Arthur Adams Covers Remender and Hardman’s SECRET AVENGERS

Secret Avengers is getting an overhaul. Before Gabriel Hardman joins writer Rick Remender, we’ll have a issue #21.1, with art by Patrick Zircher that’s going to look like this, at the end of January:


Secret Avengers #21 cover by Patrick Zircher

Then, getting away from silly decimal point issues, we’ll see issue #22 in February, with interiors by Hardman, and a cover from Arthur Adams that looks like this:


It could also have a cover that looks like this, which you might have seen, by Hardman:

Then, issue #23, also in February, because Marvel have become big fans of double shipping,  will have an Arthur Adams cover that’s going to look like this, which would be a really great thing:

And remember, don’t tell anyone about any of this, because apparently, it’s a secret. Just like the fact that these costumes are being redone to jive with the release of Marvel’s The Avengers. But again… secret.


  1. Clint and Roy Harper have basically been sharing the same costume for the last five years

  2. who’s the lady coming out of the playing card? Emma frost?

  3. So I take it the Human Torch is coming back in the next several months?

  4. Really excited to see how Remender handles Pym.

  5. Love that Arthur Adams Beast.

  6. Art Adams is one of the few who can still get me to buy a comic for the cover. Marvel knew what they were doing back in the day when they got him to covers for those “Classic X-Men” reprints.. well, it got me to buy em anyway…

  7. Pym AND O’Grady? I’m in.

  8. So this is West Coast Avengers? I mean, I’m cool with that, but that’s what this feels like.

  9. When did 616 Hawkeye change his costume? I realize they’re making look like the movie version, but was this new costume addressed in a story? Seems like it just appeared one issue.

  10. Brian’s back into his old costume (which I admit is a classic) but man I love the MI13 version that Leonard Kirk did. It’s a great lineup both creatively and character wise, but I’d totally bribe the creative team with all the Hostess Fruit Pies they can carry if would show more acknowledgement of Captain Britain & MI13.

  11. I just noticed O’Grady on Hawkeye’s arrow. Awesome.

  12. So I guess it’s time to give this book a second chance.

  13. I think I’m going to have to give this book a third try.

  14. I like the Art Adams cover except for Beast – frickin’ wierd.

    Also, on the Patrick Zircher cover, how awesome would it be if that was Snake Eyes in the upper left?

  15. Every time I look at those covers, I get more stoked. Remender and Hardman means I’m definitly in come January.

  16. I am so chomping at the bit for this book! I really want a good Avengers book to read. It’s been so long. This mix of creators and characters has been stoked!

  17. Betty Brant isn’t going to be happy with Flash giving more time to his “charity work”.