BREAKING: Marvel Universe MMO Written By Brian Michael Bendis

Earlier this month, we were invited to a Marvel MMO event in San Francisco by the folks at Gazillion, the people behind the Super Hero Squad MMO game. They promised us a big announcement about the writer of a new MMO. Well, we're here now live and they just announced that the writer is none other than Brian Michael Bendis' current writer of Avengers for Marvel!

More news to come! 




The game will be a tour through the history and events of Marvel and users will play as Marvel characters such as Captain America, Thor and Bendis joked about SquirrelGirl, even.

The Marvel MMO will be PC based and free to play!

The main villain of the game will be Dr. Doom.

They will be pulling from all Marvel sources for the game, comics, games, cartoons, etc., not just the 616 Marvel Universe. (Though 616 will be the main source.)

"The game allows the user to create their own continuity," Bendis said. "It's the ultimate answer to internet message boards."

There is no release date set for the game yet.


  1. nice

  2. And it will be Free?! Hopefully not US Only :/

  3. So it’s not just 616, sounds like it’s their own Universe duh duh dunnnn

  4. i’m sure someone will play it, I’d much rather have a DCUesque game where I could make my own hero and play in the marvel U

  5. I agree with you convoy83, that’s how I always played when doing Marvel’s table top RPGs… this just sounds like another chapter of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

  6. What I’d really like to know is why this event is being held beneath the loft beds in someone’s dorm room.

  7. This is interesting, considering that the Champions MMO is a result of Marvel bailing on Cryptic’s run at a Marvel MMO.  That being said, I think the overlords at the House of Mouse realize that this makes great promotional material.

  8. Disappointing.  I really wanted a game where I could make my hero and play in the Marvel Universe; join the Avengers, join SHIELD.  Team up with the FF, Spidey, etc. 

    Good luck to the development team, but guess I’ll just stick with City of Heroes.

  9. I hope they are ready trying to spend the next 3-5 yrs to get anywhere near dcuo.


  10. Free to play, nice!

  11. So it’s really an eXiles MMO where Dr Doom has tampered with the Crystal Palace (the world hub) and it’s the users job to jump into the multiversal time stream and fix the big stories while creating our own continuity.

    “You can make the Marvel Universe the way you want it too be”…. interesting…… How is this going to work!? 

  12. Doom is the main bad guy, but Bendis just mentioned playing AS Doom……

  13. Free to play AND Bendis?  Im in.

  14. Share your continuity with your friends or play by yourself

  15. Well I have a Mac so once again I’m boned and can’t play this game. DAMNNNNNNNN ITTTTTT!

  16. Bendis is writing? So I can experience repetitive banter as if I’m the one actually having it?
    Spider-Man: That’s tight, right?
    Luke Cage: Tight.
    Spidey: Tight?
    Luke: Tight.
    Me: Sweet. 

  17. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Am I mistaken in thinking I’ve seen that promotional image on party napkins and conical hats? 

    This could be cool. Hoping for Mac compatibility soon.  

  18. It’s like there are a group of guys sitting around trying to figure out how to throw more money at Bendis. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it. I’m just curious if there’s anyone, in comics, aside from Kirkman, that’s pulling bank like he is. Good on him.

  19. Two worst things about MMOs are the grind and subscription fees, CDUO has plenty of both. Free to play gives this a leg up out of the gate in my book.

  20. Saw the headline and thought ‘I’m out. DCU got my money and I don’t really play it’. But if this is free to play? Hellz ya!

  21. @Jimski  you won the internet

  22. Step one: Hire Brian Michael Bendis to write game
  23. Step two: Charge customer nothing
  24. ????
  25. PROFIT!!!
  • @lmiller31  I thought the exact same thing LOL

  • I hate ost F2P MMO’s becuase of the razor blade bullshit they pull. I hope this steers clear of that.

  • see, he is leaving comics.

  • Free to play means I might give this a shot – the subscription was the only thing keeping me away from DCUO.
  • for the people saying disappointed in this and that and its just going to be like marvel ultimate alliance…um


    and you still are complaining? lmao haha

  • I am so looking forward to this! I have no interest in mmos as a general rule; but the oppurtunity to play through every great Marvel crossover/event, as any canon character, is far too good to pass up. Especially with free play and the promise of history drawn from every version of Marvel properties ever. 

  • @4iiii  People saying it will be like Marvel Ultimate Alliance is what makes me want to play it. I freakin’ LOVE those games!

  • Looks like Marvel learned from DC mistakes with DCUO.

  • NOTHING is ever free to play. Marvel/Disney is a business and will not pour the time and money into something as financially lucrative as a MMO out of the kindness of their heart.

    I’m assuming pop up ads will be a factor to pay for this. Just a guess.

    the Tiki

  • Yeah…I’m not exactly thrilled about the “Free to play” portion of it. Things that are completely free (no in-game currency bought by real dollars?) tend not to have the greatest technology and features. I’m not saying that they’re playable…but I don’t think I’ll expect DCUO or WOW level quality.

    Now if they ran a model similar to Guild Wars in the sense that you pay once and THEN it’s free to play – sign me up…

    I’ll be very, very cautiously optimistic. 

  • Or it could be micro transactions.  Like, yea you can play for free as D-Man, but to play as Wolverine ya gotta shell out 1.99 $.  Then you’ve got a bajillion people payin’ 1.99 $ = Cha CHING!

  • So, in essence, we’re going to be playing the game that Alex was playing in the first few panels of the first issue of Runaways? I can get behind that. And, in terms of revenue, they’d get money from extra costumes and extra characters, which is fine by me.

  • Is it not conceivable that “free to play” simply means no ongoing subscription fee? Ie: no monthly cost, but you still buy the initial software for $60… Would explain where the profit comes from, and just means that they will spend less time and money on expansions and updates after the initial release…

  • @debaser17  That’s what I assumed – no monthly fee, but you have to buy the game to play.
    Which I am fine with as long as it really is an MMO and not Ultimate Alliance all over again.

    But how MMO can this be if you get to play as the characters mentioned? You can’t have 7000 Wolverines running around at once. One of the hallmarks of an MMO is creating your own character so you can interact with others. There is also no mention of a persistent world, and that is usually what costs money due to the servers.

    Not trying to nay-say, if it’s good I will play it.

  • Typically, “free to play” means there is no subscription fee, but there is a “cash shop” where you pay money for access to characters, character slots, costumes, adventure packs, etc.  The developers and publishers make their money by selling these items to players.

  • I was wondering the same thing, @kennyg.  How will they reconcile playing “feature characters” in an MMO? 

    I’m hoping this isn’t a browser-based MMO. 

  • Oh wow. Now theres a scary thought. In each server, there is only one Wolverine, and people have to pay cash to take the wheel. Like a time-share. 🙂

  • Yay free things! I haven’t dipped my toes into the DCU game due to being so ridiculously busy that I didn’t think I could jutsify paying regular fees, but this DC zombie can find time for free.

  • My guess is it will be “Freemium” or where you are charged for silly hats and such. I don’t know how much I like the idea of DCU and now a Marvel game allowing me to create characters for them. I would be shocked if their EULA wasn’t the same as City of Heroes/Villains where all the characters you create become licensed property of them.

    It makes sense for it to be in their EULAs but after I found out about it with COH it never sat well with me that they could option a character I made and paid them to play into a comic book.

    The big thing I would want to know is who the developer is, after being burned by SOE more than once I refuse to even touch the DCU game.