DC Comics has revealed the cover to Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes, the double-sized one-shot issue that wraps up season one of Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated.

Cover by Chris Burnham

While Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes wraps up season one, it also sets up season two–aptly named “Batman: Leviathan”–which Morrison describes as “the epic, tragic, final act of a story six years long.”

How does Grant Morrison’s Batman story fit into the New DC Universe? Well, Bruce is wearing the old Batsuit, but the story features Stephanie Brown not as Batgirl but as Spoiler. So my advice is: don’t worry about it and just enjoy the ride.

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes is written by Grant Morrison, drawn by Cameron Stewart and Chris Burnham, and is scheduled to hit stores December 21.

For more, check out DC’s The Source.


  1. YES

  2. nice its almost as if dc is giving me a christmas present well its acatully not like that at all considering i have to buy it but you know yay for more batman inc before the year ends

  3. Ooooh….

  4. issues 9 and 10 come out as a one shot double size special. I can live with that.

  5. The birth of the Bat-Sentry 1.0? (Kingdom Come)

  6. That cover’s kinda dull for a double-sized one-shot. Lookin’ forward to this though. I’m surprised that after five comments no one’s bustin’ a nut over the Stephanie news.

    Just when I thought I was rid of her.

  7. DC’s listing says this will be $6.99 and 80 pages….so more like QUADRUPLE SIZED!!!! 😀

  8. man, that’s a big cup Bruce is wearing. Is the villain for this thing Mark Hamill from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

    • nice, i was thinking of the same thing. glad i wasn’t the only one that notice it. it takes some one w/ a big cup to point that out. 🙂 the cover still looks great

  9. It’s the same dang cover that was originally solicited for Batman Inc #10.

    I’m happy this is supposedly 80 pages, but I hope it’s not padded with extraneous stuff.

    Morrison’s Batman has always come out on a horrible schedule. Not even getting into when the material from Inc #9 and #10 were supposed to come out originally, I really have my doubts about this getting released on December 21.

    When was the last time an issue of this came out on the initial solicit date?

    I expect to have this sometime in late January. Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but they’ve been so awful at getting this out when they said they would.

  10. As long as Brown is still around, I’m down without a frown.

    I have to say, I’d enjoy it anyway, but knowing Stephanie’ is in the new DC(ay) makes my day. As long as Grant doesn’t blow her away.

  11. CANT WAIT!!!

    Thats the best Christmas present ever!!!

  12. Cool, the Batman Inc trade comes out on dec 6th i think, i’ll read that then get this.

  13. Jezebel Jet will finally bite the dust! (I hope!)

  14. Can’t wait for this!

    I wonder how dark or tragic this story is really going to be?

  15. seems like when Morrison had this planned out (before the DC Relaunch), he had a role for Stephanie, but now that she is no longer Batgirl he has had to recast her as Spoiler.
    I guess in the DCnU, Stephanie Brown exists as Spoiler and never became Batgirl?

  16. It’ll be great to see Brown again, and I love Stewart’s art. Do we have confirmation, though, that the story has been updated to fit the new DCU and that it doesn’t simply take place “back in another time” in order to get Morrison to where he originall wanted to be by September?

    Personally, I think that this one shot will ship more or less on time — the beginning of Season 2 I wouldn’t hold my breath for anytime in the near future . . .

  17. It’s going to be a good Christmas this year.

  18. so pumped