BREAKING: Sentry Returns! Announcement at WonderCon!

We've heard rumors about this, but thanks to being in the right place, at the right time, we've got the advance scoop on Marvel's big Wonder Con announcement for Saturday's Cup O' Joe panel!

It's dire, folks. We thought it was over, but as with all comics, there is no forever. Longtime fans of the Sentry (wait…) will know that he had a longstanding friendship with Reed Richards. So it would follow that, in this the time of sorrow in the Fantastic Four, It's a pretty good entry point for the return of Bob.

If Quesada was still Editor in Chief, I would type "Say it ain't so, Joe," because "Say it ain't so, Axel" doesn't have the same ring.

But it looks like this is happening. We got our hands on the concept art below of The Sentry in his new FF uniform as well as the teaser image they'll be showing at the panel.


  1. April Fools!!!!!!

  2. APRIL FOOL!! Mwa-ha-ha

  3. very…funny

  4. hahahahahaha, I hope this isn’t an april fools prank.  I look forward to hearing about the train wreck.

  5. Amazing. Love the “keep hair longer” note in the sketch.

    I hope to Galatcus that this is an April Fools’ joke…

  6. Best April Fools I’ve seen all day. Nice one, iFanboy.

  7. If this is Hickman’s idea I’m for it.

  8. no.

  9. My hands are up — you got me. Although to be fair, I was laughing even before I remembered the date.

  10. As far as April Fool’s gags go, this one’s pretty good. Although, as TheDude007 says, if Hickman did it I’m sure I’d be on board

  11. Fitting. The Sentry’s existence has been one long April Fool’s Joke.

  12. I’m disappointed in Marvel. They usually keep these announcements under wraps better than this! I’m suprised the iFanboy guys haven’t released the REST of the leak, which outlines all of the FF stories that involve The Sentry. I won’t go into detail since it’s pretty well documented elsewhere, so all I’ll say is that I can’t wait for the team to get XTREME when they face off against Adam X The Xtreme

  13. Pretty obvious gag, but still awesome. Love that he’s rocking the Slingers Prodigy-esque mask. (“Keep hair longer”… was that the note on the relaunched Ultimate Spidey?)

  14. That’s a REALLY nice sketch to do for an April Fool’s Joke.

  15. I heard iFanboy actually read the Sentry origin mini series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee before judging it….April Fools.

  16. “The Torch has passed… …who will fill the void?” that is one clever faux-marketing pun

  17. Bad idea, great marketing tag.

  18. ….. not real, or a big snooze.

  19. “Search your feelings.  You know it to be true.”

    Or April Fools?

  20. haha nice one. 

    who’s hated more…Sentry or Deadpool?

  21. What the junk?!?  Lots of Sentry haters in here!  I really liked the Sentry!  I wish this were real, but I’m pretty sure it’s not.

  22. @kickass Don’t worry, I’ve read it cover to cover…it’s just as shitty as everyone imagines it to be.

  23. They should do a relationship book with The Sentry and Rogue.

  24. @comicBOOKchris  We’ve all read it.

  25. @KickAss  I heard you actually stopped trying so hard to troll the site. April Fools!

  26. “Oh, sh#t!”  

    They got me.  They totally got me.

    It’s just plausible enough.  And, you know what?  Hickman COULD write the shit of that book, and I would buy it. 

  27. Whatever, Flanagan.  Last year it was, Oh I’m leaving iFanboy.  This year you try to serve me the antichrist as an appetizer.  I’m on to you!

  28. I would say not a joke because the “The Torch has passed…” image is clearly JRJR.

  29. @Bryce31  That’s hysterical.

  30. Let’s do it!! Hey why not have Jeff Loeb and J. Scott Campbell as the creative team.

  31. i hate april fool’s day.  truly.

  32. Aawwwwwwwwwh! I actually liked sentry.

  33. I wish this wasn’t an April fool’s day joke, because the Sentry is one of my favorite characters.

  34. April Fools really does suck.

  35. This actually had me interested in buying FF.

    Well played, well played 

  36. The best joke is that it’s NOT a joke. =D

  37. MOTHERF#$%&* you guys almost gave me a heart attack, I was already packing to go to NY and kick Marvel editorial in the face ¬¬

  38. If it wasn’t April Fools, I would’ve gone into space and cried…

  39. HHAHAHAHHAAHAAHAHAHA This got me for about a minute. Man i wish it  wasnt April Fools this could have be a hilarious disaster 

  40. @drakedangerz Ha! Zing.

  41. This was FAR funnier than last year’s April Fools joke abut Josh quitting iFanboy. That one made me sad until I realized it was a joke. This one is just hysterical!

  42. Oh thank god!

    You guys got me good…

  43. Yes !! Bob REBORN with the power of the gases of 1 BajaKillion exploding taco bell chalupas!

  44. Had me going for a sec, damn time zones, it’s April the 2nd here, lol, had to do a double take and see when the article was posted

  45. The sad thing day it won’t be a joke. 

  46. Last years April Fools day was better
    Most everyone fell for the Josh Leaving post

  47. ..swallow my own puke..

  48. I actually wish this is true.

  49. Am I seriously the only one who wants the sentry back? I hope this isn’t a April fools. It’d be great it one more day was a April fools.

  50. I like how literally no one was fooled by this

  51. I kinda wish this was true just to listen to more iFanboy rants…

  52. I have to admit, while I’m glad it’s a joke, it would be really interesting to see Hickman’s take on the character…

  53. I was fooled for a moment, but only because I’m reading this on April 8, and this article showed up on the “Recommended” list on some other article….whew.

  54. Worst character ever!

  55. meh. I walked away after Fantastic Four ended. Marvel lost me due to the way they mishandeled the ‘death’ of the Human Torch.