Captain America Will Fight Them on the Beaches in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2

There are a bunch of teasers floating around out there, but we’re only picking and choosing the fun ones.

What people who don’t read Captain America don’t know is that these days, Steve Rogers only speaks in terms that both apply to modern life, as well as World War II. Here, he’s saying to take the beach, presumably Utopia, but he might also be taking part in Operation Overlord. He’s tricky like that, and you can’t put a finger on him. Did you know he only refers to his food in terms of K Rations? It’s true. The man has eaten a can of chipped beef and a Hershey bar every day he’s been away since 1941. You have no idea the kinds of things he says to German tourists on the streets of Manhattan either. It’s a little embarrassing and doesn’t get a lot of press.

Anyway, read Avengers vs. X-Men #2 if you’re into that sort of thing.


Written by JASON AARON

Penciled by JOHN ROMITA JR.

FOC – 3/26/12, ON SALE – 4/18/12


  1. Josh, I want you to write that Captain America book. I would treasure it always. Well done sir.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    “Liberty cabbage”

  3. You know Cap’s in for it when even Cyclops’s visor squints in determination.

  4. I love this. The closer we get to this event the more annoyed Josh seems to be. I don’t know if it’s intentional but either way it’s funny every time.

    Also if that’s Daredevil in the Cap image then he is VERY bloody.

  5. Is…is Cyclops winking at Captain America?

  6. Based on the teasers, X-Men is going down, right? Red Hulk giving Colossus a back rub, Cyclops with a punched visor…

    HMPF… I can’t wait for this to be over!

    • “I can’t wait for this to be over!” is my sentiment as well. I groan a bit whenever I see something AvX related. I won’t be reading it and I know I really shouldn’t care at this point but, dammit, I just can’t help myself.

  7. I can see the 24 Hours News Headlines in the Marvel Universe Now:

    “Captain America compares fighting minority group to killing Nazis, Film at 11.”

  8. He shall never surrender!

  9. So that’s what a lazy eyed Cyclops would look like.

    My prediction is that after this is over, we’ll be able to string these teasers together and have something more entertaining than the actual event.

  10. I like how Cyclops’ eye piece is damaged.

  11. Gettin’ hot in herre. SWEATIN’. Remember when Cap was parading the X-Men around in front of everyone saying they R cool?

    That must have been like…. 2 weeks back in Marvel continuity? Sucks 2 B a Mutatn.