Red Alert: Brandon Graham to Relaunch ‘MULTIPLE WARHEADS’ at Image Comics

Multiple Warheads

The writer who resurrected Liefeld’s Prophet is about to perform some necromancy on one of his own past projects. Multiple Warheads, a bit of Soviet kink kitsch (well, the concept was originally explored in an X-rated iteration) about an organ smuggler and her werewolf boyfriend. It debuted at Oni back in 2007, but a second issue never surfaced. Five years later, the prodigal project is back on course at Image Comics, King City style.

Expect “vat-grown radiation sniffing squids”, “musical caffeine cigarettes” and “organic, mobile palaces” in Graham’s playful vision of tomorrow’s Russia.

Along with James Stokoe, Graham is one of the most exciting cartoonists working right now, so if you haven’t checked out his furiously inventive cat fancy fantasy King City  or his writing and occasional drawing in Prophet, don’t bother starting a countdown. Just blast off to the comic shop and make it happen.

As for Multiple Warheads, the first 48-page issue of a four-part mini series makes landfall in October.



  1. Swag.

  2. I’m currently reading king city right now and its so weird and out there ideas and awesome cartooning that I’m officially looking forward to this project

  3. MY PANTS!

  4. Is the first issue a reprint of the 2007 one?

  5. I returned to comics after 17 years and found King City. I was super bummed when I heard it was ending, so Brandon told me about this before King City ended and I’ve gotten every previews with disappointment since. Until this month when I finally saw it, THE NEW BRANDON GRAHAM BOOK (sort of)! Do not sleep on this guy. He is well worth the recognition he has been getting lately, and even though I would have liked these books a year ago, his pockets will love the timing. It looks like King City in color, and the story sounds off the wall.

  6. Thanks Paul. I wouldn’t have noticed this.

  7. It’s good. Very very good. 😉