Andrew Lincoln to play Rick in Walking Dead series

Battling zombies instead of his undying love for a painfully cute Keira Knightly, Andrew Lincoln, who many Americans know from Love Actually will take up the eventually-one-handed role of Walking Dead lead, Rick Grimes.


Andrew Lincoln is Rick Grimes


I guess it could work. I can't say I've seen Andrew Lincoln in anything but the one movie, as he largely works in UK productions that don't always make it here, but as long as he doesn't have one of those terrible American accents, I'll have to assume that Frank Darabont and co. know what they're doing.


  1. I’m not familiar with much of his work either, but hopefully he does a good job.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "Andrew. Yes. It’s Darabont. Been watching your audition tape on a loop for days. Odd that it’s mostly shots of Keira Knightley in a wedding dress. Cute girl. Anyway, we like the accent and think you’ll look fine in a beard if you can grow one. What i’m saying, Andrew, is…to me, you are perfect."

    From beyond left field. From the parking lot, maybe.  

  3. Paul thank you for making me feel some what normal b/c I also recognize this guy from love actually. (awesome movie btw)

  4. In Darabont We Trust.  Everything he does is pretty much gold.

  5. Great choice, I think this is a very good actor to play Rick. Hope he’s prepared to act with one hand if this series goes somewhere.

  6. So its the caroling love lorn guy from Love Actually.  Way out of left field, but still my most anticipated new show coming to tv. 

  7. @Paul–He came by Darabont’s place while others were auditioning, and told him why he’d be perfect in the role….oh and that he’s always loved Frank, oddly enough.

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    To his credit, Josh mentioned Love Actually first. Best Christmas movie not directed by Frank Capra. Fact. 

  9. I haven’t seen Mr. Lincoln in anything, so I can’t form an opinion about his work, but if he is able to pull of Rick’s plight in a convincing fashion I think the series will do exceptionally well.

  10. Never heard of him or seen him in anything but I assume he can do a southern accent? Rick is from Kentucky after all.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We do know that he can cry out in anguish, frightening holiday shoppers. To a Dido song.  

    His "Lucky you…" to Keira Knightly was also decidedly abrasive.

    Yes, I have a thing for the movie.  

  12. I remember watching him in Teachers ages ago. Let’s hope he can pull off a decent American accent. And beard.

  13. @Paul: Thought I was the only one, definately a Christmas must watch in my house. 

  14. Jeez, not to get all flag waving here, we couldn’t find an American actor for our cop from Kentucky? Lots of Englishmen can do a fine US accent (sometimes southern) but when they are bad WOW. 

    I liked Love Actually, actually. But it’s impossible to know if he has the chops to be Rick from that flick.

    Kirkman likes him but that means very little. Jim Butcher liked all the choices everyone involved made on the Dresden Files and that was a disaster.

    Fingers crossed but not exactly a roaring start for me. I’ll tune in regardless.

  15. I like him. And I have seen Love Actually multiple times lol

  16. And now I want to watch LOVE ACTUALLY again. But I can’t. Because it’s not Christmas.

  17. Wow, great casting. Excellent actor, mainly in comedies but playing them straight.

    He deserves some big time USA attention.

    I don’t know if it’s available over there, but if you can acquire them somehow, get the British show Teachers, he’s excellent in that.

  18. @Conor-Do you really need an excuse to watch Love Actually? That move is amazing.

  19. @drakedangerz: I have strict guidelines about Christmas movies. I can only watch them after Thanksgiving and before New Year’s. A man’s got to have a code and that’s mine!

  20. i didnt not expect this at all.

  21. i meant "i didnt expect this at all". no double negatives

  22. Darabont or somebody in casting must really like British actors. First Jamie Bamber was rumored, then Johnny Lee Miller, and now Lincoln gets the role.

    I know nothing of the guy, so I can’t speak to my opinion on him as Rick. But I just hope he does a decent American accent. Nothing worse than actors whose accents randomly slip.

  23. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I live by that very same Cinematic Christmas Code. 

  24. this thread should just be renamed "who likes Love Actually" w/ a pic of keira knightley

  25. At this point yes it should be called that.

  26. Guess We are all out-of-the-closet fans of Love Actually. I’ve made a few of my girlfriends watch it with me. To great results! I love the hot secretary in the devil’s costume. Darabont was cringe-worthy real, as in good in it. Funny, to me its all english so, accents be what they may. Can the movie in "anywhere-in-the-world" scenario? Just saying. Regardless, the proof is in the pudding, that great little pudding Kirkman has laid for us to enjoy! And we all know how good that pudding is! Wait, wha… Its a good book, that’s what I mean!

  27. Ooopsy daisies, meant to say Andrew was good in it. Sorry!

  28. This happens every time there’s even the faintest whisper of love actually on this site, why? Because it’s awesome. Feel some feelings, y’all. 

  29. They should just rename this site the:

    "Fan site of Love Actually and Reign of Fire" 🙂

  30. @Conor I make an exception for A Nightmare before Christmas which always comes sometime between Halloween and Christmas. But thats the only one

  31. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Every Christmas, my wife brings up the fact that we should watch LOVE ACTUALLY with our parents on Christmas day and every year I have to remind her about the Martin Freeman subplot. We then end up watching it alone before we go over to anyone else’s house.

    Oh, and I look forward to watching this series. 

  32. See if you can find clips of Andrew Lincoln in This Life, seminal twentysomething BBC light drama, and Afterlife, spooky ITV fantasy in which he co-stars with Lesley Sharp as a medium named Alison (no relation). Both fine series and great showcases for a very good, and likable, thesp.


    Or better still, take a risk on a DVD – you won’t be sorry. 

  33. Actually, everyone, He’s best known for the roll of Egg on This Life. A brittish TV show from the ninties. Why are you talking about Love Actually? 


    here’s my reaction to the casting:  umm…. ok…. ?

  34. shit, sorry, Mart. Noticed your post.

  35. I can understand and respect the Cinematic Christmas Code. I somewhat subscribe to it. For example, ain’t no way in hell I would watch A Christmas Story during any other time of the year.

  36. As someone from this side of the pond I’m all for it. He’s a great actor. Once all the folks in the US see him in something other than the abomination that was Love Actually I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised. 

  37. Teachers >>>>>>> This Life

  38. I didn’t bite on the comic series, but this property as an AMC series sounds like a winner — they coulda cast Tom Green and I probably would’ve been on board.

  39. does that means teacher was better than This Life?!!!


    because that makes me so angry, aarrggh. oh, wait, second… no, i don’t have a opinion either way

  40. Not really seeing it, so I googled a few more pics.  Still not seeing it.  Maybe Rick’s whispy beard and floppy hair will help?

  41. Interesting choice.  Great actor.  He was great in Teachers though that character is nothing like Rick.

    I just fear a horrible Kentucky accent.  There are three general accents (other than no accent) that you’ll hear a British actor do

    1.  Over the top New York accent.  Like they’re Mahoney from the Bowyer Boys.

    2. Over the top Chicago accent akin to a 1930’s gangster

    3. Over the top southern accent reminiscent of Foghorn Leghorn. 

  42. I saw "Lincoln" and "Walking Dead" and assumed we were all talking about zombie Abraham Lincoln, which has probably been done in a comic I bet.

    No idea who this guy is, but I’ll trust the powers that be that he’ll be good. I had no idea who Hugh Jackman was when X-Men was cast, and that was a great decision. 

  43. I don’t know if there’s a zombie Lincoln book but there IS a novel titled ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER.

  44. How awesome that an ex-president actually killed vampires. Makes me proud!

  45. Isn’t there an episode of Teachers where he has grown a beard? That might help with my mental imagery.