By Odin’s Beard! New THOR Movie Photo of Thor, Odin and Loki

Marvel has released this image from the upcoming Thor flick, offering a closer look at Chris Helmsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston in their roles as Thor, Odin, and Loki. As well as some fine Asgardian architecture.

Looks like Odin just woke up from one of his epic naps in a pair of snazzy if terribly uncomfortable looking jammies. If I have one gripe, it's that his eye patch looks like it should contain a sliver of chocolate. That said, I still feel like I should be slaughtering a lamb and prostrating myself to this gradiose image.

Here's what Marvel has to say about the film's plot as it relates to family scandals of a Scandanavian nature:

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the epic adventure "Thor" spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard.  At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war.  Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment.  Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.

Obviously, we're still waiting on images of Thor's faithful chariot goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. As soon as we get them, you'll be the first to know.

UPDATE: We've got another image of Thor and ol' dad from the Entertainment Weekly special Comic-Con Preview issue (with GL on the cover). I think they're in the TARDIS maybe?


The thunder hits the multiplex on May 6, 2011.


  1. im glad the decided against the ridiculous horns on Loki’s head and Thor’s winged helmet but im just not feeling the armor, it looks more plastic than metal. Hopkins’ face is freaking me out…..

  2. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    I’d watch a movie where it’s just Odin riding around on Sleipnir battling things.  Villains, heroes, inanimate objects, whatever.  Just an insane Anthony Hopkins running wild.

  3. Those costumes look a little Batman Forever sans nipples.

  4. It looks a little sci-fi. I still got all tingly though.

  5. Yeah the costumes don’t look metal at all, you can almost hear that leathery, rubbery creaking noise that couches make.  That being said, I’m still pretty pumped for this movie.

  6. I was hoping for a little more Lord of the Rings "realism" aesthetic in the armor designs, but Anthony Hopkins’ expression reassures me that everything will be just fine regardless.

  7. I’m hopeful for this movie, but this image doesn’t excite me much. The armor looks pretty bad. 

  8. It reminds me a lot of the Simonson stuff. He had a lot of that sort of metal plating. At least they’re not carrying M-16s.

  9. bollicks!  That armor is gorgeous.  Sharp lines, modern & layered. thumbs up.

  10. Call me when they post a pic of the Warriors Three.

  11. I was just thinking the same thing.  Also Odin’s patch looks like it’s made of tin foil

  12. Oh no.

  13. Not feeling the outfits.  Why did they have to make them look all shiny & new.  These are Norse gods, they should look rough & frayed.  Plus the actors look like they just got back from a day at the spa.  Hollywood seems to always get this stuff wrong.  

  14. Can’t believe no-one’s pointed this out yet: Thor’s holding the hammer!

  15. Wow. Interesting take on the costumes. It’s now obvious why Pasqual Ferry is drawing the new Thor stuff. The costumes look like they were designed by him.

    They do look a little plasticy but so do all of these costumes when they first have an image released. Can’t wait to see them in motion.

  16. The "armor" looks so plastic and vinyl like. Agreed with others, they should have taken more design cues from LOTR. 

  17. @BobDigi76 – Since when has a gods, kings, royalty (Jesus aside) every seen in books or history worn tatered or fray clothing?  Their Gods!  Shiney and new is expected.

  18. I’m sure the costumes will be fine after post. Cause there will be tweaks with them when they start editing this.

    Hopkin’s eyepatch is bugging me though. I know Odin has one in the comics but I don’t know….too much of a distraction for me. 

  19. i think its a bit presumptuous to say the costumes look bad from a still image. Lighting and digital touch up can do alot, and remember they are gods they shouldn’t be wearing normal run of the mill armor. Though I do agree odin looks like he is hiding a dove chocolate with that eye patch 😀 

  20. Say, any played the game Too Humna?

  21. @muddi900: That game….whew. Hope we don’t get that in this movie!

  22. @TNC–good point about post production. i’m sure we’ll see enhancements

  23. I do see a mix of Simonson and Kirby, but it is odd seeing them without helmets.

  24. Going by the chevrons on Odin’s armour, he’s only a corporal. You’d think he’d be an officer at least.

  25. Friend of mine worked on the set of this, Loki will have the horned helmet, but it’s not exactly the same as the one portrayed in the comics.

  26. It looks like the set and costumes of a sci fi original series…..not a big budget film.

  27. I think the costumes look pretty cool. I think when you’re making a film about super-powerful Norse gods, used and worn LOTR type costumes would be a mistake. Shiny and pristine is the way to go. So far, I’m still optimistic about this one.

  28. Yeah, we REALLY want Thor to look more "authentic":

    I like the fact that they’re incorporating Kirby designs in  the new costumes. I have faith in Brannagh. This is his era/specialty.

  29. I really cannot find anything to like in that picture. It looks like a Power Rangers spin-off.

  30. It occurs to me — if they’re Gods, why would they be wearing old, frayed fabric, rough leather, beaten metal? If we assume that these are folks living on another plane of existence, and not just leftover relics of Norse mythology, then there’s really nothing to say they should look any way in particular. Perhaps it was just how norsemen perceived them. Or perhaps they evolved their style over time. With that in mind, I like the look of the characters. They don’t necessarily scream "Norse," but they certainly seem like they’re from another fantastical world beyond our own. And that makes sense to me.

  31. That looks pretty rough.  I’m not quite so sure now.

  32. I don’t have a good feeling about this…..

  33. uh oh

  34. Not a fan of the costume choices, seems a bit too flashy and more of a sci-fi feel than I was expecting.

  35. Sorry tschafer but the costumes look hokey.  They may be gods but they’re supposed to be bright, shining gods.  Just read some old Norse descriptions of the characters and you know this isn’t right.  And please spare me all the Kirby rhetoric people.  What looks good on the comic page rarely translates to the silver screen.  I mean seriously this is starting to look like Flash Gordon.  

  36. When was the last time that any of you came out of a theater and said, "You know that movie would have been really great, but the costume design just didn’t meet my standards."?? 

    This is just ridiculous fanboy griping. 

    This and Cap are also getting transferred into 3D, which is much more concerning.  Thankfully, I believe that it is being released in 2D as well.

  37. So you’re telling me you’ve never come out of a movie thinking the costumes look like crap?  Then you probably haven’t seen many awful superhero flicks b/c it’s pretty standard fare & that’s why peeps are nervous.

  38. Of course I gave up on these kind of movies a long time ago so what me worry?

  39. always nice when they include CAPES!!Now, if when can only get that winged helmet 😉

    that eye patch gave me a sudden craving for some Pringles

  40. The more I think about these designs the more I like them. Whoever designed these obviously was a huge Kirby fan. Look at the intricate symmetry going on here.

    I’m still reserving judgment on the material (it does look like a bendable, un-godlike vinyl) but you can’t argue against designs that are true call backs to the beginning of Thor’s legacy. 

  41. oh, no. ugh.

  42. Gross.

  43. It’s the "Mickey Rourke’s whips" thread all over again!

    I’m sure they’ll work their cinematographical magic on the Battle Damage He-Man armor. Way too much attention to the shirts, not nearly enough attention to Anthony Hopkins announcing with his face that he is the Lizard King.

  44. @BobDigi76-Perhaps you should read my comment again, as you completely misinterpreted the meaning. 

    I said that costume alone does not make a movie bad. 

    @Jimski-I personally love Hopkins’ expression, its just what I want from a Norse battle god.

  45. I feel yah  MisterJ.  It’s just there are movies you can see previews/screenshots & get that gut feeling its not going to be good.  FF, Ghost Rider Wolverine Origins & Jonah Hex are a couple of examples.  My gut’s rumbling.

  46. I have mixed feelings about the armor.

  47. I don’t mind the costumes that much.  Too early to tell how they will look with the remaining aesthetics of the movie.  The eye patch is killing me though.  

  48. There is a sense of profound majesty conveyed in the Thor comic book that I’m just not feeling in this image. I wonder if this is one of those books that will be difficult to adapt to film. Thor FEELS like a GOD in the book … but Chris Hemsworth doesn’t strike me that way here. And I can’t look at Anthony Hopkins without being reminded of Hannibal Lecter … creepy …


    This is looking pretty sweet.

  50. four words! Sir Anthony FREAKING Hopkins!!!

  51. I’m so excited for this movie. I know the costumes look a little sci-fi, but that’s okay with me. The cast looks great and I’m just too excited to nitpick. I mean, they’re bringing one of my favorite characters of all time to screen: Loki!

  52. Those still concerned about the costume should go watch Branaugh’s Hamlet (even though it is 4 hours).  There is lavish set and costume pieces that might not have matched up with the standard dress of ‘ye olden Denmark’ but it does not take away from the power of the movie.

    This is going to be mystic-sci fi-modern-Shakespeare directed by a director who is damn good at Shakespearean themes.  This is no guarantee of greatness, but it’s a good foundation.

  53. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @voodoomama . . . One word. Wolfman. This looks reTardis

  54. i thought mjollnir would be bigger.

  55. That’s what she said.

  56. That new pic actually looks snazzier.

    Also, points to Josh, I believe.

  57. Anthony Hopkins looks BAD-ASS!!!!!!.

    I see a helmet with huge horns for Loki.  I wonder if Thor will use a helmet.  I hope not, but if he must, I hope won’t be a ridiculus one and for a short while only.

    Looks good so far.