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DON’T MISS: Prophet #21 with Brandon Graham

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Running Time: 00:17:25

When Image Comics announced the return of the Extreme line of characters, we did not expect to see some of the names of the creators involved. Leading that pack was Brandon Graham writing Prophet. Teaming up with artist Simon Roy, Prophet #21 picks up where the original series left off and we chat with Graham about how the project came about and what his experience as been as well as what we can expect from Prophet to come.

Prophet #21
Written by Brandon Graham
Pencils by Simon Roy

$2.99 – Image Comics

Man out of Time
Elvis Costello


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  1. i really like what they are doing taking these old characters and bringing them back. great show Ron. thanks

  2. Looking forward to this book.

  3. I met Brandon at our local comic show Stumptown and pretty much picked up every available copy of his awesomely awesome (yeah, you read that right) King City! If he even injects a tenth of his humor and whacky perspective into Prophet (which I inhaled thanks to Steven Platt’s work) then I have no quams on picking up this book.

    If anybody doesn’t know Brandon’s work from before, I’m sure they’ll be unable to ignore him now. Very creative talent..I really can’t say more other than I’m extremely excited.

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