Brandon Graham Shares All In Upcoming Art Book, WALRUS

After stepping into the mainstream with King City and expanding his horizons with the space epic Prophet, writer/artist Brandon Graham is showing what’s behind the finished comics in an art book titled Walrus. Scheduled to be published by PictureBox in the Spring of 2013, the publisher says the 112 page collection will feature “drawings and sketchbooks spanning 2009-2012.”

Graham has been positively prolific these past 36 months, battling back from cancer and bringing his under-published TOKYOPOP graphic novel King City to Image Comics. There, while re-publishing old King City material and doing a whole new round of stories, Graham seemed to find a larger fanbase and a more supportive publisher. Earlier this year Graham successfully re-launched Rob Liefeld’s Prophet series, and is currently working on re-establishing his own creator-owned series Multiple Warheads.

Walrus promises to showcase Graham’s extensive and eclectic art and include glimpses into his process. Graham is known for inserting numerous puns and in-jokes into the background (and sometimes foreground of his work), so Walrus looks to be an ideal vantage point to re-example these from a new perspective. For art collectors out there, Graham also sells his original art via McConnell Art.





  1. Fucking want it! Now!

  2. Looks great. Everything Graham has put out has been top-notch and super original.

  3. I love Prophet & am looking at getting King City, so eventually down the line I would be purchasing this!

  4. I’m going out and getting this. I almost feel this is more important then it should be 😛