Chris Evans is Captain America

After a weekend full of speculation and Sturm and Drang, The Hollywood Reporter says it’s official: Chris Evans has accepted the role or Steve Rogers, Captain America.

Word is that the Captain America role contractually requires appearances in nine Marvel films, the first of which is The First Avenger: Captain America. As for Chris Evans himself, I am cautiously optimistic. I certainly don’t hate him in the role like I would have some of the other names that were bandied about. I think he can probably do it: Evans is a solid and charming actor. Going all the way back to 2006 when we had the “Cast the Avengers” contest, I’ve said that finding the perfect actor to play Steve Rogers is probably near impossible. Chris Evans is probably a good choice. The true test will come once we see some film.


  1. Congratulations to him, I wish him all the best.

  2. Sweet! I’m totally okay with that.

  3. I’ll give him a shot. No one thought Downey could be Stark until we saw Iron Man so this could be the same.

  4. He seems like he would make a better Bucky. Evans doesn’t strike me as a wise father figure(CA), but rather as a fun-loving hooligan.

  5. I’ve never actually seen him in anything, so I think I’ll take the "cautiously optimistic" route… he didn’t look awful in the trailers for the Fantastic Four movies (which I never got around to seeing). He at least looks the part (minus the goatee)

  6. I just got done watching Sunshine and he’s pretty solid in it. Im sold.

    Oh and Dogen from lost is in sunshine 

  7. That may take  a little explaining to UK readers 🙂


    ANyhow the nose is slightly wrong. Fail. 

  8. I suppose this, like much of what is happening right now by and large, is an example of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I’ve only seen him in the "Fantastic Four," and honestly those movies were so ho-hum, so formulaic that I don’t think any actor could have pulled it off.

    I’m optimistic. Marvel wouldn’t be miscasting their largest hero. I’m confident they saw something that I am missing from this limited vantage point.


    PS: Nice picture selection though, Conor. I’m liking the look of shared determination.

  9. He’s brunette! What the fuck Hollywood!

    Seriously though, this is cool. I like the guy and I think he’ll be able to carry the movie pretty well. From what’s been said I’m guessing that they’re gonna start him out as an inexperienced Cap. By the end of the movie he’ll be the kick-ass Cap we know and love.

  10. BTW the list of people who were suggest/offered/read for this role has got to be the longest for any character ever.

  11. I think this is a decent choice. He looks more the part than any of the other choices that where floating around.

  12. The role of Captain America gets cast and Universal Healthcare passes, what a week this has been. Congrats to Chris Evans, better practice your "Avengers Assemble" roll call.

  13. After all that damn arguing and what not I’ve come to this conclusion.

    I will be sensible and see if this is the right move. I am not a fan of Evans or of his work……But so far Marvel Studios have been perfect with the casting of their films, so who knows? This might work out. 

  14. I thought he was the best thing about the Fantastic Four films.



  16. P.S. I like Chris Evans,I look forward to seeing him in The Losers!

  17. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Gilgamesh417 – Many of us thought Downey would be perfect for Tony Stark from the beginning. So it’s not exactly the same, but I still like Evans and think he has the potential to do this justice. 

  18. @Ruo21 Yeah but remember, this is Cap’s origin. He’s not the father figure yet, not even close. And bucky needs to be someone who looks 17 or so, and Evans doesn’t fit that either.

    In related news, Thank god the speculation is over for that role.


  19. good choice, he was my fave actor in the FF4 flicks. kinda ironic that he was brunette in FF4 when Johnny Storm was blonde. so i assume they’ll finally dye his hair for the Cap movie. hope he doesn’t eff this up.

  20. S’okay by me. He’s been at least decent in everything I’ve seen him in (and actually pretty good in some of it), and he was definitely the only part of the Fantastic Four movies that didn’t make me contemplate self-immolation (Human Torch pun actually not intended). Keep in mind that this could have been Chace Crawford, and then I think we can probably agree that things could be worse.

  21. Be a bit tricksome to do a FF/Cap crossover now though…

  22. And as to the pictures, how creepy is the mirror ear placement?

  23. -_-

  24. If I read one comment about continuity I’m going to puke! 

    I’m excited, but cautiously optomistic.  I can only hope they spend a good deal of time in WWII. 

  25. @peekay It could never have happened anyway.

  26.  I agree with Connor that the perfect actor to play the greatest American in history doesn’t exist. I really like Evans and thought he was among the better parts of the failr poor FF movies. And hey, it could be worse. They apparently were considering casting Channing Tatum after all.:)

  27. Well at least they have a lead now.  Don’t know if Evans is good choice, but I still can’t wait to see a Captain America movie.

  28. We’ll see. Certainly better than most of the finalists.

  29. John Hamm is Captain America, not this goofball pip-squeak.

  30. @fnord Too old to play someone who enlisted while they were at art school. He has to look like a young college student.

  31. I have feeling this could be really great. But it could so easily go wrong. I feel like there are so many factors that need to work and so many lines that might or might not need to be crossed. I don’t worry about Evans in that I think he could pull off a good Steve Rogers and make good choices, I’m more interested in where Johnston goes with it in tone. I’m honestly most concerned about marketing. Is that odd? I feel like they will really have to sell this movie in just the right way to get people to go. Or maybe not, maybe Iron Man 2 and Thor will be awesome enough to carry momentum till this comes out. Although now that I think about it, won’s Cap be released a month or so before the Avengers? Maybe they’ll be marketing it in conjunction with one another. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this. I just feel like this could end up like Superman Returns, whether it’s good or not, no one will care about it. What do I know.

  32. The get the guy who already played The Torch to be Captain America? Weird casting choice. But that aside, I think he can pull it of.

  33. Know the question is, who is playing Bucky?

  34. Cool. I certainly am not opposed to Evans, but as others have said I’m "Cautiously optimistic." Of all the choices, he seems the best visual fit to me. As well, he gave the best performance of the 4 leads in FF. So, count me in. 

  35. I’m definitly for him. In the next few months we’ll see him in both the Scott Pilgrim movie and the Losers movie. So the flick will have a "Name" actor without the ridiclous pay. Also I just watched Sunshine and dug the hell out of it.

  36. Wow! I don’t really know what to think. When there was still speculation I was of two minds but I like Evans’ work in the past. I think a scene I’d most be looking forward to would be a cap/iron man in avengers and i think this could be really good!

  37. If they can cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, we could do worse than Chris Evans as Steve Rogers.

  38. A Nine picture deal!?  I wonder if that includes cameos and supporting roles (which makes the number more reasonable) or if it is pertains to straring roles.  Guessing the later on this but nine still seems like a lot.

  39. I’m really excited by this.  He’s one of those actors I always want to see in more movies.  I think he’ll be a great Cap, if the script and the director are good.  He was good in a serious role in the movie "Street Kings." Unfortunately, it wasn’t a big role, it was also a Keanu Reeves vehicle. no one saw it, and it felt like a Bizarro version of "Training Day."

  40. Not my first choice, but certainly not the worst. I do like Evans though, I think he’ll do a good job.

  41. Sean Bean for Union Jack?

  42. "Be a bit tricksome to do a FF/Cap crossover now though…"

     VERY. Seeing as how Fox still owns the rights to FF. You’d never see a crossover between production companies. And if Marvel ever gets the rights back, they’d reboot FF with a new cast anyway. Heck, there’s rumors that Fox might reboot it themselves. Evans was never going to play Human Torch again, and the movies he was in do not exist in the Marvel movie world continuity. So relax folks.

    I think Evans is as good a choice as any. Solid actor. Superhero movies don’t exactly call for Oscar worthy chops. Most of the other rumored actors were very inexperienced and would’ve been even dicier. Just think if Channing Tatum ended up as Cap. Also, it could’ve been John Krazinski, which would’ve been terrible.


  43. I’m going to sound like a broken record, but SUNSHINE go watch it!  I believe that it’s a great piece of evidence that Chris Evans can do more than the goofy guy.  I felt he was the person that blew me away the most since I didn’t recognize him at all to begin with since he was such a serious character.

  44. Pure BLISS!!!!!! So happy!

  45. This could either be one of the most perfect castings in comic book movie history my only gripe is that he may not be able to put away his Johnny Storm image that he’s established with the FF movies, although hopefully one day in the next few years, Marvel will get the FF movie rights back & actually get some actors who are even better than the original ones (although Michael Chiklis was awesome as The Thing as well as Chris Evans being a great Johnny Storm). Hey I am even still skeptical on Hugo Weaving being Red Skull, I just don’t know if Hugo can be as mortifyingly scary and menacing as the Red Skull should be, but we shall see. It seems at this point now that I can bodly say that Marvel is over DC in the movies, even though DC has the Dark Knight the best superhero movie ever, it is still just one movie that is substantially great (besides Christopher Reeve’s Superman I & II, possibly Superman Returns?) & Marvel has seriously been pumping out the numbers on great superhero movies & very exciting future installments I mean come on, Spider-Man Trilogy (Yes the third one was not the most favorable but the Sandman & Venom were so perfect and the action was awesome), X-Men movies (except X3 & Wolverine Origins, hopefully Deadpool Origin will be kick ass!), Iron Man & the new Iron Man 2 soon to be out in May, Punisher War Zone (I can not believe people do not mention this movie it is the PERFECT Punisher film!), The Blade Trilogy, Thor, Cap, Avengers!!! Marvel’s got their s#%t together so BRAVO TRUE BELEIVERS! BRAVO!!!

  46. Cool.  Now, let’s get the movie made.  I love the character, so I’m definitley looking forward to this flick.

  47. Matt Salinger will always be MY Captain America.

    @fnord – John Hamm would be a great Captain America…if he weren’t nearly forty years old.  Also, I wouldn’t exactly call Chris Evans a pip-squeak.  Looked pretty ripped in FF to me. 

    If anything, now more people will see Sunshine, which I thought was fantastic.

  48. how exactly would an arsehole like don draper make a good captain america?

    jon hamm doesn’t even look the part

  49. I’ll be interested if they go the route of having steve rogers as the thin lanky guy at first and then bulking him once he gets the super soldier serum. Chris Evans seems to have a fairly solid physicality but I guess he’d need to work out more for that belief he is peak physical condition, but would he need to lose weight for pre-cap scenes? I’m no slave to continuity but I would find it interesting to see the changes happen, if they are going with the idea he couldn’t enlist because he wasn’t up to scratch or what have you.

    @Ultimatehoratio – Matt Salinger Cap knows how to steal cars like the best! Step 1: act distressed, get out of car. Step 2: Person A comes to see if cap’s alright. Step 3: Steal car, leaving Person A in the middle of nowhere. repeat throughout movie.

  50. I wish this site was around back when Hugh Jackman was first announced as Wolverine, and see the infinte bitching that some r-tards would surely make. I mean if people were complaing about Chris Evans, a competant actor with MULTIPLE comic book movie experience, I would have given my left nut to see what they would have said back then.

    Captain America has been a role that I had trouble filling in my mind, and I failed to even think of Evans in the role before this announcement. It seems like a good fit, as he’ll work hard to embody the role.

  51. @comicBOOKchris – Hugh Jackman you mean that bastard from Paperback Hero?! What the hell is doing playing Wolverine?! Don’t people know understand that wolverine’s four feet tall?! And hugh hackman doesn’t have claws!! What happened to Dougray Scott?! What the hell is the director thinking?! This is #$%ing #$$% and $%^& and %^&@#!! it sucks!! I’m never watching that movie more than five times!!!


  52. I’m actually pretty happy with this choice. After all the gong-show like casting indecision, and it looking more and more like it was going to end up being someone else…..I was starting to get a tad worried. 

    Good call so far. Wait and see on the finished product. 

  53. Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but couldn’t Captain America have benefited from some color-blind casting? I was kinda considering Adam Beach lately, because he is a damn handsome man. Also played a war hero in "Flags of Our Fathers." Ah, too late.

  54. Fuck!

  55. Im just happy its all done. I think Evans will be fine, Everyones saying ”Jon Hamm” ”Jon Hamm”,come on folks hes like 40. This is a origin story. Good luck to Evans and marvel, cause if you guys fuck this up, your screwed. Franchise and fan wise.

  56. I’m actually pretty excited about this choice. I think Evans is a pretty good actor. However, I could just be basking in the wake of Captain America not being played by Channing Tatum. Woof…crisis averted!

  57. cool

  58. Awesome, I reckon he can do it. And if not, we’ll get a reboot 2 years later.

  59. I dont really know anything/or have any interest about Captain America…but if Captain American movie does what Iron Man did, Ill become huge fan (and maybe read some of his comics)

  60. I was hoping that Howie Long would be Cap. Just kidding!

  61. I, personally, would have liked to see Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) as Captain America. He’s a great actor, has the look, and he’s good in action.

  62. And he’s way too old.

  63. I’m going to withhold judgment until I see The Losers.

  64. @Matrix: Well played, sir. Love the Paperback Hero reference too.

  65. @THX7168 And he’s British. It just doesn’t seem right.

    I’m going to trust in Marvel.  They seem to know how to steer their new movie franchise in the right direction.

  66. good choice, this is going to be such a cool Avengers cast

  67. Glad that part is over! Now let’s start filming the thing!

  68. I’m going to go watch *SPOILER* Chris Evan’s freeze himself to death in Sunshine to get an idea of what the climax for Captian America will look like.

  69. I don’t think Evans has the gravitas for the Captain America role.  Hope I’m wrong.

  70. Commence Heath Ledger-esque pre-film naysaying!

    I’m sure he’ll be fantastic (no pun intended… ah, who am I kidding) and this is the Marvel movie I have been anticipating the most. D’you think all the considered actors had to see how far they could throw a frisbee in their auditions?

  71. @RapidEyeMovement  Oh man i hadn’t even though of seeing him throwing the shield. That trailer moment is going to be classic.

  72. If Johnson can coach Evans into a performance that is basically Cliff Secord in a red, white and blue costume, I think we’ll have a darn fine movie on our hands.

  73. He’s got my vote…He looks the part

  74. @RoiVampire: It’s going to be the "suitcase armour" of that trailer.

  75. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  76. Connor Kilpatrick just got offered the role of Steve Rogers.

  77. @josh

    He’s old but looks younger than he is in the Bond movies. If not him, at least someone similar to him.


    I’m pretty sure he can pull of an believable American accent.

  78. I guess I’m gonna have to find this Sunshine movie. Maybe it’ll change my mind about Evans.

  79. They did the right thing in this, in that waiting so long to cast this movie, by the time this was announced the main reaction was "about time" not "he sucks".  Surprised they don’t annouce the casting of more comic book movies like this.  He was probably on the radar the whole time, and while us fans were scared it was going to be Jim from the Office or the idiot from GI Joe, this is now coming across as a "OK, I can see him as Cap" moment.  Brilliant job by the marketing department.

  80. I can live with this. Let’s keep in mind that it could’ve been Channing Tatum. I shudder to think how laughable it would have been when he was eventually paired up with Downey Jr. on screen. At least Evans has a decent body of work behind him. I do think we’ll need a bit more star power in the movie, so here’s hoping Hugo Weaving lands Red Skull. If I can’t have him as Sinestro, I’ll take him as Skull.

    I agree that Cap is probably one of the most difficult heroes to cast. I think it’s mostly because we all read him as an older man who serves as a role-model for most of the Marvel Universe. But they’ve made the obvious choice to do an origin story, so the Hamms and Valleys are out of the question.

  81. I think the guy from human target has the perfect look for Captain America, but I like Chris Evans. He’ll be alot less smart ass than he has been in the past, and he’ll have to bulk up a bit.

  82. What? 

    How will the FF team up with Captain America then? 

  83. @THX7168 Dude Captain America must first & foremost be played by an American, that’s the absolute most important thing about Chris Evans besides his charismatic demeanor that he brings to his roles. Daniel Craig or any other British actor who could change their accents into American would not be right for the role at all I mean this is CAPTAIN AMERICA, if they come out with a Captain Britain movie at some time then sure a Brit would be obvious but a Brit for Cap America? No can not happen it would ruin the movie completely.