When Marvel announced a new Captain America #1 to time with the release of July's Captain America: The First Avenger, fans were curious as to the fate of the current ongoing by Ed Brubaker. Thanks to an announcement this morning from Marvel, Now we know how it shakes out. 

July's Captain America #1 by Brubaker and McNiven is a brand new series, not a renumbering. It focuses on Steve's return to the Captain America role. 

Also out in July, Captain America & Bucky #620 is the continuation of the current Captain America ongoing. As you may have surmised, it's the book with Bucky in it. This book will be written by Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko, with art by an iFanboy favorite…Chris Samnee!

Pictured at right is the Ed McGuinness cover to issue #620

From what we can tell, most or all of this series is focused on the early career of Captain America and Bucky Barnes prior to and throughout WWII. At least that's where it starts. Consider it a re-Cap of the pair's early years, or a collection of lost War era tales. It seems pitch perfect for Samnee's signature style, and a nice primer for new fans just jumping into the comics upon seeing the new film. 

Captain America #1 and Captain America & Bucky #620 debut this July 


  1. A re-Cap Nice!

    and great to see Samnee get another book to work on. I hope that it has that indianna jones feel that Book of the Skull had.

  2. Soooo, Bucky Cap is hitting the old dirt nap again in Fear Itself?

  3. Samnee on anything = must buy.

  4. Samnee should be perfect for that, great news there!

  5. This just made my day. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  6. Hmm I will get the “new” NEW Captain America #1.


  7. The amount of work they’re doing to tie this in with the movie is staggering

  8. So two Cap books by Brubaker? Hmmm. That’s exciting. Except to my wallet

  9. This is reallye exciting.  It’s the Cap WWII book we’ve all be asking for.  Also, Samnee on art is a major plus.  I’ll be skipping Cap. #1, but definitely picking this one up.

  10. Sucks. I hope DC doesn’t Do this to Grayson. I’d actually like to see the numbers on how much a book picks up after a film version is released. My local shop told me that they felt the impact back with the first Burton Batman and the live action Ninja Turtles but nothing significant since. She said maybe a small, brief increase with Spider-man 1.

  11. Do we know how much these book will be? Also, this sound like the perfect way to continue the themes Bru was playing with in The Marvel’s Project which is great.

  12. I’m in, haven’t bought Cap America in awhile and i always loved the WW2 flashbacks in it, although my dream would to have Michael Lark do this, but Samnee is really freaking good too

  13. So is Capatin America and Bucky going to be like Capatin America: White was supposed to be . . . except it’ll actaully come out?

  14. So is Samnee the ongoing artist or is he just doing #620?

  15. @Malecema  He’s the artist.

  16. It’s so weird….Burbaker seems to be having a hard time writing Cap now a days but he’s suddenly good to go for a two books?

    I’m not complaining mind you, I think I’d rather read this status quo for the original Cap book then the McNiven series. Especially cause it’s:

    A) Mostly takes place in WWII. Even when Brubaker isn’t at his ‘A’ game his WWII stories are always fun.
    B) Chris ‘Fucking’ Samnee is the artist!

  17. Samnee, on an ongoing, that wont get canceled. Yes, yes, yes!!! With Bru and Andreyko. Yes, yes!!! There is always some good news in comics.

  18. Brubaker had a hard time writing really good Bucky (As Captain America) stories, but always knocked it outta the park with Steve as Cap, and with his WWII Cap stuff.

    Sounds to me like they know Bru has been having it rough with Bucky as Cap, and now are moving the pieces to play perfectly to his strengths.

    Gonna miss Bucky, and I wish someone had done something really cool with him as Captain America while he was around, but at least in Brubaker’s case, I think this is a smart move.

  19. I’ll try it out.

  20. I’m going to miss Bucky Cap. I knew it couldn’t last. I do believe some of the criticisms have a point. I just feel like Bucky is a great character that needed some more time to flesh out. Bucky had the chance to be more modern. He came from WWII like Steve, but his time as the Winter Soldier (and the cosmic cube bringing those memories back) could have modernized his perspective based upon the experiences he lived while Steve was on ice. The terror of his actions while brainwashed, and his goal to redeem those actions, make him more geared towards Marvel characterization. More so than Steve, who was just a really wimpy patriotic dude who wanted to fight. I don’t dislike Steve Rogers at all, and I like the history built around the super-soldier concept, but I just don’t relate to that character nearly as much as others. I probably relate more to the Black Panther than Steve Rogers. (I rule my own country with space metals) Ah well. I guess now my only hope is that they don’t kill Bucky. Fingers crossed.

  21. I think the idea is pretty cool, but I would’ve much preferred they switch the numbering, so we get a Captain America #620 and a Captain America & Bucky #1… But I suppose they figure people would be less likely to pick up a Captain America & Bucky #1 than a Captain America #1

  22. I hope we see Prince Namor and the Torches in this book before too long (and The GA Angle, who clearly met Cap early in his carear as seen in Marvels Project)

    Maybe Bucky Cap will be taking on a new identity.  Anyone know if Rikki Barnes is likely to survive Onslaught Unleashed?  If not the Nomad identity would be avaliable…

  23. I hate to see Bucky Cap go. Im in for both of these. I have been saying that I would love a WWII book

  24. I dunno if Bucky can just easily step down into a much lesser hero’s role. What’s he gonna do? Be Nomad now? The Captain? Wolf-Cap? C’mon… I’m envisioning a broken-down, strung-out Bucky sitting in a crummy bar while the 30 year old TV in the corner plays footage of the Avengers kicking ass. Bucky says “turn it off.” Another guy says “Hey, pal, we were watching that.” Bucky starts getting belligerent with the guy. He smashes a bottle, maybe a chair, but he no longer has a SHIELD/Soviet issued cybernetic arm and is too drunk to put up much of a fight. The bouncers drag him out as he screams “Djyou know who I am?!? I was Captain F*&#ing America!!!”

  25. Awesome, I’m in for any run that Samnee is gonna do.  It should be interesting to see how his art goes with Brubaker’s writing.

  26. I like how Marvel been doing the handoff with a lot of their higher profile books over the last couple of years, like with Fration and Gillen on Uncanny.  But part of me wonders how involved the preceding writer is in the co -written arc and how much of it is Marvels attempt to keep readers from jumping ship?Guess it doesn’t matter as long as the result is good comics! 

    Anyway I will be buying both, at least to start. #616 has me excited about the book again.

  27. @MutantSentry  I’d LOVE to see the Invaders make an appearance or three – and possibly even the other WWII teams that Roy Thomas created like the Liberty Legion and the Crusaders.

  28. I’ll be following bucky… although i’m not really excited to hear that its a retro-centric book. Not previously a fan of those. Wow me, father Bru!!