear while kicking ass. The Green Arrow one is pretty good, too. always liked Ollie in a hood.

  134. Wait a minute….artists doing writing duties? Hawkman looking like something out of Ron Marz’s wet dreams? Oh my God, DC is trying to bring back the 90’s!

  135. @tomistommy  Artists have also been writing as long as there have been comics. The problem isn’t writer/artists. The problem is BAD writer/artists.

  136. A strong case can be made that people who ONLY write produce far less great comics than writer/artists. Looking at the ‘comics canon’, the only real comics auteurs who just write are Moore and Morrison. That’s it. vs Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, Hal Foster, Art Spiegelman, George Herriman, Mike Mignola, Los Bros Hernandez and on and on. It’s only in the fast deadline world of Marvel and DC that those who only write can really thrive.

  137. @JohnVFerrigno, Conor and OCrmac. Of course there are lots of great writer/artists but what reason has anyone given me to believe that Finch, Manapul and van Sciver can write and more than that, be given flagship properties? Have they produced their own independent comics like Tony Daniels (even though i’m not personally a fan)?

  138. @Bluestreak  Well, I think Van Sciver did at least. But yeah, I have no interest in these guys as writers without seeing some of it. But then I have next-to-no interest in these books anyway. 

    It just occurred to me that this probably puts Morrison’s Multiversity on hold again, damn. 

  139. @Cormac the only refernec ei could find to something he has written was something he created when he was 19 called Cyberfrog….

  140. I guess Ron’s X-men wishes won’t be coming true. The Deadman arc looks interesting.

  141. If one of these next 40 or so #1 issues does not include the J.H. Williams and co. Batwoman book I will weep.

  142. @Bluestreak  Just because he hasn’t written something before doesn’t mean he can’t write. Obviously he sold an editor on the idea he could write. This is the biggest move DC has made in 30 years. I highly doubt they are going to use all of the attention to put out mediocre books. 

  143. @JohnVFerringo – Yes he sold an editor on it. the same editors who have okayed Amazon Attacks, World War 3, Countdown, Bilson and Dimeo on Flash, Heinberg on WW, Picoult on WW, JMS on WW, JMS on Superman etc etc etc
    Maybe he can write but I’m making the call on what is publically available to me and based on that I think it is a mistake.
    This is the biggest move DC has made in 30 years. I highly doubt they are going to use all of the attention to put out mediocre books.”
    Yeah, i don’t think people try to put out medicore books. if they did it would be easy to fix – all they’d have to do is try to put out good books. it is far more worrying that DC thinks the dreck they have been putting out (see above) are good books.

  144. @Bluestreak  Of course you have no reason to believe that these particular writer/artists will make good stories… but you have no reason to believe they won’t, either. Personally, I like to give most people the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves otherwise.

  145. I’m definately down for Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash.  JLI and maybe Captain Atom have my interest.  Everything else features characters and/or creators I’m not interested in enough.  But that’s fine so far, I never expected to by wowed by all 52 titles.

    I’m glad they’re sticking with the basics of Wonder Woman’s new costume.  Her classic outfit was always too unappealing to me to even consider trying her book (it had sex appeal I suppose, but I couldn’t take the character seriously).  It also bodes well that they’re serious a lot of these recent and upcoming changes.

  146. @y2kkev this DOES feel like Heroes Reborn!  Do we get a girl Jimmy Olson?  Will Liefeld replace Lee when Lee falls behind, in a final act of revenge?

  147. I would take a look at Hawkman and Captain Atom. The rest will all be stuff I’ll have to check out in the store to see if I like.

  148. @Bluestreak  The only books you mentioned that I personally read were the Bilson/Dimeo Flash book and the Picoult Wonder Woman book, and I enjoyed both of them

  149. I can see most of the stuff on here on DC’s first digital $.99 clearance sale a year from now except Aquaman just cuz Johns is on it.

  150. @ conor. I hope it will be good (I never hope for something to be bad) but I’m just sceptical. Brevoort often gets panned on formspring for only accepting submissions from writers who have proven that they can deliver a finished product. For my part I think that is a good principle to work by. Giving a flagship book to unproven writers when you are taking a risk like this seems unwise

  151. Im looking forward to seeing what they do for these titles at the relaunch.   If I can figure out how to to get these on my Nook, I’ll read every title on here for the first month to try it out and go from there.   Of these, Im rather expecting to like Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow and Justice League International.  I’m curious enough about Mister Terrific and Captain Atom to try them during their first arcs.   I want to like Hawkman and Wonder Woman but those tend to be hit or miss for me.   I’ve wanted a DC Universe anthology for a long time, but Im praying that DC keeps the anthology arcs short.  They’re going to lose me if I dislike the leading character for 6 issues.   Keep the arcs two or three issues apiece and I’ll stick through most stories.

  152. This is exciting stuff!!! First reaction is I will be picking up Wonder Woman, Aquaman and DC Universe Presents… I’m going digital, Yo!!!!!!

  153. @JohnVFerrigno  That may be true and more power to you, but you would have to concede that you were in the minority

  154. So, why 52? Four per week? That number itself and their caginess about the “New DCU” leaves me a bit skeptical that this is some kind of stunt. I mean, it’s certainly some kind of stunt, I’m just not yet sure exactly what kind. 😛

  155. Not sure what the problem is with that. If you’re going to do a publicity stunt, the bigger the better. 

  156. Well these books all sound very safe for DC, way to mix it up guys!

    Shame to see Hawkman in a solo series… wouldn’t this imply that his continuity regarding the current wareabouts of Hawkgirl are still in place?

    Again, annoying Guy is in the JLI. Thought they were going to use this whole gimmick to thin out the continuity and make books more accessible – “each sector can only have two Green Lanterns… except Earth, which has four.”

  157. I like giving Manapul and Van Sciver a shot way more than doubling up on Krul.  I just feel like his writing is so mediocore.  Although I like that the Green Arrow costume is pretty similar to the Smallville costume.

  158. I’m probably the only one excited about a new Firestorm book. Despite the great creative team I won’t get the new Aquaman becasue I never really cared for the character. I also like the new Wonder Woman look.

  159. Never written to a blog before so here goes. I have been a fan of DC comics since the early 1960’s. Unlike most fans my age I don’t hate change as long as it’s good and true to the characters I love. I was not a fan of the whole dark and brooding superhero era. I like to know if I am supposed root for the “hero” to win or lose. I don’t mind tweeks and changes to streamline a character’s history but I don’t think it’s necessary to completely negate a character’s past to do this. Green Lantern, Flash, and Starman proved that you can revamp a character that had become totally screwed up while respecting the years of history that have gone before. A good writer can do this. If you are going to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch why not just create a new character and leave the old one alone. Completely erasing the old, good or bad, makes me feel betrayed.

    That having been said some characters are so convoluted they can only benefit from a complete revamp. As an on-again off-again reader I have absolutely no idea who Troia (Wonder Girl?), Aquaman, Hawkman, or Power Girl are supposed to be even though I do like the characters. They could use new streamlined origins.

    Also is it really necessary to de-age heros? I find that insulting. Can’t we just accept that everyone (at least all of the major characters) are always in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties and leave it at that. This is comicbooks folks, it’s SUPPOSED to be a fantasy. I certainly hope the Justice Society finds a place in the “new” DCU. I enjoyed the mix of old and new, the sense of history, the mentors and their students. Did anyone ever care or worry about exactly what age Zorro, the Lone Ranger, or Sherlock Holmes were?

    Some final thoughts from an olde tyme fan;

    DC – I am okay with change but don’t ignore or be embarrased by history. History in the right hands can be fun. Costume changes and updates are as American as superheros and apple pie don’t sweat it.

    On that note, what’s wrong with sexy female costumes? You’ve already gotten rid of high heels please don’t get rid of bare legs or (perish the thought) fish nets! If you’re trying to be more practical isn’t Wonder Woman’s new strapless bustier top just as stupid? Isn’t that just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen? And what’s up with all the nazi SS collars (Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman)? Because to me nothing screams new and updated like a Nehru jacket!

    I will wait and see if you badly screw up any of my favorites. I already HATE everything you’ve done with Wonder Woman. Sorry folks but it sucks starting with the costume. But I am excited about some of the other changes I’ve read. One thing I beg of you – DON’T change Superman too much! PLEASE don’t undo Lois and Clark’s marriage! Can we please have at least one happily married superhero. And please DO use this opportunity to bring Chloe fully integrated into Superman’s history. She was the one good thing that came out of that unfortunate TV series.

    I am not even remotely interested in digital books. When you stop printing paper books you will lose me forever.

    Like all of my beloved 1960’s heros I will remain optimistic. I will continue to read my old favorites (unless you completely screw them up – yes, I mean you Wonder Woman) and I will try out some new ones.

  160. @JesTr  actually back in the 80s Firestorm was one of my favorite books along with Captain Atom, so I’m happy both are getting their own books now.

  161. If Mr. Terrific gets a book, then The Phantom Stranger, The Spectre, Deadman and a whole bunch of other guys deserve one as well. 

  162. I have super mixed feelings about this. so does this mean everything we’v read is just crap thrown out the window?

  163. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @FoeApple  Check out today’s list of Green Lantern #1s for an answer (No). 

  164. Looking forward to  Aquaman, Wonder Woman, DCU Presents and maybe JLI. But, why does DC let unproven artists write big titles?! Cuz, Batman and Batman: Dark Knight were just beacons of excellence (sarcasm). Not everyone can be a Giffen, Jurgens or Palmiotti! though, I did like EVS’s “cyber frog” as a kid. I see most of those books getting canceled rather quickly.

  165. @Cormac: I don’t particularly have a “problem” with it. I was just skeptical that 52 was some sort of magic number. Apparently it’s the number of worlds in the DCU or nuDCU. I thought it was some sort of tie-in with “52” the event, which I didn’t buy and wasn’t interested in. Friends of mine who did purchase all 52 weekly issues were quite disappointed. On the other hand, I absolutely loved Wednesday Comics. So much so that I bought both versions (the oversized hardcover and the original “issues”). I’m not sure how many titles DC currently publishes, but from looking at their site over the last few years, I’d say 13 a week is about normal.


  166. My pulls are:
    Wonder Woman
    Batman with Snyder

    Maybes are:

    That’s still less than I was getting before

  167. @player1  One thing to remember: no-one ever said all of these were actually going to hit in September. They just said ‘starting FROM September’, I believe. So if they are not completely mad, and the usual number of unintentional scheduling SNAFUs occur, we won’t see many of the new books ’til October or later. 

  168. Ever since Judd Winick had what would have been technically a successful 2 year run on Justice League International, I wonder if he was initially offered the book.

  169. Oddly enough the Mr. Terrific cover is getting it a purchase, hopefully it’s good. Now please tell me why Hawkman gets this kind of treatment! Geoff Johns’ run was good and a simple enough solution to his history. Geoff himself loves the character so why does he get stuck with Daniel,Tan, and a god awful redesign! I will buy the first issue and hope for a miracle.  

  170. @ccarney WW has been canceled and restarted SO many times! The original, the Perez reboot, the infinite crisis reboot, the Jms redo so just get used to it. As a hardcore WW & Legion fan I’ve accepted this as a way of life.

  171. Poor Wonder Woman, DC just can’t get her right. I’m sure I’ll pick it up, but I didn’t enjoy Azz when he was on Batman. Not sure how I feel about him writing. Firestorm, JL and JLI I’ll give a try.

  172. So… Is JLI and JL going to be going on during the same time?? Why would batman be on both teams when we know Bruce will be the ONLY Batman in September… :S

  173. Who the hell at DC gave Tony Daniels a typewriter?  His sense of dialogue is almost good enough to write made for Lifetime movies, but not quite.  He can draw passably well, but writing?  I don’t buy anything he does anymore, so he IS saving me the occasional $2.99—guess I owe him for helping out with the budget, but…

  174. A lot of good writers and artists are out of a job cause of this stunt and why I love seeing new talent emerge as its the way of the world its the kind of corporate move that drives the heart out of comics. 
    That being said I’m still pretty interested in a few titles and love the classics and heavy hitters like Batman and Supes, I love the obscure characters and always have, especially when written and drawn well. I’d rather see many characters over half of what they got lined up…..I’m betting the reboot will test the waters for what works and what doesn’t and titles not selling will be faded away fast and quickly replaced with others from the plethora of characters the DCU has to choose from. Lets forget about big gimmicky crossovers for a minute too while we’re at it and focus on top notch story arcs that will be collected into must have trades.      JSAkid,out……..P.S. SWAMP THING!!!!!!! 

  175. With an avatar name of “CarterHall” you all must know that I was ecstatic to hear there’d be a new Hawkman series….and then I saw the creative team. SIGH. I’m not gonna badmouth the creators – I’m sure they’re cool people; I just don’t really enjoy their work. Tony Daniel’s Batman is always hit or miss with me (I dislike more issues than I actually like) and I just can’t get into Philip Tan’s art. I’m going to give the first three issues a try anyway to be fair (because with an avatar name of “CarterHall”…) but I’m really not expecting much. Hope to be pleasantly surprised.

  176. Man, Geoff & reis on aquaman? What a waste.
    Aquaman shouldve stayed dead. Having Geoff & Reid on superman would’ve been perfect, and have captain marvel return with superman’s scheduled writer & artist.

  177. I like Manapul’s Flash even if he has dragged issues in the past. Mr. Terrific looks verrry interesting, it’s nice that they finally gave him a book, I’d probably pick up Captain Atom but I don’t really have much expectations for it as for JLI, I’m not too big on Justice League stories tbh. Haven’t read much of wondar woman but maybe this is a time to start.

  178. I like Manapul’s Flash even if he has dragged issues in the past. Mr. Terrific looks verrry interesting, it’s nice that they finally gave him a book, I’d probably pick up Captain Atom but I don’t really have much expectations for it as for JLI, I’m not too big on Justice League stories tbh. Haven’t read much of wonder woman but maybe this is a time to start.