Andrew Lincoln as Rick in AMC’s Walking Dead

I'd say he certainly looks the part.  It's funny, but this actually sold me a lot more than the zombie shots.  I mean, I've seen zombies. I've seen countless zombies, but Rick Grimes is a character I know, and one that I've spent a hell of a lot of time with.  I knew him when he could count to 10 for example.  And this shot here, I buy this completely. Bring on the Walking Dead.



  1. YES!!!!

  2. just wet my pants

  3. My nipples got hard! Metaphorically speaking…

  4. I haven’t read Walking Dead so I can’t comment on how authentic to the comic these promo shots are but they look badass in general. And I must say, as someone who has loved Andrew Lincoln from way back in the day when he was on Teachers, it’s nice to see him landing some more prolific roles. 

     Bring on the zombies! 

  5. Approval: Rising.

    Skepticism: Negligible (was barely any to begin with, to be fair).

  6. please AMC dont fuck this up.


  8. To any other Brits reading this, can you believe that is Egg from This Life?!! Looks good though

  9. I’d like to quote the great thespian, Sir Martin Lawrence:


  10. Awesome.  

    My only stupid hang up about this show is that I have trouble thinking of The Walking Dead in color.  Wouldn’t it be cool if they showed a late night marathon of the show converted to black and white at some point?   

  11. @Kartoffelkopf and from Teachers. I’m hoping he can pull it off. (it will be great if he can)

  12. And the wait keeps seeming longer and longer with each new promo shot.

  13. You know how sometimes you like a band and it’s your little secret thing in the world and then all of a sudden other people start liking it and you get kinda resentful that all of a sudden this secret thing is everyone’s favorite?

    Well, I’m totally fine with that happening.  I hope everyone discovers how great this is.  

    Also, did anyone hear about going to and entering the Konami Code?  It turns all the article headers into stories about a zombie invasion.   

  14. Cant wait for this show!!!

  15. @cormano – While it’s been a while since I’ve fiddled with a television set, surely they still have the saturation knob/setting.

  16. Nice. I won’t be sold on Lincoln til I see a few episodes, but the costume looks great. I remain optimistic.

  17. looks great, we’ll see if he truley embodies the character… but this pic makes me trust AMC and Darabont that much more, so we should be in for a ride!


    but my number 1 question remains, will we see carl?

    (if anyone knows that answer please respond)

  18. I’ve been cool with all the WD news since I heard that Kirkman is pumped about it. I mean it’s his baby, and if he’s cool, I’m cool. I like the idea that the story WILL NOT be the exact same one as in the book. I would hate to be sitting there thinking “OK. Now this person dies.” etc

  19. Find me a creator who wasn’t Gung Ho about the adaptation of their work before it hit. I haven’t heard a peep out of Rucka stumping for the Whiteout DVD.

  20. Yes please.

  21. alan moore

  22. @Josh Alan Moore on watchmen, brotha

  23. He doesn’t count.

  24. It really should be illegal to bring up Alan Moore in a discussion, just like when you bring up Hitler.

  25. awesome………………thank you AMC

  26. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a TV show since the Full House/Family Matters crossover.

  27. I laughed more than I should have at "I knew him when he could count to 10"

    Well played, Mr. Flanagan.  I hope Andrew Lincoln isn’t a method actor.

    This show is looking better and better.

  28. I wonder what non-superhero comic is next.  This is all so very encouraging.  (And I wish that movies based on comics (non-superhero) would be recognized as such.  (History of Violence, Road to Perdition…. there are at least a dozen that aren’t coming to mind).

  29. Yeah, that is what scares me about Jonah Hex.

    Can’t wait for that special edition Hex podcast.

    I don’t think there is anything that could dull my excitement for this series, but I hate having high expectations for just about any creative work . . . especially when they are as high as I have them set right now.

  30. But can he grow a bitchin’ beard?

  31. Well, if I can do it…

    And he’s got the benefit of MOVIE MAGICS!

  32. This is going to be good! Looking forward to seeing him with no forearm.

  33. Hmm. Wonder if that image is associated with the fugitive on the bridge (in the very beginning of volume 1) or after when Rick stocks up during the first night he wakes up?

    Either way this is pretty bitchin. 

  34. Looks perfect, makes me even more excited for this series on tv.

  35. @TNC: My guess would be the shot takes place after his patrol car runs out of gas. When he got shot on the bridge, he wasn’t toting a bag full of shotguns and a tank of gasoline.

  36. i don’t think i’ve ever been more excited – and nervous – for a show before…

  37. I’m as happy as a little girl.

  38. You know… looking back at this reminds me of the feeling that I evoked when I saw the cover of Walking Dead #1 at the lcs.

    "Oh an American take on resident evil. This is gonna be fun." Boy was I wrong*

    * the resident evil part, not the fun part. =)

  39. Am I the only one who doesn’t know this guy is or what? He honestly doesn’t look the part to me from the pics off of IMDB. Still excited though.

  40. "To me you are perfect."

  41. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Dido song. *screams, startling holiday shoppers*



    pics from the set from some guys bedroom window! Probably more to come if they continue to shoot right outside his window haha.

  43. those pics make me worry the zombies will be a little faster then normal… but hey as long as the story is there…. the horse pic looks awesome!

  44. Friggin AWESOME!  They are filming this in my home town outside of Atlanta.  They even had a Zombie Casting Call for the locals.  Between this and Zombieland (also mostly shot in my hometown), Atlanta is becoming overrun with the undead.  Friggin AWESOME!

    Okay….I know I’m probably too excited…