BREAKING: ASTONISHING X-MEN – Northstar is Getting Married

Earlier today, on the ABC talk show The View, Whoopi Goldberg broke the news of one of the worst kept secrets in comics in recent months, that Astonishing X-Men #50, written by Marjorie Liu with art by Mike Perkins, would feature the proposal of Northstar to his boyfriend, Kyle and they will be getting married in the pages of Astonishing X-Men #51.

This isn’t the first time Northstar has been in the news, as he made headlines years ago in the pages of Alpha Flight #106 when it was revealed to be the first openly gay super hero.  After years of failed Alpha Flight series and toiling in the background, Northstar re-emerged in the pages of X-Men comics, and most recently revealed to have a boyfriend named Kyle, who was a major plot factor in the most recent Alpha Flight failure, the mini-series by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Dale Eaglesham.

Marvel teased that a wedding was approaching in June in the pages of Astonishing X-Men, and it seemed like inside the beltway, everyone knew that it would be Northstar, but now that Whoopi said it on TV, the news is confirmed and all eyes are on Astonishing X-Men #50 for the proposal and the marriage to follow in issue #51.

This announcement comes at a time where gay characters in mainstream comics are getting attention, as this past weekend Dan DiDio let it slip at the KAPOW con in London, that major character in The New 52 DC Universe will be revealed to be gay.

Astonishing X-Men #50 hits comic stores tomorrow on May 23 and the wedding issue of Astonishing X-Men #51 will be in comic stores on June 20th.

The proposal from Astonishing X-Men #50


  1. Doop looks suspicious.

    • Ya.. doop does .. but doesnt he always.

    • Doop looks awesome! As he always does.

      Man, I loved X-Statix.

    • For some reason i remember loving xstatix too.. but i cant actually remember what xstatix was about. So far i have one clue. Doop was in xstatix. Check. Was that allred art? Is it wrong to want to have a pet Doop?

    • Everyone wants Doop in their lives. He’s the only character besides Maria Hill invented in the 2000s that has stuck around.

      Yup Doop was Allred.

      X-Statix / X-Force is super great. I can’t really recommend the omnibus highly enough. It’s about all the stuff that is prevalent in today’s society. It’s kind of like how Clueless doesn’t really seem like a farce anymore because everyone is always talking on their cellphones in public anyways.

    • I love that profile name/pic res.. super funny.
      For some reason ive been saying Super Doop in my head periodically throughout the day.

    • I love Doop but i am not used to seeing him with a head. i am used to him looking like a floating gerkin.

    • he does kind of look like a pickle.. ya..

  2. As someone from the UK, I rarely get to say this, so please indulge me: I was there when Dan DiDio made that announcement.

    But yes, great news all round. Maybe that horrible parents group (Somewhat Less Than) One Million Moms will make another pathetic protest.

  3. Iceman being a douche. Way to upstage the main event guy.

    • I Just realised that Iceman’s ice bridges(?) are really dangerous. they are solid now, but in a matter of minutes they will be crashing to the ground as big icy boulders. Not only is he upstaging the wedding, but he is a public heath risk whenever he uses his powers to get around.

    • Ahh, they’re all used to Iceman’s act by now, he doesn’t impress anyone with his shenanigans.

    • In the 1990s cartoon his ice bridges would disappear also as soon as he past by. If I remember correctly they fell away into this fluffy snow stuff. Not very dangerous

  4. Honestly, I’m more curious about which New 52 character will be “outed,” but this is a welcome change of pace from “ONE OF THESE CHARACTERS WILL DIE” or “BATTLE LINES ARE BEING DRAWN AND FRIENDS WILL BECOME FOES” or “LOOK AT ALL THEM HAMMERS!”

    • Just to make the obvious joke, the Hammer line may still apply to this relationship.

    • i have a hunch it’s SHAZAM!

    • I believe it is all but certain that Alan Scott, the Earth Two Green Lantern, will be the one coming out in an up-coming issue of EARTH TWO. DC can boast that a major character (i.e. Green Lantern) is gay, but Kyle, Guy & Hal are still straight. We should remembera similar DC move decades ago when it was announced that Superman was going to marry, it turned out to be the Earth-Two versions of Clark & Lois as well. While DC might get some negative press from some quarters, they leave themselves an out (no pun intended) that can be erased in a couple of years when they destroy all the alternate Earths again.

      Personally, I think the marriage of Northstar is a braver move on Marvel’s part, since the controversy of same-sex marriage is a hot-botton issue at the moment. Even some of those opposed to gays & lesbians getting wed have come to accept homosexuals in other situations (work, military, politics, etc.)

      Finally, I hope that we don’t see the usual thing where some villain(s) decide to attack the ceremony, just so the writers & artists can toss in several pages of ‘action’ before giving us the actual wedding in the final few pages.

  5. Of the Extinction Team, only Storm attended

    • In the back by Glob Herman? I think that’s Warbird (Kid Gladiator’s bodyguard or whatever).

    • Storm’s on the right page, flying above Sasquatch.

    • East and West Coast are on the outs, even in the Marvel U.

    • @Fett02: Hah! Oh yeah. I wonder what kind of municipal permits they had to pull for an outdoor gay mutant wedding?

      I’d imagine some other citizens might have a problem with that for a variety of reasons.

    • @KenOchalek – But Jameson’s the mayor (assuming this NYC and not San Fran), and he’s usually not a big fan of prejudice, so he could certainly fast track it. Plus it adds to New York being the greatest city in the world, and think of the tourism dollars! Just as long as Spider-Man isn’t involved. Or Horizon Labs.

  6. At first, my response was, “*yawn*, another writer showing how ‘progressive’ comics can be. Aren’t we all so cool now…”. Then I saw the cover, and damn if those two grooms don’t look like the happiest comic book couple I’ve seen in a while. Kind of makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

  7. Hulkling and Wiccan are gay. Just wondering who else is gay in Marvel U?

    • A ew. Shatterstar and Rictor spring to mind. Anole and Greymalkin. Help me out folks

    • Moondragon and Quasar (Phyla-Vell, not Wendell Vaughn)

    • dammit, submitted before I finished.
      So yes, Moondragon and Quasar were a lesbian couple, and wasn’t there a gay couple in the Exiles series? Ultimate Colossus was also gay.

    • Nocturne is gay. She hooked up with alternate universe Mary Jane (Spider-Woman) for a while, but she was forced to leave that reality after a while. Is Nocturne still in the 616 universe these days?

    • Actually, I think it was Sunfire who was gay in that series. Nocturne was rolling with Thunderbird.

      Striker, of Avengers Academy, recently came out to Lightspeed, formerly of Power Pack, who is openly bisexual (if memory serves). Also Karolina Dean of the Runaways.

  8. What I want to know is, why are Anole and Rockslide making eyes at each other?

    • Rockslide probably made some kind of immature joke, and Anole (also a gay character) is giving his friend a “grow up” look.

  9. This is awesome. – I love the outing of a DC Character idea too. It gives readers a simulated experience on what its like to come to terms with a friends sexuality. It’s a fantastic idea.

  10. What i wanna know is .. when did Northstar come back to life. For some reason i thought he was dead.

  11. I read Astonishing XM #49 and it sucked terribly, was disjointed and made no sense. The art was good, but I’m warning you guys who are buying into the hype, it’s gonna let you down.

    Are they getting married in NY? I’m pretty sure it’s not North Carolina.

  12. I can’t wait until gay characters aren’t news.

  13. THe only thing I have to say is – there is no way to plan a wedding that elaborate with only a months planning. Comics are so unrealistic.

    • What if Quicksilver was the wedding planner? He’s details oriented, stubborn, patrician, and moves at super speed.

      Also his sister could use Chaos Magic to allow everyone’s prior engagements to be rearranged for a sudden destination wedding.

      Also Iceman can make ice for the bar. We know it’s an open bar because Wolverine is in the front row of the wedding.

  14. This is an example of cheap marketing and lackluster storytelling. From many examples of the comments the character Northstar hasn’t really had much impact on readers and to try and give Astonishing and Northstar some type of heat by doing this announcement on the View just looks and feel very cheap. Have they really tried to make this relationship deep and significant prior to this announcement? I haven’t felt it. So by trying to just plop a media announcement to make this title have a little sizzle and then most likely let it flounder because let’s be honest the character Northstar hasn’t been a really compelling character who hasn’t been a driving force for plot in any of the books that the character has been in.

    • Northstar, along with his boyfriend, were a major part of the entire Alpha Flight mini-series (or whatever we’re calling it now) that came out just last year. So yeah, this isn’t coming out of nowhere. In fact, it’s a very natural progression of events that makes complete sense. It just so happens that it’s also perfect timing.

  15. bad things:
    wedding issues tend to suck.
    everyone knew it was coming for the past three months.
    revealed on The View? yuck.

    good things:
    they do make a cute couple.
    Doop is on the cover.
    the kind of people i don’t like will be outraged:)
    the cover lets me say “Northstar’s got a Beast between his legs!”
    Marvel’s making a big deal about something other than killing a character *shock*!

    the goods win. congrats you crazy kids!

  16. They couldn’t even get Northstar’s first name right a few issues ago. And Kyle barely has a personality (Fraction never even bothered to give the guy a name, did he?). So, I can’t really get excited by this.

    It’s just another gimmick, which is a shame because:

    Northstar deserves better.
    Homosexuals deserve better (representation in comics).
    And readers deserve better (than to be propagandized by overhyped political issues to sell comics).

    Liu is a good writer and I’m sure the title is better than it’s been in a few years. (But, how could it NOT be? It was pretty much the worst X-book before Liu came on board, so it had nowhere to go but up.)

    The View is on ABC.
    ABC is owned by Disney.
    Marvel is owned by Disney.
    So that’s why the mainstream decided to care about this, for 15 seconds.

    All this is is just corporations pandering and using emotional blackmail to try to convince people that this “matters”. Real people in real relationships tend not to care about whether or not comics that they don’t even read are “representing” them or not.

    But if Marvel’s going to do this, they should have at least gotten Northstar’s first name right and let Kyle develop a personality.

    • Guess you didn’t read Alpha Flight?

    • @flapjaxx: Well said.

      One good representation of a gay couple was in the pages of the Authority. Warren Ellis and Mark Millar (Yes, him too) both capture the essence of what a relationship between two people can be.

    • I think it should be Jason Todd. HE been dead for so long I know he got with starfire but mabie it was all a front.

      wallie would be good to if it gets him back into the new 52. or in a big twist of fate Dick grayson.

  17. Yes big deal, a company owned by Disney which owns marvel did advertising for a Marvel comic, who cares?

  18. I dunno, those yentas on The View talk about anything that’ll get their audience riled up, I’m sure they’ll talk about DC’s gay character, too…

    • As far as DC’s gay character announcement, has anyone heard the rumor that it will be Wally West?

    • that seems titanically unlikely.

    • As long as they bring Wally back I really don’t care what his preference is.

    • I imagine it will be a character whose love life has not been explored rather than one who has already had a fairly developed one (like Wally).

    • Dan Didio stated, “…they are about to reintroduce a previously existing DC character who was previously straight and now will be “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

      It’s the New 52…Still could be Wally West.

    • gay flash would be awesome, but not too balls-e. there are like four of those guys.
      make batman gay. now that would take balls.
      then morrison would be all like “i fucking told you guys!”
      lol. j/k

    • Lines of thinking that back up the Wally West choice:

      – He is a prominent character whom we haven’t yet seen in the New 52; i.e. we’ve had 8 or 9 months of New 52 characters running around various titles, and many have referenced – even briefly, or merely implicitly – their hetero orientation.

      – He is part of a large family of young/youngish hetero speedsters, and making Wally gay is one way to set him apart from the others, to give him a different voice. Otherwise, Wally is just young Barry – and that slot’s currently filled or will be filled by Bart.

      – The last time DC played Wally as “married father of twins” it did not sell well at all. Which is now a hilarious way to threaten our other heroes: if you want to settle down with a family, you’d better stay compelling… or we will put you in a love triangle with Apollo and Midnighter! lol

      Who knows. Perhaps it’s Jimmy Olsen who’ll be the pick. And why are all my choices red-haired?… hurm…

    • i love how mainstream news websites like msn automatically thinks it will be aquaman. if they would just look at a cover of the new aquaman series you know he is with mera lol

    • My money’s on Tim Drake.

    • Unless they want to do gay teen love with him and Bunker, it wouldn’t make sense to put two of your very few DCU gays on the same team / book.

    • I’m thinking it may be Ryan Choi/ the Atom in Justice League.

    • Ryan Choi isn’t “iconic / major” enough to fit Dan DiDio’s tease. Up until now, I didn’t even remember Choi was in the New 52…

    • A Green Lantern or Flash makes the most sense, since there are multiples of each. DC has invested too much energy persuading the universe that it ain’t ever been nor ever will be Batman (thanks Dr. Wertham). And Superman? Doubt it. What about Wonder Woman?

    • wonder woman would make the most sense. did they have in greek mythology an island called lesbos of all women, who else would you date, just women right. i think in the dc/batman universe damian or alfred seem likely and are major batman characters.

  19. not only is it a gay marriage(which is fucking fantastic!), but it’s an interracial marriage as well. that’s an issue that is particularly close to my heart.
    great statement marvel.

    • It happened in “Life With Archie” months ago. Same thing gay interracial.

    • really?! i must have missed that one. i only remember hearing about archie when KISS makes a guest appearance. also awesome.

    • I once had a girl that liked me.. keep telling me about how she likes comics too… and I was like.. “oh ya? eventually i said to her “cool.. you like” Her answer “Archie”.. my response “oh”

  20. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    A marriage proposal in one issue and the actual marriage in the next? Jeez oh petes, kids. Slow it down. Get some pre-marital counseling. I mean, do you both want kids? Does one of you want them and the other doesn’t? Who is moving in with whom? Do you both hold the same religious beliefs? Who will be in charge of paying the bills? These are all things that you should be worrying about before hopping directly to the alter, guys.

  21. “…the most recent Alpha Flight failure…”

    I guess it’s how you define a failure, Ron. To me it was the best Alpha Flight story since the Byrne run, with great art by eaglesham.

    • I am sure that he means no slight- but really, it was made from limited series into an ongoing and then cancelled just as fast. Whether that is die to spastic marvel marketing or low sales, it does fit the general description of a failed comic series. Still, mist of my favorite comics of the past few years were failures- captain Britain and mi-13, agents of atlas, aztek the ultimate man; unfortunately the list goes on, so I feel your pain.

    • Sorry- so many typos on my iPhone keypad

  22. Geez! Snowbird would be late to her own funeral(s)!

  23. This is offensive!!

    Such an obvious tacky grab for sales, that is. Not the gay marriage

    Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? What kind of a backwards basement dwelling collector is going to get excited over a D list character getting married in a D list book?

    • i’m guessing a gay, backwards basement dwelling collector.
      if nothing else, it’s a few more steps in the right direction of gay marriage becoming a non-issue. i’m not buying the issue for budgetary reasons, but i still think it’s an awesome idea.
      you’re right though, it would be more impressive if it were an A-list character.

    • Really? Only a gay collector would get this? Fair enough

    • not only, but at the very least. i don’t think that’s too presumptuous.
      i’m sure the character and book have fans of both persuasions.

    • Remember all the Obama fans who had to have that Spidey issue with him in it?

      Maybe now lots of gay marriage fans will need this issue. It does feel like a very obvious sales grab. If it felt like a natural development I think it would mean a lot more.

    • Speaking as a gay person who is not necessarily representative of the LGBT community, I can say I have absolutely no interest in this issue. The only gay people I imagine would be interested would be marriage equality activists who don’t actually read comics. They’re the only ones who won’t realize how lame this is.

      Peter David’s ongoing storytelling with Rictor and Shatterstar has been far more groundbreaking.

      P.S. Let me know when Wiccan proposes to Hulkling (or vice versa).

  24. Two things:

    1) Why can’t this just be a normal story where two people, who just happened to be men, get married? Why make such a huge deal about this? I’m sorry but to make this such a big deal seems more offensive then not doing it at all. Especially with DC making a big big over one of their characters being gay. It’s normal people! Let’s not try and compete with each other to see who can do ‘better’ involving homosexuals. It’s normal and it’ll only be acceptable if we don’t treat it like a taboo.

    2) The View? Yes nothing say their audience like a bunch of middle age to senior women. Those are the people that will not only accept this idea but also buy the comic…..and if you can’t tell that is sarcasm then let me spell it out clearer:

    Marvel will not increase the sales of Astonishing X-Men dramatically because they did this on The View.

    • Totally agree on #2. I read people saying any publicity is good publicity. I guess that’s true but this is the ONLY publicity. Why not the Today Show or Daily Show, shows with outreach beyond the demographic that is stuck home all day watching the View?

      I have news for Marvel: if your hope for new readers rests on watchers of the View, then you better bet big on Avengers 2.

    • @Andrew: I didn’t see The View, or in this case Whoopi, announcing this as it happened but I gotta imagine she (and her co-workers) had no idea what they were talking about.

      “Astonishing X-Men?”

      These things are alien to them…..and so is Northstar to Marvel considering they got his fucking name wrong two issues ago in the same book.

    • They make a big deal when most straight heroes get married too. Green Arrow and Black Canary got a mini out of it…

      In fact, comic book publishers try to make a big deal out of every story that comes out…

    • Yeah but I see new 52 and Spidermen plugged in USA Today and articles in New York Times. I understand this is a much more low key story but the View is a lame outlet. It smells of desperation to have someone, anyone talking about this story.

      I think this is a relatively important societal story and it gets limply marketed. I don’t know the marketing side enough to really offer anything other can a confused look but I really don’t get how that decision was made.

    • There are still lot of folks who are intolerant of homosexuality. My parents had lunch today with old friends and my mom was appalled by how a couple of them were so against gay marriage. It is a big deal.

      Just because you and I are accepting of others doesn’t mean everybody is that way. Thankfully, our society is moving slowly but surely toward equality – but there are going to be bumps along the way.

      That being said, I still think this book will suck.

  25. I’d trade Northstar getting married for a single issue of anything that I could hand to a gay teenager that would make them feel like there are people out there who are going through what they are.

    I’d trade both of those for a single issue that I can hand to a straight person that would make them understand that being gay is more than just a GOP talking point.

    And I might trade all of that to never see another comic with Northstar ever again.

    • Maybe that issue will be coming sooner than you think. It would be great to have a book that promoted basic human kindness. Hopefully some of our creators will find that story within them (but not some preachy Judd Winnick book).

      And Northstar is a little weak. His only defining traits seem to be that he’s gay and has a crazy sister. It feels like a lot of writers don’t know what to do with him. Shoving him into a gay marriage doesn’t seem like a natural step.

      I’d rather see a marriage between Shatterstar and Richtor (if only to watch Rob Liefeld’s head explode).

      Or an asexual marriage, when Doop marries itself!

    • Try any issue of “X-Men” or said related mutant books where a new mutant (or a New Mutant) is actively being recruited/discovering he or she has powers.

      I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Marvel comic book universe is kind of jam-packed full of stories about ostracized teenagers.

      I suppose, then, the question would be for your proposed scenario: would a metaphorical story get the job done?

    • I know that people have likened being a mutant to any number of minority situations, but I have never felt personally that what the X-Men face is like what homosexuals face. Being a mutant is like being a “cool” outsider. Being gay is sometimes treated liked being a sinful, horrible outsider.

      I’m sure there are plenty of people who think the X-Men are bad ass that also hate gays. Homosexuality seems to have an extra amount of hate that race and gender don’t bring about.

    • @BCDX97: It’s not considered cool to be a mutant *within* the Marvel Universe.

    • @RaceMcCloud My personal opinion. As a reader of X-Men off and on for years, those issues feel no more than “A Very Special Blossom.” That might be a great vague metaphor for being a teenager, but gently saying, “Hey LGBT kid, it applies to you, too” is like an upper class white guy telling an inner city black boy “I know exactly what you’re going through.”

      The “job” will not get done with a single issue, but I’d love to see some writers be handed tasks that deal with issues beyond a spectacle event. Maybe find some gay people in the real world and get their input (since I’m assuming, but could be entirely wrong and would LOVE to be told I’m totally effing wrong, like almost every other field that it’s mostly run by straight men) instead of just thinking “Eh, I can imagine what it’s like and that’s good enough, right?”

      If X-Men of all books isn’t up to that task, then they might want to change their tune to something they’re more comfortable with like “we just want guys who can just blow crap up.” /End Preachy Bits

      @BCDX97 Richtor and Shatterstar getting married is WAY less interesting than seeing if they’ll get to the point where they’re ready to get married.

  26. Puck and Doop.

  27. Anyone Notice Puck’s not wearing a jacket? not even a long sleeve shirt! rudest midget ever. i don’t care who you are, if you go to a wedding and you’re a guy, you don’t wear a tight sleeveless black shirt. unless it’s a VERY particular kind of wedding.

    • yeah, logan too.
      but it is a very particular kind of wedding. a gay-superhereo one. rules for such an occasion would be very lax i would imagine. hell, iceman looks naked.
      to be honest, i’m surprised he’s the only naked ice sculpture there. lol. and free, too. can’t beat that. iceman must be the best guest for a wedding ever cuz he can also serve as decor.

    • Look at Psylocke dressed like a slut. No class!

    • @adrianright – about the sleeveless black shirt: i dunno man. i was just at a wedding in arkansas and some of the clothing choices were… um… not ones that i would ever make.

  28. I’m gonna regret asking this, but… isn’t Northstar dead? Very, very dead?

    But I guess that “Wolverine” issue by Millar is now years beyond the statute of limitations on comic book mortality.

    • He was brought back in the Supernovas storyline by Carey and Bachalo… or was it the one after? One of those.

    • Wait, no, he was brought back in the Enemy of the State storyline, but was a hydra-possessed psycho locked away until Supernovas. Comics, everybody.

    • My favorite (by which I mean least favorite) part of Fraction’s Uncanny run was when Wolverine went & recruited Northstar for Utopia and apologized for killing him. And Greg Land drew him with the biggest, goofiest, cheese-eatingest grin while he was saying it.

  29. I wonder which major DC character will be gay?

    • Now it looks like it’ll be Alan Scott. An alternative Green Lantern on (now) an alternative universe Earth.


      Way to go, DC.

    • Well it is an alternative lifestyle

    • Has there ever been two females married in DC or Marvel?

    • @snake, I dunno. If the DCU has shown females married to each other, perhaps it was in 1990’s Wonder Woman / Themysciran continuity? I know the Amazon characters and culture were fleshed out very well back then… but then again, I can see the Amazons looking on the concept of “marriage” as an invention of Man’s World.

      Okay, I’m amending my reaction to gay Alan Scott.

      Though I’m still underwhelmed (if he is indeed the one who will be gay) I do applaud DC for at least trying to add more gay representation in their mainstream superhero comic books. It isn’t the route I’d take, but at least it’s a route. And who knows? James Robinson might very well write the hell out of this story, he might knock it out of the park. I might be cheering this decision a few months from now. I guess my real problem is with DC’s PR Department – which constantly gooses readers into coming up with more exciting stories than the ones that are eventually revealed. There is a difference between teasing and tempting your audience and goosing it; I wish DC PR would figure that out.

  30. I read comics to get away from it all.

  31. I’m glad that Bubbles from The Wire was able to turn his life around.

  32. When was the announcement on The View? Previous to today, no one had mentioned the wedding at all (save Marjorie Liu). Today, I had five people, one of whom works in the building but has never expressed interest in comics, stop in and ask “Do you have the new X-Men comic?” (referring to THE X-Men comic is a pretty good indicator that they’re not a regular reader of the infinite amount of X-titles) They’ve all eventually mentioned “The marriage issue.” and looked sad when I told them it’s not out until next month.

  33. Grant Morrison just outed Northstar as actually straight in Penthouse … true story

  34. Who’s the blonde Beast’s holding hands with? And does Brand know?

  35. I WON’T be buying this comic, but I AM excited to see Doop again! Is he back in continuity? Is he regularly in any of the X-books these days? I’ve been following the Avengers more than the X-Men for the past 5-10 years and I’m out of the X-loop.

  36. Am I the only one who isn’t appalled that Korg and that grey guy didn’t get hitched first? A whole Planet Hulk, then WWH with no sign of their relationship, and they just kinda make out at a cookout? Seems like they final have time for each other? I guess Wiccan and Hulking don’t want to settle down.