The news is super early so there's not a lot to report, but over on his blog, Dwayne McDuffie has announced that the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie that he'll be working on is:

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All-Star Superman.

McDuffie previously wrote Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and was one of the main producers and writers for the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons.


  1. This SHOULD be incredible.  The animation needs to be top notch to do this justice.

  2. sweet

  3. FUCK YES!!!! Good decision DC!

    @stuclach: I agree I really hope the animation does Quitely some justice

  4. Nice..the Bizarro sequence will be so much easier to deal with when its spoken. 

    My main concern is what are they going to edit out of the story to make it into an 85 minute movie? 

  5. Sounds fun.

    i question if it will have the same impact WITHOUT Quitely artwork.

    The story was fantastic, but it was the artwork that, to me, made the All-Star Superman books unforgetable.


  6. Awesome!

  7. Nice, should be a good one!

  8. I can’t wait to see the "Bizzaro Attack" sequence! Love this series so much.

  9. WOW! I really don’t know how they will fit both volumes into 1 movie but this should be magnificent!!!

  10. This……will be awesome.

  11. This will…..not live up to expectations. Under the red hood was a disappointment and so was Superman/Batman. The best DC animated are the ones they write original stories for like BB Return of the Joker. Even though I love all-star Superman I expect it to suck because you can’t take 12 issues and cram it into 80 minutes and expect it to have the nuance and impact the of the original format.

  12. @DamonS23: I wouldn’t expect it to hae the nuance and impact of the original. It’s its own entity in a different medium.

  13. It’s gonna be pared back quite a bit to make it into a 70 minute movie but I think it’ll work. I really liked Mc Duffie’s Crisis on Two Earths.

  14. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the project had the same quality and attention to detail that the book had?  For me, the colors and the line quality of the art made the book transcendent–DC could really redefine what an animated movie could be if they worked with the original creative team on this…

     The story itself is so different from the other Superman stories out there..should be interesting to see just how far they take it. 

  15. i think New Frontier showed that they can adapt a long complex story, boil it down to its essentials and still be faithful. The basic jist of the story and it feel can be adapted to this shorter format. superman/batmanand red hood were not stand alone stories, they were regular in-continuity monthly comics. i think those are harder to pull off in this format.

  16. @mikeromo – I agree.  The vibrant colors in the book were captivating.  I’d love to see them faithfully translated.

  17. you know forget the story, id be happy with 80 minutes of a quitely styled superman, just running around, flying, lifting a few cars, maybe a quick pass through the sun. No voice actors, no script, nothing to distract me from that visual goodness!

  18. So, this will be after Superman/Batman: Apocalypse? I’m sure it will be of the same great quality of the others, but I am disappointed that we’ve been forced into a Superman & Batman release pattern because the other titles haven’t sold as well. I’m not sure how Crisis on Two Earths did, but I think I read somewhere that New Frontier didn’t meet expectations.

  19. @sythspawn–blame all the people who watched the DC animated movies on youtube, or torrents or wherever places that told Warner Bros "there is no market for any animated films besides Batman/Superman" 

  20. Eh, somehow i doubt the non-Superman and Batman titles would meet sales expectations even without people downloading.

  21. This is such fantastic news! Hopefully it will be in the same vein as Quitely…..I mean it should be right? They took the time to try and make Superman/Batman look close to Ed McGuinness, so why not make this look like Quitely?

    I’m not surprised or upet over the cuts they’ll definitely have to make. I see them getting rid of the strongman compeition early in the series, and Olsen accidentally getting Superman infected with black kryptonite….But most of the story you could tell in a 85-90min frame.

  22. At the "Under the Red Hood" premiere Bruce Timm also announced the animated version of Batman:Year One…. but I don’t know if thats new information.

  23. @BatStewie: Guh!?

  24. Hmm. I WANT to like this but I’m not sure how well the story will translate. This series really had a sort of "comic book" uniqueness to it. So much of it was the iconic panelwork, the static pauses, and the very schematic color palette. This series lived and died by the nu-retro nostalgic images and panelwork. I just can’t imagine the usual DC animated treatment being applied to this. I’m sure they WON’T go a Quitely style drawing method. And when you think of the actual PLOT–not Morrison’s dialogue but the actual STORIES–I don’t really see how this series would be all that good as a cartoon. Wouldn’t the Lex Luthor in jail issue just be kind of BORING, for example, if you take away the Quitely artwork and the panel layouts and the precise, endearing frozen moments that Grant captured?

    I WANT to be wrong on this. It COULD be good, but it’d all be in the translation. Unlike many other comics, I think Morrison’s stories are kind of tailor-made for his specific presentation. You can’t really do another "take" on Grant Morrison the way you can adapt a lot of other stories, because with Morrison his stories are all in the specific style that he presents them in.

  25. Yeah, I’m always curious about animation processes these days; when they adopt a work (like they did with Darwyn Cooke’s Justice League story), do they find animators that can emulate the original artist’s drawing style?  Surely, the original artist doesn’t have time to draw up a bunch of keyframes or reference works, right?

    Sorry, I don’t know all the proper terminology to adequately get my point across, but it makes sense that the artwork in the animated movie couldn’t possibly look like Quitely’s work – which, I think, really gave the material its visual impact.  That’s the only reason I dropped the Batman and Robin series when Frank left that.


  26. I have the AMAZING series.  So anything that comes out of this is just supplemental.  I can’t wait to see what they do with Quietly’s art.

  27. ii just hope it’s good. they cannot half ass this one.

  28. Didn’t like the comics so I’ll pass on the movie. It does dissappointingly look like all we’ll get from DC animated now is the wide variety of Batman, Superman, or Batman/Superman.

  29. There’s another Green Lantern one in the works to go along with the feature film

  30. @Devastron: Blame the consumer.

  31. I’m very eager to see how they go about animating frank quitely’s art style….

  32. @Gabe: I don’t know that they will be able to do that. They only styles that they have replicated have been Darwyn Cooke (but he drew in a near-Timm style anyway) and Ed McGuinness. SUPERMAN/DOOMSDAY didn’t look anything like Dan Jurgens.

    (Although I will say that the animatics they showed of SUPERMAN/BATMAN:APOCALYPSE did look a lot like Michael Turner.)

  33. Wow, I can only hope it stands alongside the original comic. Can’t wait to see it come to life.

  34. If they keep the content of issue #10 the same it will be the greatest release yet.  Otherwise, it will just be pretty good. 

    Anything that induces Quitely and Morrison to work together more is aces with me.

  35. Does anyone know how well Crisis on Two Earths sold? I would at least like some hope that maybe we can get some more JLA animated features and I really thought that one was the best they had made.

  36. I’m not sure I need to see/read this story again. . . I’ll probably get it anyway though . . . it’ll be interesting to see how it’s adapted

  37. @conor–don’t forget they recreated Frank Miller DKR in that episode from Batman the Animated Series. Its possible that Quietly creates A LOT of character turnarounds and oversees 3d Models for the animators to work from. Its possible….now is all that likely?

  38. Very much looking forward to this. LOVED the book, hoping this can do it justice.

  39. @ Mister J (any eveyone else) – #10 for me was one of my favorite single issues of comics of all time.  The scene where Lex Luthor spits on the glass when asked to do good and the other panels with Superman on the building talking to the girl who was ready to commit suicide.  I thought they were so POWERFUL. The translation of those scenes may not work, but I still have high hopes.

  40. i worry that animators will feel the need to doll it up, with more action and fight scenes, and so on. what really worked about this series was the constant barrage of ideas and the lyrical lovesong it composed to Superman, a character the two creators clearly had some strong emotional connection to. i just hope that won’t be lost in the adaptation.