Brubaker and Eaglesham Go Shieldless for Steve Rogers: Super Soldier

Steve Rogers is back, but he's not ready to pop a Cap in your ass just yet.

We've seen his new duds in the promos for Secret Avengers, and now he's got a new mini-series in Steve Rogers: Super Soldier set for this July (which is turning out to be a HUGE month for comics). The four-issue series will be scripted by none other than Captain America scribe Ed Brubraker, with pencils from Dale Eaglesham (Justice Society of America, Fantastic Four).

Steve is a man out of time twice over. His old sidekick Bucky is carrying his shield and his moniker, and capably so. What's a guy to do? Retirement just isn't an option, so Steve will be going on some covert ops as just plain Steve. Until he comes up with a better nickname that is.

Here's what Brubaker had to say:

"It felt like Bucky was doing a great job as Cap, fans dig him in the role [and] I enjoy writing him as Cap. And it occurred to me that Steve was going to get put through the wringer on his way back to the present, and may have reasons for not wanting to put the Cap uniform back on and go all public for a while, if not forever.

"I don't think the public at large will know anything about what he's doing. He'll be more like a James Bond for the Marvel Universe, operating covertly to save the world."

If Nick Fury can be just Nick fury, Steve can be just Steve Rogers. Besides, if he ever ends up six feet under again, nobody's gonna take the name on his birth certificate, right? Bucky can only borrow so much.

No word whether this series will affect Dale Eaglesham's long term future with The Fantastic Four (a book I'm sure no one would want to see him depart from any time soon). But it does make for a great pairing of artist and subject matter. Eaglesham's got that somewhat unique pre-req of having drawn super-powered Nazis before, so if Steve ends up running into any ghosts from his past, tremendous visuals are more than assured. And they's sure gonna be bruisers.

Anyway, take a gander to the right for the current character model for the character. No mask. No vibranium shield. Just a whole bunch of straps and literally countless years of experience. Kind of a pulp adventurer look to him. Maybe a bit of Flash Gordon in there. Dude means business.

Oh, and here's a Carlos Pacheco cover for Super Soldier #1 to hold ya til July!




Okay, but if he eventually has to go with a new code name, I nominate "Springtime Soldier."

"You know what time it is, Falcon?"

"Don't say it."

"That's right. It's Springtime for Hitler!"

"I'm just gonna talk to my bird now. Exclusively."


  1. needs more pouches and a bigger gun to complete the look

  2. These images make me like the new costume way more than that Secret Avengers tease we saw. No idea why, though. Maybe it’s the red stripes on the legs. It’s a pretty cool look and the book sounds like a fun diversion before they (hopefully) restore Steve as the shield-wielder in time for the movie.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I totally dig the new look. 


  4. I agree, really do love the new costume. Looking forward to this and his role in Secret Avengers a lot.

  5. This is just plain awful, how can he still be cap without his shield?!?!?! I’m sorry but I do not see anything to like about this new look at all. It just doesn’t fit into the real ‘spirit’ or Steve Rogers to me. idk

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, he’s not Cap. 

  7. I like the new look. But he do need a code name. I have three 1) super soldier… 2) captain… 3)American son or just soldier

  8. Giving him a new nickname would be lame.  We’re already trying to deal wtih the fact that he has no shield and he’s not Captain America, but calling him, well… pretty much anything would be unsatisfying, and you wouldn’t buy it.  Look how well it worked out for Clint Barton.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Springtime Soldier! 

  10. I like him going by just steve but if he was required to have a name maybe The American.

  11. Well lets give him a promotion and call him The Major.

  12. Steve Rogers. S.R. Sr. Senior. Señor. Señor Soldier!

  13. I like the look, and I like that he can just be Steve Rogers for a bit. I was hoping for something like "new director of SHIELD" because… I mean, that’d be kind of cool, y’know? Now Steve Rogers wields the S.H.I.E.L.D.! Right?

    But anyway, I like the kinda pulpy look, and it seems like this fits in well with Brubaker’s take on the character(s). So I’m down to check it out.

    That said, I have to admit I’ve spent too much time thinking, "what are those shoulders straps holding?" 

    I want him to turn around so I can see if it’s a little Hello Kitty backpack or something.

  14. That Marko Djurdjevic rendition of the costume is the best I’ve seen so far, but I’m still not quite digging it. Maybe if it was just the star symbol without the extra fluff around it, that would be nifty.

    Maybe I’ll check this out. I wasn’t feeling Brubaker’s latest Cap. America arc, and completely skipped Reborn, so I’m not quite that excited for the adventures of Steve Rogers as I was say, a year ago.

  15. I like the look, though I agree with Drake that just the star on the chest may be a little better. Although, then it is basically the Captain America uniform without the mask and shield, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. Is this all so Brubaker can have Rogers use a gun? As The Internet has explained, "cap doesn’t use guns!!! ARRRGH!!!"

  16. This looks way better than the leaked cover for Secret Avengers.

  17. i gotta say, these pics really sold me on the costume. the secret avengers promo seemed off for me, not just steve, pretty much everything in there. but from these pics it looks like a cooler version of the classic s.h.i.e.l.d. uniform. 

    i would’ve loved the idea of him being in charge of s.h.i.e.l.d., but being a badass black ops leader seems fitting.

    wouldn’t have minded if he had just stuck to the fatigues that immonen drew him in when him and the new avengers reunited, though. i dig that military look about him. 

  18. Also, what are those straps around his shoulders for? Is he carrying guns now? Or maybe he has a Hello Kitty backpack?

  19. "Steve Rogers is back, but he’s not ready to pop a Cap in your ass just yet."  HAHA

    Congratulations Paul, your use of that statement has succeeded in make me feel slightlly uncomfortable this morning.

  20. who else has a strange feeling like Steve deverse some time away from the captain americia name?

    I has always waited for that insanely cathartic moment when steve or bruce wayne or peter parker say ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and go home to somebody – like a real person. It’s an irrational fanboy thing

  21. Man, that looks cool. I love the idea of Steve taking a turn in more of a pulp hero capacity, with some sweet new duds to match. A very interesting turn for one of my favorite characters.

    Oh, and I guess having Pacheco and Eaglesham work on the book is… AWESOME!

  22. fucking hell ‘deverses’ ‘goes’ sorry

  23. i did it again "deserves"

  24. @drakedangerz – Was that a coincidence? Did we both make completely independent Hello Kitty backpack references? That’s… probably creepy. 😉

  25. Very happy to see black ops Steve. 

  26. @Daccampo-Oh man, I don’t know how I scrolled over the fact that you mentioned it first. Total coincidence. Creepy indeed. Why do our minds automatically jump to Hello Kitty? O_O

  27. Based on how Brubaker describes Steve’s role as "James Bond for the Marvel Universe, operating covertly to save the world" does he really need a "costume," especially one so flashy (it looks like Evel Knievel’s away uniform)?

    PS. Steve Rogers: Senior Citizen has a better ring to it.

  28. I’m fine with the change or the lack of ‘Captain America’ in Roger’s namesake but….

    Get a better costume please. That thing is just hideous. The straps, the pouches (Never can have enough right Rob?), the weird shoes. Just….no no he needs a redesign. 

  29. Love the idea, but i hope Eaglesham is replaced on FF with a good penciler, that is one of my fav books right now and would hate to see the art derail the awesome story hickman is telling

  30. General America!

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh my god, I can’t believe those TWO pouches he has! It’s like he could put useful things in them! Like weapons! 

    Honestly, I like this costume better than the Cap costume.  

  32. I’d follow him into battle.

  33. @Paul: Those pouches will multiply in the future!

    In fact I learned that is Brubaker’s first storyarc with Steve. "Death by Pouches". 

  34. The new costume is even more scaley than the old one.  Is that body armor?  Maybe he doesn’t even need a shield.

  35. What’s wrong with pouches? How else is he gonna hold his weapons and gadgets, in a Santa Claus sack?


    I figured this was going to be the way Steve Rogers goes, since all the promotional Avengers stuff had Bucky as Cap, and I didn’t think that Marvel would have 2 Captain Americas running around when Bucky was Cap in the majority of the books. This really works, though, and I’ll be looking forward to this mini, as well as Secret Avengers.

  36. Looks great. Can’t wait to check it out! I dig the new look too.

  37. The Djurdjevic image actually sells me on the new costume, but the Pacheco cover looks like more of the bad. We all saw that Djurdjevic is a great penciller from New Avengers: The List, maybe him on a Steve Rogers on going or him taking over for Deodato Jr. (after I put Deodato in the hospital for being the artist on a book I want to read). Hopefully (and likely) Eaglesham can also pull off the new look. 

  38. I’m about to go all crotchety old man here… I hope Joe Simon starts another lawsuit against Marvel for putting the Character (His co-creation) he’s currently suing them over into the suit of another of his creations Marvel doesn’t own, The Fighting American. 





  39. @TNC -seriously, the pouches are fitting. do you know how many pouches only my fatigues had when i was in the army? and on top of that came all the other pouches on the webbing. so, with steve being the overall military guy, he should have some of those to keep stuff in. even if it is just some spare change and his driver’s license. or do you think the skintight jumpsuit has some bags of holding sewn into it? 😉

  40. oh, i almost forgot, there were two pouches on my webbing that had tinier pouches on them. so pouches on top of pouches. 

  41. I think this article (not the images, but the text) makes me less cool with the new costume. If Steve’s going to be covert special ops, should he really be wearing giant white stars & bars? Seems like some fatigues would be awesome for this role for him.

  42. @Kenz If Spider-Man can, somehow, hold his things in a skintight suit then so can Steve! It’s the American Way. 🙂

  43. Yeah, why not call him Super Soldier?  I would settle for The Captain again, too.  Is US Agent dead or alive these days?

  44. Come on, guys. Why does he need to have a super hero name? Can’t the guy just be Steve Rogers? Has it ever occurred to you that he’s tired of dressing up? Could be a mid-life crisis where he thinks it’s time to grow up.

  45. but spidey has less stuff to carry. as a soldier you carry tons of stuff around all the time. not every time for a reason, tho. 🙂

    but, wait, are you saying he’s carrying the camera in the suit somewhere? never thought about that…and here i was thinking, the american way was about a city upon a hill, from dishwasher to millionaire and baked goods with high amounts of sugar. 🙂 

  46. Here’s a crazy idea why not change his name to Nick Fury… I mean really thats all this is.  Just wake me up when Steve is back to being Cap already.

  47. LT. Admiral America

    Infantry Officer America

    Not-Captain America

  48. Seriously, could more awesome comics be coming out in next few months!?  I will definitely check out the first issue of this series because of my love for the character and the creators.  But, damn, is my wallet going to be hurting over the rest of the spring and summer.  I need to start saving now…

  49. F$ck!  C2E2 reports they’re taking Eaglesham off FF.  I’m sure many people are excited about this new project but I could care less about Cap and Eaglesham’s FF was gold.  Again – no objective truth – just me being selfish.

    And as such: F$ck!

  50. I love pouches. I have a pair of pants with nine pockets. 9! Several of those are in pouch form. Batman has a utility belt, that’s a fancy way of saying "belt with pouches." 

    Plus @kenzaburo (from, y’know, the army) says solider’s need pouches, I’m gonna go with that.

    And Steve’s new codename should be The iFanSoldier. Cause it’s all about proper branding. 

  51. @kentish – I would love for him to name himself The Captain, and then just one panel of The Captain from Nextwave screaming at the heavens. "@#$% you I finally had a name no one was using #$%#)

    O Joshua, I know a certain hero who won’t be using the name Ronin anymore! Think about how well cap will fill out that costume, much better than Echo! And we can stop the argument about guns, since he’ll be using some sweet nunchuks instead!

  52. Will Steve Rogers be…. The All New All Different Ronin?

    Probably not.

    I rather like the look of the costume. It feels like a nice middle ground between his old costume, a Shield uniform, and his Secret War covert op costume. This mini should be a great deal of fun. Cannot wait.

  53. @Storyteller Just from this pic of his new costume I bet thats the route that Brubaker’s going, just making Steve Rogers not be Captain America after being reborn & just making him into some kind of rogue charzcter just like Hawkeye becomming Ronin. I really wouldn’t have to much of a problem with Cap going rogue if it weren’t for these things happening: 1) the costume has straps, no mask, no really patriotic symbol thing even resembling some inkling of the spirit of captain America, 2) He’s not going to be called Captain America?!?! That does not make sense at all Steve Rogers is Captain America when  he went rogue during Civil War he still was Captain America! Not some Ronin kock-off, and finally 3) Cap is already rogue in the Ultimate Comics Avengers story arc with Mark Millar & Carlos Pacheco so what now Marvel’s 616 is going to have Cap’s Ultimate Universe story be mimiced in the regular continuity? Just like Spider-man it just seems to me (and I pray that I am wrong about this) that they are retconning Captain America & that this may be a warning sign of the downfall of his title.

  54. Alright, call me crazy because it seems I’m alone in this after reading posts here and those attached to the Secret Avengers leak.  I love Deodato’s art!!!  I don’t get it.  He is my sure fire favorite artist with Secret Warrior’s Stefan Casselli gaining ground.  His work on Thunderbolts was RIGHTEOUS!  I don’t really talk like that, but it got my emphatic enthusiasm across.  Proof?  His artwork made American Eagle, Sepulchre, Steel Spider, and Jack Flag some of the coolest characters I’ve ever seen.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Nope.  Still alone on this.  LOL


  55. He’s clearly been demoted to "Senior Airman America".   That’s Air Force rank on his chest.

    Steve’s new duds are mediocre.  I don’t hate them, but don’t like them either.  First, the red stripe has to go. There’s nothing tieing it thematically to the rest of the costume.  The Air Force rank is a neat idea, but doesn’t really look good.  I don’t mind the pouches, straps puttees and gloves. 

    Still, I’ll buy the book in trade, along with Secret Avengers, I love the secret agenty/SHIELDly stuff.  An ugly costume won’t stop me from enjoying the story.

  56. What he REALLY needs is a trenchcoat. And a single glowing eye. Then his journey towards the 90’s will be complete…

  57. Eaglesham leaves Fantastic Four for this crap?!?!  BBBLLLEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!!!  Worst news of the con, that’s for sure.  Eaglesham is awesome, he deserves better than what this will surely be.

  58. love love LOVE!!!!!!!! the new uniform. I can totally see Nick Fury passing the mantle to Steve Rogers, a la Steve passing his to Bucky. Make it happen Marvel please!!!!!!

  59. @KickAss

    The real worst news of the con is that a puppy got run over in the parking lot, but "Ooh, Eaglesham won’t be pencilling for a book I like and instead will be pencilling a book that I assume I won’t like and thus call it ‘crap’!!" GAH! … So selfish!

    [The contents of this comment were mostly fictional and no puppies, to my knowledge, were harmed in any way during this convention]

  60. @bcee333

    I like Deodato’s art. His recent stuff has been the best work of his career. Just don’t pick up an old Thor or Avengers comic from the late 90’s. You’ll find it hard to believe that it’s the same Deodato that drew those. Unlike JRJR, Deodato’s art gets better as he gets older.

    As for this news, kinda bummed Eaglesham is leaving FF but is it permanent? Maybe he’s only leaving until he finishes drawing this Steve Rogers mini.

  61. I like it. Totally dig the new look. A little weird with a gun & without a shield, but it’s a necessary change. The costume is really well designed.


  62. @Doughboy:  I was going to say the same thing about the Air Force reference.  I think a lot of artists see something cool and like to use it without actually thinking about the meaning/symbolism behind it.  Being a Marine, every single detail of our uniforms is significant and references past traditions and conflicts and is taken very seriously.  Come to think of it, Steve’s pants look surprisingly similar to our Blue Dress trousers.

  63. @Devildog:  Yeah.  Steve’s sporting a bloodstripe on his pants. 

    You’re right about the symbolism.  I’m an Army vet and always notice that stuff right away.

  64. I liked him as Nomad back in the 70’s, and The Captain in the 80’s, the guy is just a great character, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the photonic shield as part of the costume…

  65. YES! Some Gi-CAP. Can’t wait. I love these changes.